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Neopedia : Sophie

Name: Sophie
Species: Ixi
Gender: Female
Colour: Green
Interests: Meowclops and potion-making
Related To: Edmund and Alice (parents), plus Bruno and Reginald (brothers)
Featured In: The Tale of Woe
Quote: "I should've turned you into a stink beetle the moment you interrupted me, but I was too nice."

Sophie, also known as the "Swamp Witch," is one of the odder denizens in the Haunted Woods. Due to her own preference, she lives alone in a shack that rests in swamplands. She is known for her love of Meowclops and rather harsh personality, though inwardly she is a good Neopian.

Her troubled past is most likely the cause of her demeanour. When she was young, Sophie lived happily with her family in the town of Neovia, which lies deep in the Haunted Woods. When a mysterious Krawk began selling potions to her townspeople, their typical worries seem to vanish, but then disaster struck...

The potion, which at first seemed so beneficial, began changing the Neovians for the worse. The people of the town blamed Sophie's family, who'd raved about the potion before its true effects became apparent. As the villagers attacked their home, Sophie's elder brother Reginald took her into the woods to find safety. There they met Ilere, a mysterious earth faerie who took Sophie under her charge.

Sophie did not see her family again for at least ten years. Only by happenstance did she meet her brother Bruno again, and together (with the aid of a spirited Usul) they finally ended the curse that had plagued Neovia for so long....