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Neopet FAQ

Why isn't my Neopet born yet?

If you see this image when you look at your pet's information or try to play games with your pet, it means you didn't finish creating it. Go back to Create a Pet (on the yellow toolbar), and your pet will be waiting for you.

If you accidentally created too many Neopets, you will not be able to disown your extra one until you finish creating it. Once your Neopet is born, you can go to the Neopian Pound and abandon your unwanted pet.

Can I change my Neopet's name?
No, I am afraid once a Neopet is named, that is what it will always be called. Even if you adopt your Neopet from the pound.

Can Neopets die?
No, Neopets do not die. If you do not look after your Neopet and don't feed it, it will get very hungry and be dying. It won't actually die though and you can nurse it back to full health with enough attention.

Can Neopets breed?
In your imagination, yes Neopets can breed. On the site your Neopet will not have babies, or anything like that.

Can Neopets marry/date?
Your pet cannot marry or have any other relationships with other pets.

Do not attempt to use Neopets as a dating agency, this includes advertising dating/mating/marriage websites or chat boards for you or your Neopet. Neopets is not the place to try to find a boyfriend/girlfriend for yourself, your friend or your Neopet

How do I play with my Neopet?

There are well over 60 different games to choose from. Some of these you play with your Neopet, others you play as a Neopet's character. To see what games you can play click on Games in the yellow side bar.

As well as the games, you can buy toys from the Toy Shop. Once you have bought something, go to Your Items and click on the toy you wish to play with. You play with your pet by selecting 'play with [your pet's name]' from the drop-down menu that appears.

Can I see my Neopet playing with it's toys?

In some games such as Neopoker you play against your Neopet, so you do see their picture. When your Neopet plays with a toy, you do not actually see them play with it, but you see them when they have finished playing.

I want to have another Neopet, do I have to create a new one?
No, you could always visit the Neopian Pound. Here you will find hundreds of loyal Neopets waiting for a good home. The pets in the pound tend to be a little older, wiser and stronger than if you create a completly new one. Plus they may have petpets or abilities that come free with them :)

Can I create more than one Neopet?
Yes, you can have up to four Neopets. Don't forget you don't need to create new ones, you could always adopt a more experienced Neopet at the Neopian Pound.

Can I change my Neopet's gender?

Yes, you can change the gender of your Neopet. You can try zapping your Neopet with the lab ray, although the results are not guaranteed, it could just as easily change your pets species. Alternatively there is a magical potion that will change your Neopet's gender. You can try to get your hands on this 'Strange Potion' in the shops.

How do I feed my Neopet?

If you need some help learning how to feed your Neopet, there is a step by step guide to help you. Go to Pet Central, and then click on Feed Pet. (This is in the top menu bar). This page also contains some tips to feeding your Neopet on a low budget.

If you are still having problems, you can contact us using this form. One of our helpful support team will get back to you asap.

If you are running low on Neopoints (have less than 1000NP), you can always visit the Soup Kitchen where the friendly Soup Faerie will be happy to give your pets free food.

Why can't I feed my Neopet?

Try reading our step by step guide to feeding your Neopet. Go to Pet Central, then click on 'Feed Pet'. This will explain what should happen when you go to feed your pet. If you are not getting the drop down menus, or even the pop up window with the item of food in it, please check that you have Javascript enabled. You can check this by going to your browser's Internet settings. (A browser is the program you use to view web pages, most commonly Netscape, Internet Explorer, or AOL).

If you are using WebTV, you will have problems with the site. This is because WebTV doesn't support Javascript. WebTV is working on this problem, so it should work very soon.

If you are not using WebTV, and you have Javascript enabled, you can contact us using this form. A member of our support team will contact you asap.

Can Neopets fight?
Yes, if you want to test your Neopets strength in battle, you can visit the Neopian Battledome. You can find this by clicking on 'Games' and then 'Battledome'. Here you can battle other player's pets, as well as a whole host of single player opponents such as the Snowager and the Pant Devil.

If you need more help with the Battledome and what the various battle items do, there is a very good help section here.

I don't want my Neopet, how can I get rid of it?

If you have a pet that you no longer want to look after, you can disown it. Your Neopet will be kept in the Neopian Pound until some kind soul comes and adopts them. Make sure you are 100% certain you do not want your Neopet as other people will be able to adopt it as soon as you abandon it.

Bear in mind that any items or petpets that are equiped to your Neopet will go with it unless you remove them before disowning.

What is my active pet, and how can I change it?
Your active pet is the one you are currently playing with. This is the one whose name appears in the yellow side bar. To change your active pet, got to Quick Ref. (Click on your pet's name in the yellow side bar) Your inactive pets will be slightly faded. If you only have one Neopet, it will always be your active pet. If you have more than one and wish to change your active Neopet, simply click on the pet you want to become the new active pet.

How can I change my pets species/color?
There are a number of ways you can change your Neopet's species or colour. Most commonly you can buy a Magical Paintbrush and then go to the Rainbow Pool. You can paint different pets in different colours, go to the Rainbow Pool for the full list before you buy a brush. Otherwise you may waste Neopoints on a brush you cannot use. If you are very lucky you may be given a Paintbrush as a random event, although this is very rare.

You can also try feeding your Neopet a Magical Potion. Different potions have different effects. For example if you fed a Red Meerca potion to your Green Gelert, it would change into a Red Meerca. If you fed it to your Blue Meerca, it would change to a Red Meerca.

You can also risk taking your Neopet to the Secret Lab. You need to collect all nine pieces of the Secret Lab map before you can go there. Once you have all nine pieces, you can fire the ray gun at your Neopet. It is completely at your own risk and absolutely anything may happen to your Neopet, including changing colour or species.

Other magical items may also alter your Neopet, such as Magical Meerca Plushies. Always be wary when giving your Neopet a new magical toy to play with :)

How do I get rid of a pet?
You can disown your Neopet by going to 'Pet Central' and clicking on the 'Pound' link. This is the large image with the Uni and Techo on it. Click on 'Disown' and then click on the Neopet you wish to abandon. Only do this if you are 100% sure you do not want to see your Neopet again. As soon as you disown it, someone else can adopt it and give it a good home.

Bear in mind that any items or petpets that are equiped to your Neopet will go with it unless you remove them before disowning.

Can I sell my Neopet?
No, selling Neopets for points or anything else is against our Terms and Conditions. It is a freezable offence.

You cannot actually transfer a Neopet to another person and the majority of people that claim to sell pets or accounts are trying to trick innocent players out of points, cash or items.

Remember if you disown a Neopet it is available for ANYBODY to adopt, so it should not be used to transfer Neopets.

How do I increase my Neopets Health?
You cannot permanently increase the number of hit points your Neopet has unless you give them a special item such as Kauvara's potion. Unfortunately these items are extremely rare and very expensive.

Temporarily you may get your Neopet to have more hit points that it started with (e.g 14/11), but this will wear off after a while.

How do you know how strong, fast or healthy your Neopet is?
You can view your Neopets stats at anytime by going to the Quick Ref page. You can get to this page by clicking on 'Pet Central' and then 'Quick Ref', or by clicking on your Neopet's name in the yellow side bar.

Can I give my Neopet to someone?
No you can't. There is not safe way to transfer a Neopet from one person to another. If you do not want a Neopet, disown it. It will then be available for other people to adopt. You can suggest other people adopt your ex-pet, but you cannot guarantee who will be the first to adopt it.

Remember selling Neopets is against our Terms and Conditions and is a freezable offence.