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How to Feed your Neopet

If you want your Neopet to grow up big and strong, avoid illnesses and be able to fight in the Neopets Battledome you need to feed him/her. There are loads of shops all around the site that sell different types of food from normal groceries to strawberry snow puffs. To go to a shop click on 'Shops' in the yellow toolbar. This will then show you some of the main Neopian stores.

As well as the official shops, many owners have set up their own stores specialising in different products. You can find a wide selection of stores in the MarketPlace. If you know what you are looking for you can type in the name of the item and the Shop Wizard will find you the best prices:)

Once you have the food feeding is easy. Simply go to 'Shops', then click on 'Your Items'. Click on the item you want to feed to your Neopet. A small window will open up, select which Neopet you want to feed the item to and press 'OK'.

Sadly not everyone can afford to buy their pets full priced goods, if you are low on Neopoints you can always take your Neopets to the Soup Kitchen. Here the kind Soup Faerie will give your pets a delicious broth to fill them up:) Another good place to look for food is the Money Tree. This is where the richer Neopians donate food and other items to the needy.
Neopets Tutorial : If you are new to Neopets and are a bit confused, here is a good introduction. It shows you how to buy items, how to feed your pet, how to play games, and where to find help if you get stuck. This may take a while to load but it is worth it. Click on the image below to launch the introduction.