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Double Dare Rules

What is Double Dare?
Five of the 32 Daily Dare challenges will also be Double Dare challenges. If you accept the Double Dare challenge, you must beat or match AAA's score. Once you have chosen to take the Double Dare challenge, you cannot change your mind. However, you are free to decline the Double Dare challenge and still challenge AAA or Abigail in Daily Dare as usual.

If you've beaten or matched AAA's score by the end of the day that the Double Dare was released, and you previously confirmed the Double Dare Challenge, you'll receive both the AAA and Abigail prizes for that day. If you haven't bested AAA before the end of the day, you won't receive either of that day's prizes. Beating or matching Abigail's score in a Double Dare challenge will still make you eligible for her prize tiers, even though you will not receive the Abigail prize for the day.

When is Double Dare?
The five Double Dare challenges will be spread out over the 32 days of Daily Dare, but it would spoil the surprise to tell you the exact dates! There will be one Double Dare per week, though.

How do I participate?
To take the Double Dare, click on the Double Dare button in the top-left corner of the Daily Dare hub page. You may also elect to click on the Challenge Him button. Either selection will then prompt you to confirm your selection. If you are certain you want to take the Double Dare challenge, click "Double Dare Challenge" and get gaming!