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Now you can draw the super fluffy Babaa using these seven simple steps. All you need is a pen and some paper or a computer drawing program and you can begin.

Click here for a printable version.

First draw a cirular shape that is slightly wider than it is tall.

Draw a smaller circle inside of this circle, over to the right hand side. Next draw a small curved line through the bottom of the small circle. This will be your Babaa's right eye. You will only see a small amount of the left eye, so draw two curved lines just inside the right edge of your circle. Next draw on your Babaa's legs. Babaa's do have four legs, but you can ony see three in their normal pose.

Add a semi-circular line across the bottom of your Babaa's legs. Then draw two little ears that overlap the top of your circle. Now draw on your Babaa's eyelash, like so. Finally draw a crescent moon shape for your Babaa's nose. Then add a small line that curves down from the centre. This is your Babaa's mouth.


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