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King Altador
Long ago, King Altador assembled eleven great heroes to rule and protect his glorious city. Now you can draw this great and noble King!

Click here for a printable version.

Start by making a medium-sized oval for Altador's head. Next, add two ears to the top of his head. Also, on the lower left side of the head, draw a rectangular shape for Altador's snout. Finally, make two medium-sized circles beneath the King's head for his shoulders. Connect the circle on your right to the head with a line, which will serve as the back of his neck.

Form the King's chest by making a few bent lines that come out from the bottom of each circle.

Next, draw the shape of Altador's beard, which flows down his chest. Under the circle you made for the King's right shoulder (on your left), make a bent line that will act as a guideline when you draw the Lupe's arm. Make a square at the end of that line, which will soon become Altador's hand. For his left arm (on your right), make a slightly curved line beneath the shoulder circle. Lastly, add another curved line that comes out from the back of the King's neck for his cape.

At this point, your drawing should look something like this.