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The Eyrie Guard
You'll make it past this intimidating Eyrie... if you know the password. Draw this menacing masked guard in just 16 steps.

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Start by drawing a large circle for the Eyrie's mane. Next, inside the circle you just made, draw another, smaller circle for his head. Then, begin to sketch in the basic shapes of his wings, arms and legs, hands, and his left foot (which is on your right side).

It's now time to begin drawing the Eyrie Guard's face, which is covered by a fearsome mask. Add two narrow triangles to the top of the Eyrie's head for his ears, and then draw his pointed cheeks and beak. Finally, make the eyeholes of his mask.

Next, give extra detail to the Guard's mask to make him even more intimidating. Add the small airholes to the beak of his mask, and make the eyeholes into two narrow slits. Include a small shield-like shape on his forehead, and draw an armoured pattern on his ears.

Erase any extra lines you might have on your drawing. Then, give the Eyrie Guard a furry mane.

Starting at the bottom of the Eyrie's mane, make a pair of curved lines for his body.