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The Eyrie Guard
You'll make it past this intimidating Eyrie... if you know the password. Draw this menacing masked guard in just 16 steps.

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Now, draw the Eyrie's gloved and armoured hands. His left hand (on your right) is clenched into a fist, while his right hand (on the left) is pressed against the ground. Also, be sure to fill in the Eyrie's arms as well.

Next, it's time to draw the Eyrie Guard's legs. Since he's crouched down, his legs are folded beneath him. Make his heavy boots, being sure to include the armour-like pieces over his knees. Finally, fill in the Eyrie's thighs as needed.

Erase your leftover lines, and then add some feathery texture to the Eyrie's wings.

Now, begin drawing the large mace that the Eyrie is holding in his left hand (the one on your right). Make its long handle and the large sphere on top of it.

Next, add the pointed spikes to the head of the Guard's mace by making small cone shapes all over it.