Nick Neopia

Hello fellow freethinker! I see you clicked on my ad because you are interested in the truth. Welcome… to the Sceptic Tank!

Mavericks like us need to stick together. Unlike the other Babaas around here, we, the true sceptics, can see what’s really going on behind the scenes…

Nick Neopia

It was only after The Neopets Team and I once again parted ways… exactly three years to this day… that I finally achieved mental clarity. The team had once again rejected incredibly brilliant ideas from yours truly, which utterly baffled me… Even after I had changed my own last name to be more on-brand, why would they possibly continue to turn down ideas worth their weight in Neopoints? Then it finally dawned on me…

The only rational explanation for their persistent resistance to the shining progresses my ingenious brain-blossoms offered, was that TNT was hiding something. Something terrible… Something sinister… Something so ghastly and appalling, that they would rather continue to toil in mediocrity than ever dare let me into their inner circle….

So, for the last 36 months I’ve lived completely off the grid, covertly researching the many skeletons TNT has been trying to keep locked away in their closet, and I’m not talking about customisation here! After years of conducting non-peer-reviewed research, travelling to the darkest corners of Neopia to compile evidence, I’ve unearthed horrid truths that would disgust even Meuka himself. The more secrets I uncovered, the more my resolve grew. I knew that all of Neopia had the right to know the truth TNT was desperately hiding from them, and thus, Sceptic Tank was born!

You might be sceptical about the veracity of Sceptic Tank, to which I say… well done! You, my friend, have the makings of a true sceptic. We must question everything, constantly and incessantly, never actually learning technical skills relevant to the topic of course, but vehemently voicing our questions and criticism all the same! So, I implore you, fellow Neopians, to click around, and decide the truth for yourself.

You never know what you might find… if you take the time to look!

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Nick Neopia Fearlessly Confronts TNT on Nosy Neopians!