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A Day in the Life of Jhudora

by breakeven


     Jhudora perched at the rails of her castle’s balcony, her head propped up in her hands. She sighed in frustration as she watched the rays of light struggle to shine through the dense forest and vines surrounding her castle. It was another dawn, another day again. What kind of evil would she cook up today?

     Being the one and only evil faerie, and one of the most well-known villains of Neopia, Jhudora had a reputation to constantly uphold. Just recently, she’d had a blast creating chaos in Faerieland and around Neopia with a series of events, she chuckled thinking about it. For one, she cast a fog spell over Faerieland, engulfing everything in greys and gloom. Everyone resided indoors as they could hardly make their way out the door. She also created purple smoke portals around Neopia that teleported you to a random part of Neopia when you stepped through them — the worst part was that the portals closed immediately after you entered them. It left a lot of Neopians stranded and distressed, it was a day of pandemonium.

     Today, however, Jhudora could not think of anything. In fact, she had been up all night, restless and racking her brains for ideas, but she was coming up empty. She shrugged and muttered, “I guess I’ll just carry on my day like any other. Maybe I’ll get some inspiration along the way.”

     In the distance, she spotted a few minions, —ahem— Neopets, inching their way up her castle’s path. Oh yes, her lovely fans and other peasants would be here soon to visit her. She received plenty of visitors on a daily basis – ranging anything from twenty to about fifty Neopets. With a swoosh, she turned and walked purposefully back into the castle, her cape trailing behind her. “Guess it’s time to welcome the strew of guests coming by”, she mused. As she passed by the mirror hanging in the corridor, she adjusted her emerald choker, a smile slowly spreading across her lips.

     She swung open her heavy double wooden doors to the expecting (and scared) eyes of dozens of Neopets. “Come on in,” she hissed and made her way to her throne to have a seat.

     The first Neopian of the day came forward with a basket of offerings – her favourite Jhudora Petit Fours, some Black Roses and a Defaced Portrait of Illusen. “I hope you like my gifts and have a great day, Jhudora!” the tiny Baby Xweetok said meekly. The Xweetok was clearly and ardent fan of hers; she was sporting a Jhudora Wig, which was adorable but way overused. “Also, that was the 1829th Defaced Portrait of Illusen I have received,” she thought. Well, it would join the rest on the Wall of Hate. It was a wall she had set up with posters of Illusen and other Neopians she disliked, which she would occasionally use as a dart board or paintball wall.

     “Next,” Jhudora mumbled.

     A Darigan Grundo was up next. “I’m l-looking to co-complete level 41 today, Jhudora,” he stammered.

     Jhudora sneered and stood up, walking to a cabinet labelled “Quests”. What should she ask for today? “No one on levels 41 and 50 will pass my quests today, I guess. I'm out of Bartamuses and Wands of the Dark Faerie,” she thought. Her hands skimmed over her numerous spell books, her stamp albums. She picked a stamp album and opened it up, flipping through tons and tons of stamps. She landed on the Maraqua page – it had 4 rows each of Jacques, Garin and Isca Stamps, another 2 rows of Captain Scarblade Stamps and a pathetic three single King Kelpbeard Stamps, not enough to form a row. Why did she need so many of the same stamps anyway? Well, she just loved to hoard and torture questers sometimes.

     “Where is my King Kelpbeard Stamp? You have a thousand seconds to find it for me!” She sniggered.

     She watched the Darigan Grundo’s face crumple immediately and saw him leave shortly afterwards, dejected, knowing there was no way he would find this expensive item in time.

     Jhudora was disgruntled, “Now that was a little fun, but why are the evil ideas just not coming to me? It should be more natural!”

     “Maybe I should work on more Bartamus recipes.”

     One of the reasons why Jhudora started Jhudora’s Bluff was so some poor Neopian could bring her the items she needed for her endless spells. Other times, she just wanted the item for the fun of it. Jhudora had filled rooms and rooms with the items she had accumulated over the years, and even had multiples of many rare and expensive items.

     As she was pondering what spell to work on, an idea came to her, “Maybe I should walk to get them myself!” She would need a few Water Faerie Tokens for her incomplete Water Bartamus spell and she knew just where to get them.

     She slammed the doors shut on the rest of the Neopians in line and stealthily left through the back gate, heading towards Faerieland City. She knew Marina, the Water Faerie of the Healing Springs, would definitely have some to spare. Water Faeries usually held onto a stash of Water Faerie Tokens that contained mystical powers from the ocean. These tokens were supposed to revitalise the faeries and replenish their strength when needed.

     On her way, she passed by the Rainbow Fountain. It occurred to her that Naia the Fountain Faerie was a Water Faerie as well and a pretty special one. She hardly paid attention to the Fountain all these time whilst in Faerieland. An evil thought started to plant itself – could she hijack the Rainbow Fountain and distract Naia?

     Jhudora hid amongst the shadows near the entrance and observed as Naia helped some Neopians get fresh coats of paint – out of the Fountain emerged a Faerie Lenny, then a Maraquan Draik and a Halloween Poogle. Naia and the newly painted pets were all smiles, dancing and rejoicing at their new colours. “These colours are awful!” Jhudora thought to herself. “Why aren’t any of them going for Wraith or Purple?”

     It struck her then – she would make the Rainbow Fountain paint pets only in Wraith or Purple regardless of what they chose! Neopia definitely needed more shades of purple and evil to worship her. She clapped her hands together with glee as she finally figured out an evil ploy and muttered a few strings of spells. The cascades of the Rainbow Fountain were calm and still at first. Then, it slowly began to bubble a little and show signs of change – the glimmer in the rainbow waters dulled and gradually evolved into varying streaks of purple.

     Jhudora continued to observe from her spot as Naia welcomed the next batch of pets in line, eagerly anticipating the disaster about to unfold.

     A Striped Blumaroo said cheerily to Naia, “Here’s your Haiku Dessert, Naia! I would like to be painted Chocolate.”

     “Sure, little one, and thank you for your help. Just hop into the waters and I’ll get right to it,” said Naia. Naia looked over at the waters and was puzzled at the weird purple tint of the waters but decided to proceed with her spell.

     Naia waved her hands across the waters. The waters slowly moved up, twirling and surrounding the Blumaroo, working their magic. A few moments later, the water receded and everyone waited with bated breath. To their dismay, out of the waters emerged a Wraith Blumaroo instead! Naia gasped and was visibly upset and flustered.

     Jhudora suppressed her laughter. This was splendid! The expression on Naia’s face was priceless. As Naia was busy trying to fix the Wraith Blumaroo and her Fountain, Jhudora slipped into Naia’s room to hunt for the Water Faerie Tokens.

     The tokens were easily located in a delicate and exquisite box on the dresser that was embellished with shells, pearls and aquamarines. Jhudora opened the box, whisked away three tokens and swiftly made her way out. Naia would not notice that she was missing a few.

     As she passed by the Fountain again on her exit, Jhudora saw that a few more pets were painted Purple or Wraith. Naia was testing the Fountain to see if she had managed to fix them, but to no avail, and she was almost in tears at the disaster in front of her. Jhudora shrugged. The spell would wear off in a few days. Naia should be glad she did not make it last for a month! With that, Jhudora slipped out of the door, making her way back to her castle.

     “Well, that wasn’t so bad after all! I should do this more often,” Jhudora concluded and chuckled.

     After spending the entire day wreaking havoc at the Fountain, Jhudora returned back to her castle from her little excursion. To her surprise, the peasants were still in line at her door. She would continue tormenting these pesky Neopians for the rest of her day since she needed more items to complete the Water Bartamus spell. With a new sense of purpose, she pushed open the double wooden doors again.

          Also written by lookidontcare3 & masters_united

The End.

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