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Reasons why Cubefish are underappreciated

by asterozoa


     Summertime is the perfect season to head off to Maraqua for a day of fishing! While there are dozens of species of fish and other marine life that call Maraqua home, the best of all of them is the Cubefish. If you've ever caught a Cubefish while fishing at the Ye Old Fishing Vortex, you probably thought "Oh, look, it's a fish that's cube-shaped", and tossed the fellow back without another thought. Or maybe you've never seen a Cubefish - a shocking thought, really - and now I've piqued your curiosity (muwahaha). Well folks, whether you've never seen a Cubefish before, or love them as much as I do (which is a lot), here are some reasons why Cubefish are absolutely amazing. I'll also include some ways we can appreciate them even more!

     Reasons Cubefish are the best fish:

     1. They're Extremely Space-Efficient

     Have you ever tried to stack a bushel of Tangellas? What about a bundle of Eyefish? Well it's no surprise that it probably didn't work out so well...just imagine, a food that was actually designed to be stacked! No more worrying about toppling towers or your meal rolling away. The Cubefish is so space-efficient, in fact, they had to put it in the description. Look it up if you don't believe me!

     2. They're ADORABLE

     This is arguably the best characteristic of the Cubefish. Have you *seen* their sweet little faces? They are short and stout, characteristics that are absolutely necessary in order to be adorable (like chibis, or corgis). They have a permanent little smile, teeny little fins, and a sleepy look on their faces. Add on a few freckles, and you've got a face everyone in Neopia has to love.

     3. They're Smart

     You probably don't think "intelligent" when you see a Cubefish, but their dark aqua color helps them blend in with Maraqua's waters, helping them evade predators. They are so smart, in fact, that it's pretty uncommon to catch one while fishing (you are more likely to catch an Old Rotten Boot!) Years of evolution have made them excellent hiders, which they need, since their small fins are not the best for swimming (they try their best, though).

     4. They're Delicious

     Cubefish are by far the best-tasting fish you can find in Maraqua. Eyefish is too much...eye...Bombfish is a bit too...explosive. Rockfish would break your teeth, sending you running for the nearest dentist! Breadfish and Butterfish really only taste well when you can have them together. Blandfish see where I'm going with all of this. However, Cubefish goes great with any meal! Whether you like sushi, fish and chips, or fish tacos, Cubefish are an excellent choice. Just make sure they don't hear you mention it.

      Those are only a few of the many reasons Cubefish are wonderful. After seeing these sweet fish, I'm sure you can agree they're one of the cutest fish in the sea! While that is true, not that many Neopians know of Cubefish, or know how to appreciate them the way they deserve to be appreciated. Therefore, I've also come up with some ways anyone and everyone can show Cubefish some more love! The following are just a few ideas, if you come up with others, feel free to roll with it! Any way to love Cubefish is important.

      Ways we can love Cubefish:

     1. Fish are friends, not food!

     I know, I know....I just told you how delicious Cubefish are, but hear me out. Instead of cooking up a Cubefish for your next meal, you can make them a lovely addition to your Neohome aquarium! When cared for properly, they have a long lifespan, and they are extremely low maintenance! You and your pet can admire these graceful creatures for hours on end. Just make sure they don't get stuck in the corners.

     2. Give a Cubefish Plushie to your pets!

     Cubefish are so adorable, they have had a plushie made after them! Also, unlike a lot of plushies and dolls you'll find in Neopia *cough* the Faerie Queen Doll *cough* the Cubefish Plushie is rather inexpensive (about 3,000-6,000NP). Another bonus is they are extremely sturdy, just like their real-life counterparts. No matter how much you play with a Cubefish Plushie, there is no way to tear it or rip of the head (take that, Von Roo!!) So even if you don't have an aquarium, you can snuggle up with a Cubefish anytime, anywhere with a lovable, squish-able Cubefish Plushie.

     3. Bedazzle your Userlookup with Cubefish

     Show off your love of these adorable fishy friends with a colorful banner, filled with happy Cubefish on your userlookup. Or you could also have a Cubefish or Cubefish plushie as your shield image. You could proclaim your love for this underappreciated species with a poem or ballad, displayed on your lookup for all to see! Or make a doodle of their sweet faces, to show off your artistic abilities. Whatever your strengths, whether it's art, writing, or coding, there are many ways to dedicate your userlookup to these amazing fish. This is your chance to get creative!

     4. Create a Cubefish Gallery

     An amazing way to show Cubefish some love is to show them off in your Gallery! While there are only Cubefish and Cubefish Plushies, if you fancy yourself a collector, there is no better place to show off your school of Cubefish! How many Cubefish are in your collection? Ten? One hundred? One thousand?! I wonder what the largest hoard of Cubefish is...

      Whether you enjoy keeping aquariums, fishing on a hot summer's day, or just love anything cute, Cubefish are without a doubt the best fish out there. As someone who has loved and collected Cubefish for years, I hope after reading this you can agree - Cubefish are underappreciated and need more love! No matter how you show them your love - a poem, Neoboards signature, gallery, or plushie for your pet - the Cubefish will always love you back. And that makes them the best fish in the sea.


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