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Acaras A to Z

by aleu1986


To celebrate Acara Aquatic Festival, or Acara Day, I have put together a list of famous Acaras, trivia and facts about Acaras from A to Z. Join me as we wander through the alphabet and discover more about this great species.


Alphabetical Listing

When viewing all the species of Neopets alphabetically, the Acara is listed first, in front of the Aisha.

Altador Cup

Elon Hughlis, the captain of the Maraquan team until 2014, and Tulah Kisner, the forward for the Moltaran team until 2015 are two Acara Yooyuball players.


When angry or annoyed, the Acaras eyes flash a menacing red!


Other than the default Acara avatar you can collect four amazing avies to show your love for this species on the Neoboards. They include: Acara – Angry Prince (we SO need a Princess version of this one!) Roberta of Brightvale, Gallery of Evil – Vira and finally Fall Charity Corner, which was only awarded to those who participated in the 2015 Charity Corner event.


Brightvale Fruits Shopkeeper

The fruit shop in Brightvale is run by a cheerful, green Acara. They sell fruits native to Brightvale, as well as jams and juices all produced locally.



Acara is a feline, cat-like species, similar to Aisha, Wocky and Kougra.


After the conversion/redraws, the Christmas Acara underwent changes beyond shifting poses. They took on a deeper, darker shade of green (which fitted them better, I might add) and their Santa cape was split into two separate items: Hat and coat.


Acara Day

Also known as Acara Aquatic Festival. Why not enjoy a plate of Acara Day Pancakes to celebrate? They`re great at any time, but even better on Acara Day!



This Neopet as excellent hearing, even when diving underwater. They have large double ears that can catch even the smallest sound.


Acaras love exploring. From the depths of Maraqua to the mountain tops of Shenkuu, they want to see and experience every place in Neopia. For this species, a quiet Neohome in Neopia Central is not enough. Though they enjoy a nice house to come home to, they don`t mind spending weeks or even months at a time traveling to explore the world.



Those who have visited Altador or participated in the Altador plot, may recognize this yellow Acara as one of the twelve protectors of the city. Fauna is known for her love of petpets and her strong, kind heart.

Though she`s best known to most for being one of the players in the card game Cheat, Princess Fernypoo was also featured in the plot Brucey B and the Lucky Coin, in which the Lost Desert was discovered. This royal blue Acara is rich, spoiled, selfish and a sore loser, but can also show kindness and loyalty towards her friends.



Nearly all Ghost Neopets have scary, red eyes. Acara and Cybunny, however, have yellow irises when painted Ghost, making them look extra creepy.


This young Acara girl was featured in the first Defenders of Neopia series where the Pant Devil stole her bike.



The two long horns on the Acaras head may look strong and hard, but they`re actually quite flexible. Acaras can move them around and bend them. In the old, pre-conversion sad pose, the horns were shown drooping down by each side of the Acaras face, making the sad Neopet look extra miserable.

Granny Hopbobbin

This kind, old Acara is the host of the Charity Corner event. She collects gifts and useful items such as toys, clothes, books and school supplies for the poor, needy Neopian children who can`t afford to buy these things themselves.



The Acara had the honuor of introducing a certain new paint brush colour (see W for more information) and in other colours they were the first to sport a certain hue or shade, such as in Pastel, where they introduced a new shade of green (in combination with yellow) and Dimensional, where they, at the time of writing, are the only Neopets with a deep, rusty red colour.

The species (which back then had both a different name and quite different design) was introduced/discovered in Year Two.



While Meercas are the Neopets best known for their practical jokes, Acaras prefer verbal ones. They love to tell jokes and make their friends laugh.



A story in the Neopedia speaks of Kiandra, a young Acara and her friends visiting the Deserted Fairground late one night on Halloween.



Female, red Acara from Neovia. She worked as a nurse at the Meepit Oaks Sanitorium and was featured in the Tale of Woe plot.


Maractite Marvels Shopkeeper

A Maraquan Acara that runs the weapons shop in Maraqua. The weapons sold there are made of maractite, a unique type of metal found only in the underwater realm.


This green, scheming Acara is a member of the Thieves Guild and was featured in the Hannah and the Ice Caves plot.


This female, blue Acara is a character in the game NeoQuest II. She is a wizard who joins you and your party on your quest.


NC Mall Shopkeepers

Three shops plus a yearly event are hosted by Acaras at the NC Mall. There`s Flora, a yellow Acara who owns a greenhouse where she every spring grows magical neggs. This NC event takes place in relation to the Festival of Neggs.

The Birthday, Crafting and Neohome stores at the NC Mall are all managed by Acaras.



Acaras are very social and outgoing. They love to spend time with friends, and usually have large groups of close friends. They`re good at keeping contact and keep up their friendships.



Whether they live there, or are just visiting, a favourite pastime of most Acaras is to dive off the coast of Mystery Island to look for treasures such as pearls.


A trademark of this species is their pink paws. Not all colour of Acara have pink paws, but many of the more basic colours do, such as Checkered, Disco and Spotted, and some of the special, unique ones like Elderly and Royal.



It`s important to let your Acara quench their thirst for travel and exploration.


Acaras are not quick runners - but they like pretending they are.


Month of Relaxing

On the 28th day of the Month of Relaxing we celebrate Acara Aquatic Festival, or Acara Day.

Roberta of Brightvale

Princess Roberta is the shopkeeper of the Scrollery in Brightvale. She has been taught the ways of magic, and can supply you with magical scrolls and spells for almost every need.


Samuel No Eyes

This male, yellow Acara is unfortunately blind, and can usually be found stumbling his way across Krawk Island. He`s a frequent diner at The Golden Dubloon.

Senator Barca

Sakhmetian politics is what takes up most of Senator Barca`s time. She was one of the suspects in the Usurper mystery many years ago, but was not the guilty one. Barca`s ambition is to be in charge at any cost. For her services to the public she has received several awards, and thanks to her, Sahkmet has been made cleaner and healthier. Her favourite hobby is playing the card game Pyramids.


Tea Time

Tea Time is a great time, why not enjoy a cup and munch on more of those Acara Day Pancakes while cuddling your very own Tea Time Acara Plushie?

Terrific Acaras

TNT expresses their love for the Acara with this book: "Arent you sick of this pet yet? No, me neither! I own this great book. You should, too!!!"

Why not pick one up for your own Acara to read?



Acaras are primarily land-dwellers, but they are excellent swimmers and can in fact breathe underwater just as they do on land. Their other senses such as hearing and eyesight work perfectly under water as well.



Once a beautiful and terribly vain Acara, Vira has turned into an evil and twisted creature. She is driven by hatred and rage and desires to destroy all things beautiful.



The book An Acara Named Whirr tells the story of a Robot Acara living at the Virtupets Space Station. "Life on the space station was not all that bad, especially when you had a friend like Whirr..."


When this paint brush was released, the Acara had the honour of being the very first Neopet available in the spiffy new colour.



This word describes someone who is friendly to strangers, and that is certainly true for Acaras. They love to meet new Neopets and make friends easily. To them, a stranger is just a friend they haven`t met yet.


Ylana Skyfire

This bounty hunter worked for Dr. Sloth in the Return of Dr. Sloth plot, where her mission was to track down and catch the Cybunny Scout. Dr. Sloth hired Ylana Skyfire to help stop the resistance, and when the evil doctor was defeated, Ylana was last seen teleporting off the space station.

She is ambitious and greedy and will take on any mission that pays a handsome reward.



Acaras are usually full of energy and enthusiasm and they find the element of fun in everything they do.

This concludes our Acara A to Z, hope you enjoyed it! Feel free to check out my other articles, and please Neomail me with suggestions or comments.

Happy Acara Aquatic Festival!

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