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10 Wearables That Transform Customizations

by painted_dreams87


With thousands of Neocash items in existence, it can be overwhelming to design a new customization for your pet. It can be even more challenging to find and trade for multiple retired Neocash items that you desire for the collection you are building in your pets' closet. While there are likely hundreds of items that have the ability to completely change an entire customization, I've narrowed it down to ten of my favorites. Each of these items has the potential to add so much to your closet, and perhaps even replace multiple wishlist items each to save you the hassle of tracking down so many wishes. Best of all, the majority of these items are inexpensive, so they won't cost you an arm and a leg to acquire.

#1: Arkmite Pool Foreground

If your pet can't make it to the pool, bring the pool to them! The Arkmite Pool Foreground sticks your pet inside of an inflatable pool no matter where they are. The water is shallow, so if your pet can't swim, this is perfect for them. The pool even includes a red and white beach ball that floats to keep your pet entertained for hours. Despite being available during the summer of 2012, at only 1-2 cap value, this pool is an inexpensive way to add a touch of summer to your pets' closet.

#2: Emergency Parachute

Mayday! Mayday! Look out for pets falling from the sky, literally! Put the Emergency Parachute on any pet to make them appear as if they have just fallen right out of the sky. It works well with nearly any background and instantly transforms the overall feel of the customization. This fun item was available from the Altador Cup VII VIP Blimp Pass on June 23, 2012, and it easily obtainable at just 1-2 cap value.

#3: Feet in the Clouds Foreground

Perhaps your pet can not be confined to the land and isn't a fan of the sea. In that case, Feet in the Clouds Foreground is perfect for them! Your pet can walk on the clouds, visiting places in the sky that others pets only dream of having a chance to tour. You can make nearly any background feel like it's floating among the clouds, which makes this foreground unique and interesting for designing customizations. Only around for less than two short months in 2010 as prize from Jubjub Power Bounce, unfortunately, it can be challenging to find someone who is willing to part with this foreground, and it trades for a 10-12 cap value. However, it is worth the time, effort, and value if you want a customization-transforming item in your closet.

#4: Glowing Handheld Candle

Do you want the power to transform any background into an eerie, spooky atmosphere instantly? If you answered yes, then the Glowing Handheld Candle is a must-have for your pets! The candle immediately darkens the background that your pet is wearing, leaving them carrying around a candle, using only the glow from it to light their way. It can make any day feel like night and allow any background to send shivers up your spine. An oldie but goodie, this candle was available back in 2009. Thankfully, the value has remained a steady 3-5, so while it make take some time to find, it won't cost you too much once you do.

#5: Headless Cape and Mysterious Box

Have no fear! On second thought, maybe you should be afraid, just a little, or possibly a lot. *Gulp!* The Headless Cape and Mysterious Box instantly removes your pet's head, which can be downright creepy for your Halloween-themed customizations. Don't worry about the safety of your pet; I'm sure their head is somewhere around here. Just between us, this item only gives the illusion that your pet has misplaced their head. No pets are harmed in the wearing of this item. The Headless cape and Mysterious Box was available exclusively through Perilous Catacombs (which was part of the Spooky Food Eating Contest) in 2013, but at just a 1-2 caps, it hasn't risen in value.

#6: MME7-S3: Swimming with Petpets Foreground

Do you have a pet that just can't get enough of the water? Instead of trying to force your pet to come up for air, you can compromise to use your favorite backgrounds while allowing your pet to just keep swimming. Add the MME7-3: Swimming with Petpets Foreground to any background to instantly make it an underwater landscape with your pet happily floating with the bubbles and petpets passing them by. This foreground is especially perfect for Maraquan pets! Available in late 2010 as part of the MME7, this foreground might be a little tricky to find, but at a 2-3 cap value, it's well worth the investment.

#7: Rainy Day Umbrella

Rain, rain....wait! Come back! Does your pet enjoy splashing through puddles? Perhaps you have a Grey pet that despises anything remotely cheerful, including that awful thing we call the sun. The Rainy Day Umbrella brings a downpour of rain to any background and equips your pet with an adorable yellow and grey umbrella to keep them dry. There are many other items that add rainfall to your customization, but none add such a natural-looking rain, not to mention the handy addition of the umbrella. Offered exclusively as a Secret Meepit 'Stache prize in mid-late 2013, this item has grown in popularity quite a bit since then. It trades for a reasonable 6-8 cap value, but you'll have to have patience to pry one away from someone's closet.

#8: Rotating Flower Night Light

If you want to darken a background, but your pet doesn't fancy roaming around with a candle as their only light source, a night light is a great alternative. The Rotating Flower Night Light can make any background gloomy in color, but instead of instilling fear into your pet, it gives them the comfort of light in the form of flowers dancing behind them. It's whimsical and fun, especially great in indoor customizations. This night light was a Wonderclaw prize for the majority of 2014, making it easy to acquire at a low 1-2 cap value.

#9: Vision of Nightmares Face paint

The Vision of Nightmares Face paint instantly transforms even the cutest, sweetest, most adorable of pets into something terrifying. As you watch your pet's skin pale, eyes hollow, and veins show through, you won't believe your eyes! If you want your pet to be feared by all or even if you want to give you princess a break from all that pink, this face paint is a must-have. Given as a bonus for purchasing multiple nightmare-themed capsules in 2014, there may not be a ton of this face paint in existence. For those of us who love all things cute and fuzzy, that might be for the best. For everyone else, at a 2-3 cap value, this face paint is within reach for even the newest of traders.

#10: Window with Twinkling Lights Background Item

Looking at the Window with Twinkling Lights Background Item, one word immediately comes to mind - stunning. There are many windows available to transform your customization, but none come close to the simple beauty of this one. It transports your pet inside of a room, giving them a window view of whichever background you choose to place behind them. There are so many creative ways to use it, year-round, and it's one of my personal favorite items to use when I design new customizations. This window was available through the 2014 Charity Corner, and the value of it is up for debate, depending on whom you ask.

This concludes my list of ten of my favorite items that have the ability to completely transform an entire customization. I hope that it helped you discover the potential of these items, along with the many other items that are similar to those that are listed here. Please remember that NC values change, so always seek advice before trading if you are unsure of values, and do not take the values in this article as truth when trading. Best of luck with your customization designs and future trading!

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