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Those Amazing Alien Aishas

by skalax9


Aishas are out of this world! Quite literally: Aishas (eye-shahs) came to Neopia who-knows-how-many years ago and made it their home, and we're really glad they did. That's why we are going to appreciate them and their extraordinary qualities and many contributions to Neopian history.

The Neopian Aisha is a quadruped creature with peculiar characteristics; like eyes that look closed but don't seem to affect their sight and four ears: two which are on their head, of course, and the others which are also on their head but each of them is on top of an antenna. Whew, that's a lot of ears! Four are better than two so their hearing is surely incredible. But that's just the Neopian Aishas. Alien Aishas have six ears (four antennae) and six is definitely better than two.

The most well known Alien Aisha color in Neopia is green with a red triangle shaped mark on the forehead, though there are some Aishas that are yellow or blue, but outside of Neopia there is a great variety of colors: from red, to pink, to a lighter shade of blue and spotted. There are probably even more on their home planet! The only one you can obtain through the lab ray, however, is green. That doesn't make it any less cute, though.

All Aishas love space; they came from there after all, and Alien Aishas are still exploring the universe on spaceships. Some took residence in Neopia Central. There is a group of them (with helmets and everything!) that run the Alien Aisha Vending machine on the Neopian Plaza. It's sort of like the species business; they have fun with it but also take it seriously. They love science and making gross food so it's very likely that there are more vending machines across the universe, maybe at least one on every galaxy, who knows.

The vending machine is full of buttons and levers and works with star-shaped tokens called Nerkmids. You can get Nerkmids from Alien Aishas who randomly give them out, the Battledome, the very expensive Wheel of Extravagance and by buying them from other users. If you have a Nerkmid then maybe you should try your luck there. You may end up with a paintbrush or exceptionally gross food. It's really fun nonetheless!

Apart from the vending machine and nerkmids, our alien friends have also left some pretty interesting items:

Alien Aisha Sceptre

Price: 160M+ NP

First of all: look at it, it's really pretty! Apparently it comes from a royal family of Alien Aishas and it's a battledome item. It has two attacks modes: weak and strong which do 4-6 fire icons and 6-10 dark ones respectively and it can also heal you for 8-16 hp. It's extremely rare though, so if you see one, cherish the moment.

Alien Aisha Ray Gun

Price: 30M+ NP

It has twelve settings and deals 3 fire and 6 light icons of damage, plus 5 physical icons sometimes. Like the sceptre it's extremely rare so you won't see them around much. It may not be the most powerful weapon but owning one is an awesome feat by itself!

Alien Aisha Scrambler

Price: 800M+ NP

Ooooh a red button, I wonder what it does? It fully blocks air and light icons, meaning that you won't get any damage from those, which is amazing! But alas, it's also very rare. Still an amazing item, though; if you own one, you can count yourself lucky.

Aisha Myriad

Price: 900M+ NP

Oh my, more buttons and now a LEVER. The Myriad is a really cool item, levers aside, as it fully transforms itself into any Hidden Tower weapon that's worth more than 1 million neopoints. That could end up being very helpful or a complete disaster so it's perfect if you want to have fun but don't bring it to a serious match. Sadly it's currently more expensive than any tower weapon, but the effect is still super cool. Also: lever.

Some notable Alien Aishas are:

Sophix II

She's a mercenary under Dr. Sloth's employment who participated in the invasion to the space station by deploying the Grundo bots. She doesn't seem to like Sloth very much, calling him "old slimeball" and says she simply works for him because it pays the bills. Her true dream is to become a singer. Before she started working for Sloth, Sophix used to have a pretty good relationship with her kin and explored various planets across the galaxy. But now, with a price for her head, things can't go back to the way they were before.

Captain Xelqued

A brilliant engineer and the creator of the Aisha Myriad. Along with the help of help of his pilot, Norbekk, he crashed into the Hidden Tower and begged Fyora to give him a tour. What Fyora didn't know was that he took photos and scanned all of the artifacts with a hidden device inside his collar. The Faerie Queen had her revenge eventually by taking all of the myriads from him. He's also penpals with king Hagan himself and is very fond of biscuits.

Farvin III

He's a pretty skilled Gormball player who uses his enhanced hearing to help him determine when the ball is going to explode. He won the Annual Gormball Championship in Year 9 and placed runner-up in years 3, 5, 7, 8 and third place in year 11. In Year 4 he got a sudden ear infection and many suspected foul-play but the identity of the responsible was never discovered.

For games you have Magma Blaster, where you play as an Alien Aisha trying to save the poor people of Tyrannia from rocks falling out of a volcano. In Itchy Invasion you play as Eamann who shrank himself to fight the petpetpet infection on his petpets. And Assignment 53 puts you on the spacesuit of either Eddix or Moxi, new recruits on a mission to rescue the scientist of the Alien Aisha Invasion Force by orders from Supreme Commander Arlhox VII.

So there it is! I hope that you have newfound appreciation for our space friends, you can wear (fake) Alien Aisha Ears to show it! Now they aren't the only ones with six ears. An Alien Aisha wearing Alien Aisha Ears is both hilarious and super cute; after all, ten ears are better than six even if it's a bit overwhelming.

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