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Get the Goods: A Practical Guide to Attic Restocking

by kitschyy


Would you like to know how to get a Draik Egg for less than 1,000,000 NP? Of course you would! If your account is at least three years old, you probably already know about the Almost Abandoned Attic. If you don't, listen up, because it can be a surprisingly good use of your time! The Almost Abandoned Attic (or most commonly known as just "The Attic") is a shop that you could compare to the Igloo Garage Sale. The Attic only stocks items from rarity 80 – 99 and only at their "Estimated Value." This means that when a Zombie Draik Egg restocks (and they do!) it would only cost you 710,000 NP.

Now that I've gotten your attention, I'll explain how the Attic works. The Attic has the potential to restock every 7 minutes, 53 seconds after the minute. For example, on a Monday afternoon the Attic has the potential to restock at 1:00:53 PM (Neopian Standard Time, of course) but that doesn't necessarily mean that it will. Unlike most shops in Neopia, the Attic has set times for restocks. These times never change, which gives you the ability to do other things while you restock, only coming back briefly before the specified time to check for a restock. I won't go into detail about all of the times, there are guides out there that list these for you to make the process easier!

The one caveat to the Attic is that you may only restock five items per day. Some days, you might come out on top with several valuable items, and some days you might end up with five duds. It's a gamble you take with restocking in any shop, but in my experience the payout is higher in the Attic. Now, let's discuss what types of items you should aim for from the Attic.

1. Wearables

Wearable items are items that can be put into your closet and used to customize your Neopets. The Attic stocks everything from backgrounds to foregrounds to species-specific clothing. It helps here to keep an eye on the news. New wearables tend to sell for upwards of 300k, at least for the first few weeks; however, their value can deflate quickly, so it's imperative to keep yourself updated on Trading Post prices. I've had the most luck with species specific wearables, myself. Aim for dresses and wigs of popular species such as Kacheek, Aisha, or Draik and you'll almost always come out with a profit. The Kacheek Pyjama Cap, for example, can sell for upwards of 2,000,000 NP. Keep in mind, though, that wearables can be a slow sell – you have to wait until someone has the NP and wants your wearable to customize with.

2. Books

Books can be a gamble, but if you know what to look for, they can pay off in the end. Research books, especially Booktastic books, thoroughly before undertaking this category. Certain books have a large payoff and can be an easy sell to Booktastic enthusiasts who still need them for their pets. The Moon Pop-Up Book is a Booktastic book that sells for over 1,000,000 NP and restocks at the Attic. On the other hand, another book that might restock is the Neocola Book which will net you under 100 NP, so be sure you know what to look for!

3. Stamps

Stamps are a little more complicated than books, simply because there's so many of them. However, they can be very, very profitable – especially the rarer stamps needed for the stamp collector avatars. There are certain stamps, such as the Grundo Warehouse Stamp, that can trade upwards of 10,000,000 NP. The avatars are a huge investment and if you can land a collector stamp you should have no problem selling it to someone aiming for the avatar. Because of the sheer volume of cheap stamps that restock, you'll want to really work to memorize what the pricier stamps look like.

4. Magic Items & Weaponry

One of the highest profit, easiest turn-around items that you can try to restock are morphing potions. Battledome weapons can be profitable as well, but the competition for these two types of items is so high that it's rarely worth it to aim for these. So many people go into the Attic only seeking items such as these and never get anything due to being beaten to it by other players. While I've restocked a few morphing potions out of sheer impulse, I never really aim for them because I have a much higher success rate going for the items listed in categories 1-3.

5. Draik Eggs

Draik Eggs are easily the most sought-after items in the Attic. Certainly there are other items that stock that can sell for more, but none are as easy of a sell as a Draik Egg. You can restock one and have it sold before the day is over. The competition for these is fierce and I've only ever seen a handful restock in the Attic. They are very rare and extremely sought after. If you attempt to restock Draik Eggs, be sure you have a fast internet connection!

Being successful in the Attic is all about research. Knowing what to look for by image is imperative because you won't have time to read item names. Learn about Booktastic books, Stamp Collector avatar stamps, and other popular, high-rarity items. Research what the newest wearables are and how much they sell for. It can take a lot of work to properly prepare yourself but once you do you'll be making so much NP it will all be worth it!

Be sure to keep adequate NP on hand. I try to keep around 500,000 just in case a Draik Egg should restock, but even for most morphing potions the most you'll need is 100,000. In the end, what you get will depend on your impulse purchase decisions. If you hesitate that Plushie Hissi Morphing Potion will be gone in a flash! Just be sure you don't accidentally click that Blue Ixi Plushie beside it!

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