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Top 10 NC Fortune Cookies

by honeybee54321


Noda has spent twenty years attempting to make his grandmother's fortune cookie recipe famous. In Year 14, Noda was finally able to open his fortune cookie shop. Noda began to sell a special kind of fortune cookie, one that is Neocash only. As of now two types of NC Fortune Cookies are being sold. One Type of fortune cookie awards players special Neopet site perks where as the other type contains one item relevant to the theme (or flavor) of the NC Fortune Cookie.

NC Mall Item Fortune Cookies are special because they allow the user who purchases the cookie to keep the exclusive item and give a copy to one or possibly more of your neofriends. Sending a copy of the item you receive does not require a gift box, which is another great feature of these cookies and makes it an excellent option for giving friends.

These cookies can be used on both main account and side accounts because they are Neocash only. Although you can give the item inside these cookies to another user, it is not possible to give an NC Mall Item Fortune cookie to another user using a gift box.

Site Perk Fortune Cookies grant users additional turns of special daily-use functions that are found on the Neopets site for a set duration of time. These cookies can only be used on main accounts and can be given to other users using gift boxes.

As a lover of the NC Mall and NC Fortune Cookies, I will be discussing my top 10 NC Fortune Cookies and their respective items or perks. It is important to note that Noda only makes a specific amount of cookies per batch, so keep checking back if there is a specific type of cookie that you want and it is out of stock!

10th Place: Delightable NC Fortune Cookie (250 NC)

The Delightable NC Fortune Cookie grants the user one of seven unique NC items. To receive the item the user must choose the specified amount of friends to receive a copy of the item as well. The Fyora Inspired Wig and Hat was a favorite on the boards.

9th Place: Merry Fair NC Fortune Cookie (125 NC)

The Merry Fair NC Fortune Cookies grants the user one of seven fair themed NC items. To receive the item the user must choose the designated amount of friends to receive the item as well. The Brilliant Fireworks Shower is my favorite item from this cookie.

8th Place: Illusionist NC Fortune Cookie (250 NC)

The Illusionist NC Fortune Cookies grants the user one of seven mysteriously magic themed NC items. To receive the item, the user must choose the specified amount of friends to receive a copy of the item as well. The magic themed items work well with other wearable items. The Cape of Arcane is the highlight item of this cookie, though!

7th Place: NC Archives Fortune Cookie (225 NC)

The NC Archives Fortune Cookie allows the user to spin the NC Archives wheel once (maybe twice), a day for five consecutive days. The NC Archives wheel awards retired NC prizes from past NC events. This cookie is special because it gives users the chance to receive NC items they may have previously missed.

6th Place: Starry Fortune Cookie (250 NC)

The Starry Fortune Cookie grants the user one of eight beautiful galaxy themed items. To receive the item the user must choose the designated amount of friends to receive the item as well. The galaxy theme is stunning and creates a beautiful full customization for any star travelling pet. The Contacts of the Cosmos and the Constellation Wings are spectacular and are definitely a fan favorite.

5th Place: Lab Ray Fortune Cookie (125 NC)

The Lab Ray Fortune Cookie grants the user up to three extra zaps per day for seven consecutive days. Access to the Secret Lab Ray is mandatory for using this cookie. Uses enjoy zapping their pets for stat changes, species changes and special color changes. The Lab Ray Fortune Cookie gives users the opportunity to have a better chance at zapping their pet a Lab Ray only color.

4th Place: Games Fortune Cookie (175 NC)

The Games Fortune Cookies grants the user the ability to receive two times (maybe three times if lucky) the amount of neopoints awarded on all games played. This cookie lasts for twenty four hours but multiple cookies may be used to add more time to the counter. These cookies can only be used on main accounts. Many users enjoy the Games Fortune Cookie because it helps them gain more neopoints from the games they love to play to achieve goals.

3rd Place: NC Upcycle Fortune Cookie (175 NC)

The NC Upcycle Fortune Cookie grants the user the ability to donate a designated number of NC items (two, three, or four) in exchange for a Neocash, Neocash items or Neopoint items. The prize is awarded randomly after donating the required amount of NC items. There is a special Money Tree Capsule that is exclusive to the NC Upcycle Fortune Cookie. This capsule also offers three different bonus items. If you are a mystery capsule collector or an avid NC fan this Fortune Cookie is for you! Who doesn't love exchanging old items for new ones? And let's face it; it can clear up some space in the ol' closet and/or safety deposit box. This Fortune Cookie lasts for four consecutive days once used, and there is a counter at the top of The Money Tree's page that informs players how much time is left before the cookie expires.

2nd Place: Training Fortune Cookie (125 NC)

The Training Fortune Cookie grants the user a reduced amount of time it takes to train a pet's stat at any of the training schools found in Neopia! The amount of time that is reduced varies between 30%-70%. The cost of the training session does not change (amount of codestones/dubloons required). Training Fortune Cookies can only be used on main accounts. The reduced time does not apply to training sessions already in progress, so make sure you use the Training Fortune Cookie before training your pet. Once this cookie is used it will last for five consecutive days. Time is valuable and this cookie allows players the opportunity to squeeze in more training for the Battledome.

1st Place: Faerie Quest Fortune Cookie (100 NC)

The Faerie Quest Fortune Cookie grants the redeeming user the opportunity to accept one guaranteed Faerie Quest for seven consecutive days. The quest is granted by a random faerie. In order to receive a quest each day the quest from the previous day must be completed or abandoned. There is a count down located at the top of the page that informs players when it the cookie will expire. The only faerie that is excluded from granting a quest from this cookie is the Crafting faerie. This cookie is my number one pick because it is beneficial for training your pet and gives a higher chance at getting a Fountain faerie quest for a great price.

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