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Guide to Impressive Accounts

by hellomrkrinkle


Let's face it: our accounts are very close to us and represent who are. We want to impress all of our neofriends, and make new ones as well! So why not try to work on your account and adorn it a little? There are a couple of things, in my opinion, that show that someone has worked hard on their account.


Nothing says hard work and dedication like a shiny trophy on your lookup! For those of us who are terrible at games (like myself), there are quite a few trophies that can be achieved with very little effort. Most of these trophies do not require you to surpass anyone on a high score table, however, they do require some time. Some easily attainable trophies are Snow Wars, Pyramids Bonus, Go! Go! Go!, Cheat, Punchbag Bob, and Cellblock. If you are having trouble with any of these games, there are numerous guides out there to help you get started. Participating in plots is also an easy way to earn site event trophies, so be on the lookout for any upcoming plot events. ;)


Make sure your pets are healthy and well-fed. If they are sick, be sure to visit the Healing Springs every 30 minutes your pet is healed. There are also cheap foods and toys out there to ensure that your pet stays happy and well-fed. If you're lazy like me, there is always the option of booking your pets into the Neolodge, where you can rest assured that they will stay happy and well-fed. Doing small things like this shows your people that you care for your pets. Customization and non-basic colors also add a nice touch, and while it's not necessary, personalization shows that you have invested time in perfecting your pets' appearances. If you have some spare Neopoints, try finding a matching pet (and maybe even a petpetpet) to complete your pets' customizations. Throwing on a nice premade pet lookup doesn't hurt, either.


Having 200 or more secret avatars is also noteworthy, in my opinion. Getting all of the clickable avatars should get you halfway there! There are also a few easy item avatars you can achieve by feeding your pets a certain food, or refreshing with a particular item in your inventory. Always be on the lookout for seasonal avatars, which come around once a year. Certain dailies, like the Wheel of Excitement and The Forgotten Shore, can also hand out avatars. Lastly, there are many helpful people willing to lend out their avatar pets or petpets. After getting these, I would recommend going for game avatars as they may be somewhat time-consuming. However, with a bit of patience and daily practice, you should get them in no time!


This is one of the most enjoyable and rewarding ways to improve your account. Your gallery houses items that you have acquired during your time on the site; you can choose any theme you like for your gallery. Some common ideas for themes are plushies, foods, or petpets, but the beauty of having a gallery is that you get to decide what to put in there! Many people even opt to collect gifts or items that they get from doing their dailies. Think about something you're obsessed with, say, Meepits, and use that as a foundation for your gallery. If you're still not sure where to start, you could browse the galleries of other Neopians for some inspiration.


Stamps make up an integral part of a well-rounded account. I would recommend having at least 50 stamps in your collection as there are many cheap stamps out there that cost under 1,000 NP. If you know the basics of restocking, try your hand at the Neopian Post Office for some great deals on rare stamps. You can choose to add random stamps to your album, or pick a certain category (like Sea Shells) and buy the stamps necessary to fill up that category. Either way, increasing your stamp count is a nice way to spruce up your collections.


Just like stamps, there are a variety of cheap Neodeck cards out there to add to your collection. According to the Collectible Card Rarity list, blue or red-backed cards tend to be cheapest, so start off with these first. If buying a ton of cards at once seems tedious, try searching for them in between chatting on the boards, playing games, or doing whatever you usually do on the site.


This is another fun way to personalize your account. You can add graphics to your shop, user lookup, and even pet lookups to make them look better. There is also the option of creating a personalized homepage for your Neopet, which can be fun if you have the time. Some things I have seen on people's petpages are portfolios or goals they want to achieve on Neopets. You can also use your petpages for font storage or customizations ideas you have for your beloved pets.


Site themes are another way to show off the fact that you've accomplished something on the site. Not to mention, they're fun to use if you get tired of the default site theme while browsing the site! I personally don't like to have any 'zeros' on my lookup, when it comes to site themes, stamps, or other statistics. It's always impressive to improve on all aspects of your account instead of just focusing on one part. I find an account with a few cards and stamps, a decent amount of avatars, and pretty pets more impressive than an account with 300 avatars that houses sad pets, and no Neodeck cards or stamps.

Having a lovely neohome also adds a nice touch to your account and gives you something to do. This part is more about quality, not quantity. What I mean by this is that a furnished neohome with a couple of rooms is much more impressive than one with 50 bland and undecorated rooms.

I also think a high-level Habitarium adds a nice touch to a lookup. Although it's not too important, it shows me that the person has put in a lot of time and dedication into attending to their Habitarium to make Neopoints. This is something to be proud of, in my opinion. :D

Well, that's it for now! I hope these tips will help you achieve the well-rounded account that we all aim for. Good luck!

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