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The Forgotten Faerie

by marauder_on_da_loose


It seems diametrical that the cause of her existence should be the reason for her oblivion. She wields and manipulates time, but time has forgotten her. We all know the space faerie, and what she does for this great land, and yet have forgotten the yin to her yang. What is space without time? What is a space faerie without a time faerie?

      Born from the beginning of Neopia itself, she wields the power to shape time. To mould it into a path for the greatest good of Neopia and Neopians. Her duty is the protection of all that Neopia holds dear, her quandary is the growth and evolution of the universe. Her struggle is the balance of good and bad, for one will not survive without the other.

      Her awareness stretches from the birth of the universe until the end of all time. Her focus shifts from place to place, focusing on areas of trouble and strife. The sign of her presence? A faint sense of deja-vu and a tingling down your spine. Her role in our world, and her presence at all times are undeniable.... So why have we forgotten her?

      You may believe that the Time Faerie wished it so, or maybe that she was never known to those under her care. But the truth is far more complex and saddening than theories such as those. The earliest of Neopians knew of the Time Faerie. They knew who she was, and what she could do. They admired and honoured her, for they knew that she kept them on the path of Neopian glory. Originally, Neopia was aware of when the Time Faerie has played a new card in time. They kept it in their memories, so that the same evil would not be wrought again. The eldest among them kept records of what had transpired, and youngsters were taught the lessons of time.

      But as with all else, an evil came around that sought to be free from the constraints of time. This Neopian – with a heart as black as space itself – saw an opportunity to be freed from their diminutive existence as a speck in time. They sought to seize the power of the Time Faerie, and use it to control Neopia and the universe for all of time.

      They began to plot to overthrow the Time Faerie. A cunning trap was laid, to draw her towards a disturbance in time. Distracted, the Time Faerie was caught unawares by the evil Neopian, but she quickly used her power to change time and avoid the trap. The curse of her power though, meant that the villain was aware of their failure. Again they planned – more carefully this time – a trap to ensnare the Time Faerie. Once more she escaped, and reversed the path of time. But the villain was still aware of all that had failed. For many moons the two would struggle, as he attempted to capture her for good, and she would try to escape his grasp. But with every coming together, the villain grew stronger. He maintained all the knowledge of his previous attempts, and began to piece together and understanding of the faerie and her powers.

      It was inevitable then, that the time would come when the villain managed to capture the Time Faerie for good. Knowing that she could only intervene in time to save Neopia for the greater good, he made a vow that he would not use her power to further his evil plans. His efforts succeeded, and the Time Faerie could not use her power to save herself. She was resigned to an eternity of enslavement by the villain.

      The villain was forced to keep to his vow, and not use the power of the Time Faerie for harm. But the clever Neopian did not plan on relying on the Time Faerie for all of time. He studied that faerie, and searched for the secret of her power. He sought to make it his own. For with his own power, he would be freed from the constraints of his vow. Free to change the universe as he saw fit. It took him many long days and endless nights, but eventually he discovered the secret of the faerie's power. As with all of faeriekind, her power lay in the wings on her back. The villain – now assured that time would shortly be his to control – saw fit to take a break from his taxing research, vowing to return shortly and take control of time.

      The Time Faerie, still encumbered by the limitations of her power, wept at the knowledge that all her hard work would soon be undone. She begged for the power to change her situation, or for an ally who could help her out of this mess. Somewhere in the universe, a young faerie floating amongst the planets and stars felt the call of a sister. She hurtled towards Neopia, pulled by a connection to someone she had never met.

      The space faerie was still new to her powers, and had spent her life so far exploring the far reaches of the universe, searching for the answer to the meaning of her existence. She was soon to find out. She touched down near a disquieting and dilapidated old castle. As dark as the night sky, she could only tell of its existence by the shadow it created against the moon and stars. She approached the castle, and flew through an open window. Creeping through the rooms, she felt a pull towards the lowest level. A dungeon, with heavy wooden bars and weeping grey stonework awaited her there.

      Hidden in a cell at the rear, she found a chained and dirty young woman. A faerie, by the appearance of wings on her back. She glanced up at the space faerie through grey eyes winking with lights and filled with depth and knowledge. The space faerie felt a jolt of recognition, although the faerie was a stranger. She knew somehow, that she had found her yang, her sister, her purpose.

      She freed the Time Faerie from her constraints, and began to lead her to safety. But in the grand hall, they encountered the villain, returning to the castle. His anger was palpable, and he was determined that he should not lose his prize that night. The Time faerie reached for a glittering sword adorning the wall, but was unable to hold it aloft in her weakened state. The villain lunged at her, determined to win her wings and control of time. With a ferocious roar, the space faerie lunged in to intercept him, and found that the glittering sword had magically jumped into her hand. She felt as though a fog had lifted from her mind, and though she had never fought before, she knew exactly what to do.

      They fought long and hard, faerie against villain, for even with her new knowledge and strength, her opponent would not be defeated. He swung a mighty blow that knocked her backwards several paces, and roared his defiance. He screamed his fury that his plans were being thwarted, and vowed that he would defeat them all and take control of Neopia.

      His anger and his outburst broke his hold over the power of the Time Faerie, as his original vow was nullified and his true intentions beholden. She whispered the words of a spell, and time rushed backwards to beyond the beginning of the saga. But she was yet distraught, as the villain was by no means defeated. He would learn from this failure and try yet again, such was his nature.

      But the Space Faerie too had learnt from the experience, and now knew what her purpose was in life. Together Space and Time Faerie cast a spell to change the nature of space and time, and to keep Neopia safe from a similar occurrence. They erased the knowledge of the Time Faerie from the minds of Neopians, and created it so that Neopians would never be aware of a change in time.

      To this day, only the Space Faerie remains aware of her powerful brethren. She flies throughout space, searching out evil and fighting it off, working together with the Time Faerie to identify the evil among us, and keep Neopia safe from harm.

The End

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