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Kiko Lake Activities

by kadface


Welcome to the Kiko Day Celebrations at Kiko Lake! You are one of the many neopets from the four corners (and moon!) of Neopia to flock to Kiko Lake to celebrate and congratulate the Kiko on their special day. Kiko Lake is known for its friendly citizens and unique habitation. However, many a neopet can find itself lost once upon the sparkling shores of Kiko Lake, which of the many dazzling activities will be done first? This is a short top five list of the best activities to partake whilst in this typically sunny part of Neopia.

1. Browse the Furniture Store

A visit to Kiko Lake isn't complete without receiving a complimentary coral nail from the furniture store. Kiko furniture is among the most meticulously crafted and treasured furniture in the whole of Neopia. Especially suitable to a house situated in the Maraqua or Mystery island area, the furniture bought at the store has a personal lifetime guarantee. A perfect opportunity for a visitor to take part of Kiko Lake back with them, in a form which is as aesthetically pleasing to the eye as it is a useful and indispensable addition to a Neopian household. This is furniture that will, quite literally, grow on you, being made of only the finest coral and kelp.

Whilst at the store, feel free to talk to the resident Kiko Lake carpenter, a long time habitant of Kiko Lake, who has many interesting and laugh out loud stories to tell of foolhardy visitors to Kiko Lake. Oft regarded as one of the most prolific story tellers of his time, he somehow also finds the time to create furniture which has been called 'Masterful' by the Faeries and received vociferous 'Ugga-Ugghhs' of approval from visiting Tyrannians.

2. Take a Glass-bottomed Boat Tour

The highlight of any Kiko Lake day visitor must be a glass-bottomed boat tour. This unique view upon the homes of Kikos provides a unparalleled insight into the living arrangements of Kikos everywhere. The friendly tour guide will take you on a round trip of the Kiko village, stopping at only the most interesting details of the area, including the popular seaweed gardens as well as the coral platforms. If one looks carefully, you can see the residents' Petpets chasing one another playfully to and fro among the sea grass. The flash of a fin helps to add a sparkle to both the bottom of the lake as well as the gentle waves on the surface. Another popular destination on the glass-bottomed boat tour is the Kiko high street. With quaint shops and deep water alleys the high street is the communal area for all Kikos, and these neopets can be often seen selling their wares or bartering with a vendor.

The glass-bottomed boat itself is a treasured addition to Kiko Lake, yet very popular. If you are looking to take one of the green plush seats for yourself, be aware you may have to book in advance, as on Kiko Day especially, the tour is at it's most popular. The boat leaves on the hour, every hour, from 10am to Sunset, make sure you book your place upon the boat now! It should also be noted that cameras are encouraged upon the tour, as the residents are extremely proud of their village, and will happily pose for any photographs from the boat above.

3. See the Yooyuball Team in Action

The Kiko Lake Yooyuball team has faced some hardships over previous years of the Altador Cup. Following the rock slide disaster during the third cup, the Yooyuball team from Kiko Lake have been struggling to maintain a exact position within the rankings. However a visit to any practise grounds is always well worth the effort. One of the more popular items with the Kiko Lakians is the daily shootout practise. During Altador Cup IV, Kiko Lake maintained one of the highest Shootout Showdown scores of all teams, nearly always persevering to a win. The sight of the only non-Kiko Yooyuball player, Erli Quinnock, diving majestically to save a magnificent curling shot from the heartthrob Holbie Pinnock never fails to raise a cheer amongst the fans of Kiko Lake.

For a nominal fee, you too can experience the athletes of Kiko Lake partaking in one of their practise sessions, and perhaps even get a signature on one of their many signing sessions after training. The Yooyuball team will put on a Kiko Day special extravaganza, with a Shootout Marathon and a raffle. Maybe you can win the ultimate prize, a Day of training with the Kiko Yooyuball Team! A veritable dream come true for any aspiring player.

4. Visit the Kiko Village

Following a trip on the glass-bottomed boat tour, it is often recommended that you visit the subaqua Kiko Village in person. Here you can pass time with the residents, who are often more than happy to show you into their houses to show of the unique lifestyle of living within the Kiko Lake. Down here you can hear tales of the Great Beast of the Lake, a yarn spun by the carpenter of Kiko Lake and retold with gusto every year on Kiko Day. Explore the hidden depths of Kiko Village, from the caves of old, with murky kelp splattered on the walls, to the most modern houses, gracefully carved from the Coral by masterful technicians.

Visit the high street in person, not just as a overhead visitor, and feel the buzz of the thriving marketplace as you haggle for the best price on souvenirs. On Kiko Day, an aquatic display from the nearby 'School of Kikos' will perform their latest display for the benefit of all visitors. Furthermore, all market vendors have agreed to slash their prices in half, allowing for all Neopians to receive their own memory of Kiko Day. Don't miss out on this incomparable day of festivities in Kiko Lake.

5. Chocolatey Goodness

It would be sheer negligence to finish off a day to Kiko Lake without a visit to the Kiko Lake Treat shop. The only place in Neopia where a stick of rock is served with a smile. For Kiko Day, free slices of Rock will be available for your sampling pleasure. Experience the unique sensation of the Kiko Apple, a treat featuring the face of a Kiko topped with a variety of flavours, including the ever popular Peanut flavour. This explosion of sugary goodness is incomparable to any treat found at the Chocolate Factory, and is perfect for the sunny climate to which Kiko Lake is accustomed.

The Shopkeeper at Kiko Lake asserts that it is 'The Best food anywhere on Neopia' , and it would be impossible to disagree once you have sampled the home-made treats up for offer. On this special day, the shopkeeper is opening his kitchen to all visitors, and invites you to concoct your own recipes for the next Kiko Lake special treat. Who knows perhaps you may see your invention appear on the shelves at next years festivities?

We hope you enjoy yourself for Kiko Day, whether you take the time to visit Kiko Lake or not. But remember that Kiko Lake is always welcome and willing to all visitors whatever time of the year. We hope to see you at Kiko Lake very soon.

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