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Meerca Chase 2 – An Avatar Guide

by flotsam_freako_8254


From my time surfing around the Avatar Chat, I have seen many boards asking around for tips on the elusive Meerca Chase avatar, with all its Meerca and negg goodness. With this in mind, this guide was written for absolutely anyone to try for this avatar no matter how good or bad you are at gaming, and hopefully will teach you the ins and outs of Meerca Chase that will get you this adorable avatar.

Before I begin, it is important to note that there are five different modes of play in Meerca Chase 2 – classic, freestyle, maze, and the hidden ferocious and gravity modes. However, the only mode that you even want to think of playing for the avatar is gravity mode. Neggs in this mode are worth six times more than neggs collected in easy classic mode and hence make it much easier to get the avatar. To enter gravity mode, type in "super extra hyper gravity mode" without the spaces and quotations in the main screen. Unlike the other four modes, there is no option to choose the difficulty, just 'Stop-n-Go' (more on this below). If you can master the game in this mode, the avatar will be all yours.

Mastering gravity mode

To start, the aim of this game is simple – you control a Meerca, who aims to collect as many neggs as possible without dying in some way. For every negg you collect, you gain points depending on the individual value of the negg, as well as increasing the length of the Meerca's 'tail'. You will only ever have one collectable negg on the screen at a time, but this does not apply to the red neggs, which is an instant end to your game should you collect it and has a possibility of spawning every time you collect a negg. Your game will also end if you crash into a wall, run into your tail, or fall into the black hole in the middle of the screen. That's all there is to it.

Gravity mode is slightly more complicated to play initially compared to the other modes in the game. The first thing to remember is that this mode is 'Stop-n-Go' – which means that unlike the other modes in the game, you can technically stop moving – although the black hole is still going to suck you in. If you are having trouble imagining gravity mode, just think of it as a kind of empty ice cream cone where you will fall through the bottom if you stop moving, with a faster acceleration closer to the base. If you keep moving around you will be fine, as the gravity is quite weak around the edges and will take a while for you to be dragged in.

When playing gravity mode, you will only need your up, left and right arrow keys. Your finger is either going to be hovering or plastered onto that up arrow during the game. The next part is all down to preference – in gravity mode you should choose ONE direction to play with – clockwise or anti-clockwise. This way, you avoid crashing into your tail should you change direction or when things get tight. Whichever direction you choose, your finger is going to be hovering over that key as well. The last arrow key left (depending on your directional preferences) will only be used if you have a negg around a corner and is easier to turn in the other direction slightly to get it than to circle the whole way around.

To sum it up, when you are playing in gravity mode, you are carefully circling around the screen in one direction and collecting neggs, whilst avoiding any obstacles. The concept itself is not too difficult, right? Once you have chosen your direction and have your fingers ready, here are some tips for playing gravity mode:

Don't hold down the keys for prolonged times – what I mean is that your finger should not be permanently pressing down on any one particular key for an extended period of time, and at no point should you be pressing two at one time. This will just make your Meerca direction crazy, out of control and you will crash into something. It is fine to hold down a key if you are going in a particular direction, but the moment you need to turn, let go and tap the necessary arrow key repeatedly to turn (remember – Stop and Go). Just consider a situation where your screen is covered with red neggs, and your negg is stuck between a few - speeding there will only end your game. You will only get those kinds of neggs by carefully tapping your way there with precision, letting go and moving forward as necessary.

Take your time – again, because this is Stop-n-Go, you can really take your time with this. There is no need to zip madly across the screen for neggs, and plenty of time to adjust your Meerca for any neggs you want to get. If you miss a negg, do not turn back suddenly, because you run the risk of running into your tail. Just go around in your circle in the direction that you would normally take, and then grab the negg once you get back to it. Also, taking your time really helps with the in-game stress common whenever you near an avatar score.

Beware the second negg – for some reason, if you slow down and stop as you collect the second negg, your game ends because you have run into your tail. Therefore, only for the second negg, make sure your finger is holding down whatever key you need to get that negg and rush through to it until it has been safely collected to prevent a premature end to your game should you get a nice negg.

Black holes are not always deadly – sometimes, the negg will spawn either around, or even in the middle of the black hole. If it is right in the middle, there's nothing much you can do but try and get it as you lose. If the negg is around the black hole, you still can collect it, it just requires a little bit of finesse. Approach the black hole slowly, tapping upwards if you feel like you are being sucked into too much and to re-adjust your position. Make sure that by the time you are near the negg that you are facing away from the black hole and using the gravity to slide backwards towards the negg and ready to press down on the up key the moment the Meerca collects it. Once you get the negg, get away from the black hole as fast as you can – sometimes you will make it out, sometimes you won't, it requires a bit of practice.

Understand the gravity – this take a bit of practice, but it is much easier to go around red neggs and collect neggs around the black hole if you are used to the force pulling you in and can predict how quickly the gravity will drag you in.


It seems to have taken a while to get here, but this is the bit that will really help in your avatar quest – the strategy.

1. The hard way

Whilst I have termed this the hard way, I probably could have also called this the longer way as well. Basically, all there is to this is playing your usual game of Meerca Chase until you get the avatar score. However, in most games, you will find the neggs you collect are dominated by the lower value yellow or blue neggs, with the higher values negg rarely or never seen. Obviously, if the neggs you collect are of lower value, you will need more neggs to get the avatar, hence this is harder because a) there are more red neggs to crash into and b) your tail is longer and also easier to crash into. What's better about this strategy is that you may have also set yourself up with a few hundred points and a nice negg appears and gets you the avatar. However, this strategy is better for practice and setting you up for the second strategy – it will allow you to gain experience in collecting those neggs from all kinds of positions and adjusting to the gravity in the game.

2. The easy way

This is labelled the easy way, probably because it is the fastest and easiest way to attain the avatar. Instead of playing like as normal, if the first negg on screen is a low value negg such as yellow or blue, restart. Keep restarting until the first negg that appears is of a higher value – I would recommend anything from rainbow negg and above. This will vastly reduce the amount of neggs needed to get to the avatar score (just think, if you get a rainbow and fish negg, the avatar is yours, although for this to happen would take a LOT of luck). Doing this will also reduce the obstacles of the long tail and red neggs. The only problem with this is that it could take a long time to get a nice negg to appear, and even if you get a fish negg, you still need to have some degree of skill to get the remainder of the points for the avatar. Hence this is why I would not recommend just restarting your game for the nice negg – you NEED to practice how to play gravity mode properly for this to be effective, and why else would I spend an entire section detailing how to play gravity mode if it was not necessary to attain the avatar? You never know, as you practice your gravity mode skills that high value negg will appear....

To sum up the strategies, I would recommend a combination of the two for the avatar. You need to know how to play gravity mode well so you can take advantage of a situation where you have a high valued negg in a game and attain the avatar.

For your reference

Here are the exact negg values for gravity mode so you know which neggs are worth more:

  • Yellow – 18 points
  • Blue – 54 points
  • Green – 72 points
  • Grey – 90 points
  • Gold - 180 points
  • Rainbow – 360 points
  • Power – 594 points
  • Fish – 900 points


Meerca Chase 2's gravity mode may seem overwhelming at first as you continuously get sucked in despite your best efforts. However, practice will make perfect, and mastering gravity mode will put you in an excellent situation to try for the avatar, with its high negg value and unique Stop-n-Go ability. Good luck!

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