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Neopian Quiz V2.0

by daughters_ofthe_moon


So either you enjoyed version 1 of the quiz and have come to gloat, prove you're smarter than Sloth and then leave laughing or you missed the first quiz and are wondering what all the fuss is about. If you did version one you can skip the explanations and drop straight down to the quiz questions no explanations needed (if you're like me, you never read instructions anyway until you end up in a total mess).

For those of you who missed version 1, here's a quick run down of what this is about - a while ago I decided to submit a quiz; I spent a while wondering what kind of quiz would be good for everyone... since maths is definitely not my strong point, that was out of the question... then I thought logic problems! I love them (I get stuck easily, though, and unfortunately end up cheating) but as soon as I started to try and write one, my brain just shut down and refused. Then I had a brain wave... I'd done a number quiz a few days earlier and thought ah-ha! So that was the type of quiz I settled on.

Here's how the quiz works... You have a number and then some initials for letters to make up a phrase. For example:

26 L in the A

I can hear your brain ticking as you frantically try to figure out what it means... of course all you clever clogs out there have probably already shouted the answer at me but just in case here it is...

26 Letters in the Alphabet

Of course this quiz will be Neopian based and all the answers will be available on the site if you search in the right place! (Just in case you're not sure where that might be, it could be anywhere, but I'm sure the Neopedia might have some answers.)

Okay let's start with an easy one...

100 M in a F I

12.5 P I on the U R A

29th D of S (is K D)

9 Q F

3 L of D in K B

3 L in 1 (T M)

17 S in the N B

5 S per U (for S or G)

3 A C (S F)

4 N per A

50 L to I G

16 S in the NC M

5 K or L in a K Q G

3000 is the M NP for V the S F

101 is the R of S I

250 G for the T G A

3 L on C T

31 D of A

50 I M in your I

10 A for the N T A

'I know, I know,' some of you are crying out... 'I did it!' While others of you are just crying in frustration from the mind bending thinking you've had to put in. Well since I'm not cruel, well maybe only a little bit, here are the answers for you (I know some of you have done what I always do and looked by the 3rd question but oh well, I hope it was still fun!) Let me know how you did!

Here are the answers in the same order as the questions... with a little commentary so you don't get bored.

I hope you've finished them all before you start peeking!!

100 Messages in a Full Inbox (this is forever happening to me!)

12.5 Percent Interest on the Ultimate Riches Account (What? You don't have that much?)

29th Day of Sleeping (is Kacheek Day) (This one was right in front of you)

9 Quest Faeries (You knew that really!)

3 Levels of Difficulty in Kass Basher (LOL)

3 Lands in 1 (Terror Mountain) (Whaaaaat? Explore people!)

17 Shops in the Neopian Bazaar (Who knows that? Well now you do!)

5 Slots per Upgrade (for Shops or Galleries) (I'm not kidding!)

3 Altador Cups (So Far) (Too hard?)

4 Neopets per Account (Easy one so you don't feel too dumb)

50 Levels to Illusen's Glade (I think... I35 pwns me!)

16 Superpacks in the NC Mall (with my luck this has probably changed by the time you read this)

5 Keys or Less in a Key Quest Game (I want a purple key!)

3000 is the Max NeoPoints for Visiting the Soup Faerie (Don't tell me you didn't think to check?)

101 is the Rarity of Special Items (Did you already give up?)

250 Gamescores for the Top Gamer Avatar (Way too easy!)

3 Legs on Captain Threelegs (Don't tell me you think the wooden one counts... )

31 Days of Advent (and don't we love it!)

50 Items Maximum in your Inventory (What a pain huh!)

10 Articles for the Neopian Times Avatar (Here's hoping this is number 3)

Okay, here's the test.... How many did you get correct? Are you a wimp or wise? Count how many you got right (without cheating and sneaking a peek) and find out...

1-5 You're a Neopian Nobody, you don't know enough about Neopia to tell a Chomby from a Cobrall!

6-10 You're a Neopian Nipper, you know a little and what you know is good but if you want to play in the big leagues you've got to pull out all the stops and start studying those Neopians!

11-15 You're a Neopian Nice Guy, you know just enough to do what you want and you're not interested in being a know it all and mocking the others on the boards!

16-20 You're a Neopian Ninja, congratulations it seems you can do it all and there's nothing more for me to teach you!

Did you like this quiz?

If you did and you'd like to see me try and get a third edition published in the Neopian Times, then please neomail and let me know that people are interested!

If you found it really hard and hate me now, I'll make sure I duck the deluge of dung that's probably coming my way!

Thank you so much for playing!

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