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Magnificent Mynci Wearables for Mynci Day!

by sychologist


First of all, 'tis the season to say happy Mynci day to all Myncies and their owners! As many of my articles suggest fashion tips for your Neopets, this one is no different, except now I bring you the Mynci edition. While I'm sure your Mynci would be just as satisfied with a bundle of bananas as they would with a new outfit come their special holiday, I highly suggest indulging in a new outfit to surprise your Mynci with! They will appreciate it, considering that last outfit you bought them has probably gotten dirty due to all of the playing in mud and exploring that these adventurous little creatures love to do... but fret not, Neopia! In this article I have provided you with some of the most up-to-date and fashionable Mynci outfits that clothing catalogs have to offer! (Please keep in mind that all outfits are priced by the Shop Wizard and written as of the time that I am creating this article!)

1. Ostentatious Mynci Outfit

This is a must have, absolutely beautiful outfit for the female Mynci! Unfortunately, many female Myncies are classified as being the "tom boy" in the group because of the stereotypes surrounding Myncies.. and while your Mynci might enjoy running around and playing in the mud as much as the next Mynci, that does not mean that your girl does not enjoy dressing up for a special night out just as much as the next Neopet. Treat your female Mynci to this stylish ensemble today! You can buy this outfit in the following parts: the Ostentatious Mynci Dress (93,000 neopoints), Ostentatious Mynci Bracelet (48,000 neopoints), Ostentatious Mynci Hat (39,000 neopoints), Ostentatious Mynci Necklace (16,000 neopoints), and Ostentatious Mynci Tights and Shoes (99,000 neopoints). This is an expensive outfit, but beauty comes at a price they say. Ostentatious is described as being "showy" or having a "pretentious display", so it is the must have for any Mynci looking to shine and steal the spotlight.

2. Musical Mynci Outfit

Does your Mynci enjoy sitting on the streets of Tyrannia outside of the Concert Hall singing their tunes and attempting to get noticed by the bands that play there? Do they know every M*YNCI concert song by heart? Then this outfit is perfect to surprise your Mynci with on Mynci Day! It is the must have ensemble for any musician or general music lover so if your Mynci falls into either of those categories, you might want to consider this option. This outfit consists of the Musical Mynci Hat (4,000 neopoints), Musical Mynci Scarf (1,600 neopoints), Musical Mynci Shirt (46,000 neopoints), Musical Mynci Trousers (4,000 neopoints), and a pair of Musical Mynci Shoes (2,400 neopoints). You can buy them a ticket to the latest M*YNCI concert to surprise them with - rumor has it that you can buy a ticket for as low as 800 neopoints on the shop wizard.

3. Banana Mynci Outfit

This is a very casual but fun outfit that your Mynci will absolutely love! Why, you may ask? Well, it's an outfit styled completely with a Mynci's favorite thing in the world: bananas. Not only will your Mynci go absolutely bananas (pun fully intended) over this outfit, but they will be the hit of the crowd amongst their Mynci pals! This is a fairly simple outfit and you can buy it in it's pieces which include: the Banana Mynci Shirt (27,000 neopoints), Banana Mynci Shorts (6,000 neopoints), and a pair of Banana Mynci Slippers (3,900 neopoints). If you really want to spoil your favorite Mynci on their special holiday, you can even throw in a bundle of fresh store bought bananas as I mentioned earlier in this article. There's no question that they will really love you for that.

4. Mynci Explorer Outfit

This is a very complex outfit, but it is a must have for any Mynci! Myncies are best known for their adventurous spirit and if you have a Mynci, they are probably always out and about exploring with their friends or swinging from tree to tree. This outfit provides them with that classic explorer look so that they can look just like the Mynci from their favorite game, Jungle Raiders. It also provides them with a satchel, which means that they can bring back all of their findings to you back at home.. which you may or may not be thrilled about, but your Mynci will surely love it. You can buy this must-have Mynci outfit in pieces which consist of the Mynci Explorer Jacket (unbuyable on the shop wizard), Mynci Explorer Satchel (8,000 neopoints), Mynci Explorer Hat (14,000 neopoints), Mynci Explorer Trousers (31,000 neopoints), and a pair of Mynci Explorer Boots (3,900 neopoints). Don't be surprised that your Mynci suddenly wants to wear this outfit every day once you purchase this outfit; Mynci owners have told us that this trend is perfectly normal.

5. Mynci Zoot Suit Outfit

Just as I provided a cute outfit for our female Myncies earlier in this article, here is an outfit for our gentlemen. Stylish and handsome, this outfit is perfect for an evening out or any special event. Many Neopets may often disregard your young gentleman as being messy and spontaneous because Myncies often do enjoy getting themselves dirty and playing around, but that doesn't mean that your Mynci does not enjoy dressing up properly for events just like any other more stereotypically "proper" Neopets. Break the stereotype that Myncies don't know how to dress up nicely by purchasing this outfit for your male Mynci today! This outfit includes the Mynci Zoot Suit Jacket (99,000 neopoints), Mynci Zoot Suit Hat (65,000 neopoints), Mynci Zoot Suit Trousers (93,000 neopoints), a Mynci Zoot Suit Belt (11,000 neopoints), and a pair of Mynci Zoot Suit Shoes (89,000 neopoints). This is a more expensive outfit but rest assured that it is made out of the most high quality fabrics and endorsed by the most famous clothing shop in all of Neopia, "Uni's Clothing".

There you have it, Neopia, five of Neopia's most popular and magnificent Mynci Outfits for you and your Mynci to have an effective and fun shopping trip this Mynci Day! While you and your Mynci are clothes shopping, don't forget to stop and grab food. I suggest Mynci themed foods to properly celebrate the holiday, and a few personal suggestions of mine are the Cherry Mynci Burger (1,700 neopoints) or the Garlic Mynci Pizza (4,900 neopoints). And then you can end your day with some fabulous deserts such as the Mynci Surprise Ice Cream (34,000 neopoints) and the Mynci Banana Split (1,300 neopoints).

Have a wonderful Mynci Day, Neopia!

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