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The Dos and Don'ts of Acquiring Your Dream Pet

by balletkathy


How many people on Neopets have a dream pet to shoot for?

Well, I wondered this, and I asked ten random Neopians what their thoughts were. Only one person said, “No, I don’t have a dream pet.” So nine other people have that special pet that they work every day to earn, whether it’s through games, the pound board, or auctioning or trading things off. I myself have that special pet that I work hard for. But, for most, their dream pet is very hard to acquire. Either the paint brush is a good chunk of cash, or it’s a (very rare) unconverted pet.

Well, I’ve been thinking a lot about these “dream-pets”. I hear a lot of people, all over different boards, talking about their dream pets. So I decided to take advantage of this big buzz through Neopia, and my writing skills, and decided to make an article to tell you the Dos and Don’ts of how to get that one (or two, or more) special pet.


1) Games: The main way to acquire this dream pet is through hard work, but as we all know, not all Neopians think Games are very fun, and sometimes seem like just that- hard work. But through just a few, simple games you can easily get 10,000 neopoints a day! Games like the Advertisement Video and the advertisement games get you a lot of neopoints in a very short time. Other games (I suggest) are games like Fashion Fever (you get 900 neopoints from that), Kookia, Hannah and the Wardrobe Adventure, Kass Basher, Splat-a-Sloth, and Meerca Chase. All of those games are easy (sometimes fun) and get you a lot of neopoints fast.

2) Boards: Some people think that using the Pound Board is one of the easiest ways to get your dream pet. Now, this way can backfire a bit, because if your dream pet is a Draik, you can’t trade your blue Kougra for one! So, you’d have to play games and work hard just to be able to get a pet that is good enough to trade for your dream pet! I don’t recommend this method for newbies (unless you happen to get a pet with an amazing name or something) or for people who don’t have much to trade.

3) Dailies: Dailies are definitely important to getting neopoints. The main dailies for most Neopians are: Tombola, Healing Springs, Fruit Machine, Coltzan’s Shrine, and a few easy games. Now, you can not depend entirely on dailies to get you neopoints- a mixture of dailies and games are a great way to keep up progress!

4) Checking: Every few weeks or so (or whenever you like) it is smart to check how much the item you are saving for is worth. If you’re saving for a Royal Paint Brush and it suddenly drops a few hundred thousand neopoints, that’s the time to pick up your pace and start playing games a lot more.

5) Working Hard: the BIGGEST do I have for you is to work hard, because a little hard work goes a long way. Plus, if you work hard, when you finally get your dream pet, you’ll have a sense of accomplishment and be very proud of yourself.


1) Holding Neopoints: One of the biggest “don’t” of saving for your expensive (or even inexpensive) dream pet is that you CANNOT be holding any money at any time. So, if you see a nice petpet on sale or something you will have to force yourself to not go to the bank to get money- because you’d be holding it. Now, in case of a neopets-emergency, you should hold only 50 neopoints at a time, if any at all. And right after you’re done playing all those games, go to the bank and deposit them right away.

2) Browsing: A big problem with some savers is that they will go into a shop “just to browse” and end up buying some 20,000 NP petpet. So, to keep all those temptations away, don’t let yourself browse any stores, or buy anything! Every time you go into a store, remind yourself to get out of there as soon as possible.

3) Soup Faerie: A BIG “don’t” is don’t spend your money on useless things just to get free food. I have even made this mistake. I’d have 5,000 NP and spend it all on junk just to get to feed my pets. Instead of doing that, you should go to the giant omelette, the giant jelly, or tombola to get free food each day.

4) Letting People Manipulate You: I’ve seen a few people give up on their dream pets because other Neopians say, “Oh, that pet's ugly,” or “That’s not a cool dreamie at all,” and so on. So my advice is to not let people get inside your head, or do anything to make you not like your dream pet.

5) Giving Up: This is the BIGGEST don’t! Don’t give up your dream because it seems far away! Just work extra hard, make a goal for yourself each day and soon you’ll reach your goal! And if you’re trying to trade a pet, don’t give up on making boards; just keep trying and soon someone will notice you. But just remember not to give up your dream pet, because once all the hard work is over and you have that faerie, or baby, or Halloween pet, you’ll be very proud of yourself.

I really hope that this article helped some of those strugglers out there in Neopia. And I hope that you will follow this guide all the way to get that dream pet you want. Another good way to get a dream pet (that I didn’t mention) was to look around and ask friends for help. And also, if people donate to you, you should help them out next time they’re struggling through.

Well, this is my guide to getting that special pet of yours. I hope you enjoyed reading!

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