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To the Rescue: A Petpet Rescue Guide

by xxxmagiabellexxx


This guide is to give anyone missing the Petpet Rescue avatar lots of tips and help to getting that pretty, easy avie.

Be prepared to do some reading, but if you are determined enough, all of this will be worth it.


You play a Red Scorchio, Samuel! You shall be doing some rescuing... an evil Grarrl is capturing poor Petpets and making them work in mines. Your goal is to avoid obstacles such as lava, falling stalactites, and boulders to get the petpets.

You press the arrows to move accordingly, and those are the only keys you need to use in this game.

If you want to start over in your game, refresh the page instead of killing off the remainder of Samuel's lives.

Bonus points you receive at the end of each level are the same- 25. Nothing affects it.

You actually have four lives.

Simple enough, eh?

Level Overviews

I'm only going to cover the first three levels, as in the third you WILL have enough points for the avatar.

Level 1

Do NOT under any circumstances let yourself lose any lives in the easiest level. If you do, start over. Since usually the only four petpets you need to rescue are in the carts but not always, I recommend rescuing one petpet then getting all the gems, so you won't forget about them later.

In the second lava river or whatever you wish to call it, there is nothing after it. So you shouldn't be going anywhere that high.

Level 2

This is where the boulders suddenly get more common and you must be wearier. It's best if you don't lose any lives at all until the third level when you'll need them, but you are limited to dying only two times. If you die less than that, great! If you die three times, I'd recommend restarting the game unless you feel lucky about the next level... punk.

Level 3

This is the level in which you'll get the amount of points needed for the avatar.

The boulders are now going pretty fast and going diagonally is your best tip. You're going to have to move smoothly and be very much alert.

Also, the lava river is huge. Since the gems are what you should be most worried about, when half of the lava river is free of pets, go all the way up and into the rock area to get any gems. Then resume getting the remainder of the petpets.



A big, big mistake I see people do is they hurry. You're not going to get the avatar by not caring if you die and getting the petpets! You're not going to set any records by being a daredevil! Don't hurry, but don't be a turtle either. Be moderate and light.

I have also found that the little music after you die makes some people nervous, and the general music playing in the background. Simply turn off your speakers. I suggest having music playing that relaxes you, as having music that gets you pumped up sometimes makes you nervous when you're close to the avatar goal (well, to me at least). However, what works best for me is the stark beauty of silence- then I can truly concentrate.


The most important thing you should do (other than rescuing the petpets) is GETTING THE GEMS. These will make you reach the avatar score by the third level. I have always gotten the gems when I play, and I got the avatar on my second try!


Yes, I know I said not to be fast, but if your problem with Petpet Rescue is you run out of time, I have found a tip to make you go even faster! I recommend this for people who are very, very close to the avatar or experts who want a trophy.

(This method probably won't help a beginner out much, but practice it nonetheless.)

Instead of zooming around the boulders to get to the petpets, you can move DIAGONALLY. This makes you go faster and waste less time.

If you wish to go northeast, press the up arrow- right arrow. Northwest is up arrow- left arrow. Southeast is down arrow - right arrow and southwest down - left.


If you are trapped between two boulders, don't think, 'Augh, I'm gonna die!' Shimmy along behind the boulder and then simply escape where there is room; make sure you check there's not an incoming boulder where you plan on going.

If you're behind a boulder going left, also go left and then up or down, depending where there's room. Left becomes right if that is the direction the boulder is headed. Follow the same escape directions. Make sure you don't get too close behind the boulder, though.


Many people also complain how they fall into the lava. I also used to have a problem with that, but I found another tip!

Do not EVER press the right or left keys when moving from a CART to the other. If you are simply wanting to make sure you're in the middle of a cart, it's fine, but NOT when jumping from one cart to the other. It should be obvious not to do so, but I just want to point it out.

Getting on the cart without dying is also an issue. That is why I want you to imagine a 'halfway line'. No matter where Samuel is in a cart, he will be divided in half by the imaginary halfway line. When you jump from a cart to the other, you want to make sure the cart is about to meet with the line. Base the line on where YOU (Samuel) are in, NOT the cart.


This is a rather complicated method and doesn't always work.

Sometimes, something I like to call 'doubles' happens. In the first level (this is usually where it happens), there will be a pet in one cart and in the row above it there will be another. You can get both of these pets very quickly instead of going for each pet individually.

When you see the pet on the second row leave, quickly get on the cart containing the petpet in the first row ONLY WHEN BOTH CARTS ARE IN FRONT OF THE DOOR, WHICH IS HALFWAY THROUGH. Quickly get the first row petpet, drop it, go back up to get the petpet in the second row, and go back down to safely deposit it. If you are lucky (this always doesn't happen to me), you should have gotten both the petpets in a shorter amount of time!


The stalactites seem to be a big problem too. If one is about to fall on you and you are with the BOULDERS, follow my 'BE ONE WITH THE ROCK' tip- follow the stalactite's path and get out of the way when you feel you can dodge safely.

If you are in the carts and the stalactite is coming for you, it's usually best to stay in the cart you are in, seeing as sometimes, it gets you out of the way since it is moving. But ALWAYS watch for stalactites. If you see one is shaking, try not to climb carts heading that way; you should focus on climbing carts in FRONT of you and not wait for the one you were going to climb to come by again.


Following the tips I have provided you with above, you should be getting the avatar in a short amount of time. I discovered all of these myself and I am telling you, it works! Remember to practice plenty too.

You should be doing some great rescuing now, and good luck with the avatar!

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