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10 Tips for Successful Worm Hunting

by redoakcove


In the last month, Neopians visiting Moltara have discovered a great new pastime. Worm hunting. It seems that at certain times of day (and night) multicolored glow worms can be found inching their way around the city and caves of Moltara. In fact, the glow the worms produce is so bright that with only ten, a lantern will glow brightly enough to use to find your way around dark caves as you search for red moltite. There are those that say the glow from ten worms is too bright, as it attracts a great many lava monsters. Eight, or even seven worms would surely be enough, these Neopians insist. The worms, however, only produce their light when they are happy, and it takes ten worms to have a worm party.

Worm hunting is simple, and a frequent pastime of Moltaran children, requiring as it does only an empty lantern and plenty of time. Most Neopian surface-dwellers (and marine dwellers for that matter) find that wrangling a full ten can be a bit of a chore, though. Here, then, are a few tips--common Moltaran lore, really--to use as you go about your task.

1. Worms love garbage. As you embark on your worm hunt be sure to pack lots of tasty worm foods. A quick stop by the Meridell rubbish dump for old zeenana peels and squished tomatoes should do the trick. Then, as you wander the square in Moltara City, casually drop bits of these tasty delicacies. Be careful not to draw the attention of the locals, though, as there's a hefty fine for littering.

2. Worms are a bit blind, not a bit deaf. When in the Moltaran caves, try to time your steps so that you are moving when the magma pool erupts. That ensures that the worms will be unable to hear you and the vibration of your steps will get lost in the rush of the molten rock. Then you can sneak up on any worms you spot. There's also the possibility that if a worm sees you carrying a lantern but doesn't hear you, it will mistake you for a silent ninja and hurry to meet you. (see tip #10 below)

3. Worms like high places. Worms love to crawl on rooftops and ledges, before dropping on unsuspecting tourists. (The worms only drop on tourists, never on Moltaran citizens, who all know to watch the high places.) As you travel through Moltara, always look up.

Should you choose to crawl the high places in pursuit of worms, be aware that it can be quite treacherous, as Moltaran rooftops are often littered with miscellaneous gears and other debris. The Moltaran Safety Council has reported a dramatic rise in falls from rooftops since tourists began worm hunting.

4. Worms like low places. When walking through a worm infested area, it's really best to watch where you're stepping. You don't want worm goo all over your shoes, do you? As an added bonus, if you are looking down, then you won't be able to see the worms lurking in the high places. Thus emboldened, the worms will drop on you and you can pop them into your lantern.

What do you mean these tips contradict each other? I told you that worm hunting is a Moltaran children's game. You expect consistency from a children's game? Besides, what are a few inconsistencies among friends?

5. Worms aren't tame. There's a reason that the black worms are so hard to find. They've spent a lot of time there next to the petpetorium and gotten wise to the ways of pets and petpets. When looking for a black worm, it's best to walk along and in a loud voice say things like, "No, we cannot go look at the petpets. We have too many petpets now. In fact, I was thinking of finding new homes for the ones we have.” A black worm will hear this (see tactic #2 above—the bit about not being deaf) and relax his defenses, making it easier for you to nab him.

You should warn your pet and petpets before employing this tactic, otherwise your worm hunt may be interrupted by the protests of your companions.

6. Rainbow coloration works like camouflage in the reflected glow of lava tunnels. This isn't a tactic, exactly. It just explains why those worms are so hard to find.

7. Worms are masters of ventriloquism. If you think you see one, and hear someone call your name as you are about to pick it up, don't look away. If you look away, the worm will escape, having fooled you by throwing its voice.

Many people do not believe this tip, arguing that worms do not have voices and therefore cannot throw them. Moltaran children know, however, that just because you've never heard a worm talk doesn't mean it can't talk. Worms are sneaky. That's why they get along so well with silent ninjas.

8. Worms can read your mind. How do you think it knew your name? (see tip #7 above) Another trait they share with silent ninjas.

9. Worms idolize slorgs. Take a slorg with you as you hunt for worms. Most Moltaran worms have never seen slorgs before and they will be eager to meet it and hear about the wonders of life in the gardens of the surface world and the food containers of outer space. Of course, having a slorg with you could make finding the black worm a bit difficult. (see tip #5 above)

10. Worms trust silent ninjas. Before you start your worm hunt, dress yourself and your pets in ninja-style clothes. (This works particularly well for those with Nimmos.) When the worms see you as you travel about Moltara, they will flock to you, trusting in your well-known silent ninja creed of "all worms deserve to roam free." You can then encourage the worms to crawl into any handy container you have, like a pocket or old empty lantern. Of course, if other worm hunters mistake you for a real silent ninja you may be in for a bit of a bad time!

There you have it; 10 simple tips to enhance your worm hunting experience. And here's one more tip-- a bonus, if you will. After you find all of your worms, don't let Lampwyck take care of them. He's a really a silent ninja, and you know their creed, “all worms deserve to roam free.”

Happy Hunting!

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