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Dear Auyura

by fieryangel40


Dear Auyura,

     I know you wanted to journey with us this summer, and it’s unfortunate that your royal duties called you away. Elego didn’t join us either; he had books to read, I suppose. Keiniqu decided to stay home, of course, but then a neohome all to himself is the perfect vacation for him. So, in order to cheer you up because I’m positive missing this vacation has made you gloomy, I’ve decided to write every detail of the trip. This way you’ll feel you were with us the entire time.

      Our trip began in the treacherous jungle of my room. My energetic gallion, Keegan, helped me pack everything that a young fiery Lupe would need for this grand adventure. With my chia treats packed and that Winter Blechy Hat I adore, we were off. Paige and I traveled to the bustling docks. I proudly boarded the ship and we sailed away to Krawk Island.

      The ship ride was swift with only minor seasickness, not from me, of course. It seems that Keegan doesn’t have sea legs. When we docked, I was awestruck.

      The island was swarmed with tourists and pirate neopets alike. According to Paige, everyone came for the pirate fashion and fun games of deckball. We had personally come to play some games of krawps and eat at the best restaurant on the island the Golden Dubloon.

      I will spare you many details about this part of the story, Auyura, for it isn’t that interesting. Paige enjoyed herself dearly at krawps, but once she lost 3,000 neopoints, she decided to call it a day. We ate heartily at the Golden Dubloon. Paige adored the food, I didn’t so much. Then it was shopping time. Paige only took 1000 neopoints with her, and gave me our remaining neopoints to protect them from her shopping spree. I excused myself to do some exploring, while Keegan happily flew off with Paige in search for a gallion peg. It should look adorable on him. This is where the story really begins.

      After I spent a few hours wandering around the island and enjoying the sites, it soon grew dark. A silent fog wrapped itself around me. As if the fog itself were showing me the way, I found a little shack on the muggy coast. There was a slight chilly breeze that forced an old wooden sign, hanging on the door, to rock back and forth with an ghostly creaking noise. I shivered ironically despite my flames. But being the brave, fearless warrior I am, I marched up the steps and opened the door with the eerie creaking sign glaring at me. It read: Bilge Dice. A warm sweet smell engulfed me as I floated into the cavern. There were slight chuckles from the three neopets inside. Surprisingly, the shack was quite comfortable. There was a small, warm fire in a coal black furnace against the wall and a large wooden round table where the three pirate neopets sat whispering among themselves. I eyed them cautiously, but then large piles of neopoints caught my interest. My eyes danced on the dozens of piles as my 2,000 neopoints felt pathetic compared to their collection.

     “Can we help you,” a cheery, pirate Meerca asked, with a smirk.

     “Umm, yes, I want to get in on the game,” I replied.

     The Meerca glanced towards a pirate Eyrie, “Should we let him in,” he asked.

     The Eyrie shrugged. “Aye, sit down,” he said smoothly.

     So I obediently sat down, a little nervous, but more excited.

     “Do ye know the rules of Bilge Dice,” the Meerca asked.

     I nodded enthusiastically and quickly sat down. I was the champion of bilge dice back home.

     A pirate Krawk, formerly silent, then spoke. “We won’t go easy on you, kid; this is our game.”

     I gulped. “I don’t plan to go easy on you either, sir,” I answered with a little smile.

     He shrugged, handing me my dice. “Place ye bets!”

     I placed 500 neopoints on the table. If I won this game, I could get four times that amount. My mouth watered as I imagined all those chia treats I could buy. The pirates met my bet and a nice pile of 2000 neopoints shone and sparkled. We then began.

     I rolled the dice. There were six numbers staring at me and I pondered. I kept a six and a one and then waited for my opponents to roll and collect their numbers. I rerolled and frowned as I saw neither sixes nor fours. I kept a five and rerolled. I smiled as I saw the result. Two sixes and a four! I kept all of them and with a large grin stared at my opponents. The pirate Krawk frowned.

     “I didn’t qualify,” he said.

     The Meerca’s large smile faded as he saw my numbers. “Eh, you beat me by one, kid.”

     The Eyrie smiled. “A perfect 24. The pot belongs to me, kid.” I was shocked. One point! I reluctantly stared as he gathered the shiny neopoints.

     Now, Auyura, this is where the dilemma begins. Paige entrusted me with the rest of our neopoints. I had just lost 500 of them. I should have left at this point, but I knew I could win what I lost back and more! It was my duty to win, and wipe that smug smirk off these pirates. So I played again, betting 500 neopoints once more.

     But to my horror, I had failed to roll a single 1 that round and didn’t qualify. I was so frightened. Paige would surely be upset with me. I had 1000 neopoints left and no time to spare. Paige would be done shopping any minute and come searching for me. So I did what any sane neopet would do. I bet it all.

     This was my moment of truth. If I won this round, I would have 4000 neopoints!! I gathered my dice and rolled. I happily collected 2 sixes, then rerolled once my opponents gathered their dice. I obtained my qualifying 1 and 4, then rerolled. I was so close to winning! My third roll consisted of a six and a four. I was thrilled. I kept the six, then waited as my opponents finished making their decisions. The pirate Krawk was frowning again. He had no hopes of qualifying for this round. The pirate Meerca had failed to roll a single six. I knew I could beat him. Then there was the pirate Eyrie. He smiled as he looked at his dice. He had managed to qualify and keep 2 sixes and a five. I stared at my remaining four. I could reroll but risk getting a lower number. If I kept it, I would win unless the Eyrie rolled a six. I felt my odds were good, so I kept the four.

     But of course my luck was not with me this day. The pirate Eyrie rolled a six. I was too shocked to say anything. They all laughed at my horror.

     “Looks like ye don’t have any neopoints, matey,” teased the Eyrie. “You can’t stay here, kid.”

     An ice cold downpour began as I was thrown out of the cavern. I sulked away as the cold rain extinguished my flames and plopped down in the wet dirty sand and stared out into the dark ocean. I felt pathetic. I had gambled away all of it, all of those shiny golden neopoints meant for presents for Paige and you. Something in me withheld my tears. I gathered my soaked Winter Blechy Hat and began the long walk back to the market to find Paige. I was so scared, Auyura. I didn’t want her to be upset and disappointed with me.

     But then at that moment, I think luck found me! As I was walking back towards the market, something happened! Literally!

     Something has happened!

     Congratulations, Flame, you just found 2000 Neopoints on the floor!!!

     I was so excited!! I quickly gathered my newfound fortune and raced back to Paige. Keegan bought a gallion pirate peg and Paige bought some adorable pirate clothes for you. So now that I’ve gone over our vacation, I hope you should feel you were right there with us. I’d like for this little story to be between me and you, of course!

     With Love, Yours Truly, Always and Forever,


     P.S. I suppose there should be a moral to the story like don’t gamble, bilge dice is evil, always take a chance and roll the dice, or never settle with a 4. But then I’m Flame and I would never settle for a lesson like that. So the moral of the story is this; always hope for a random event!

The End

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