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Neovision: The Guide!

by aidan_hood


Have you heard the news? Surely you must have! It’s been all over new features, and it’s the number one topic of conversation on the neoboards! Yeah, that’s right, Neovision!! Neopets has taken a huge step into the digital age, and given you another great chance to show your creative skills. “But what is Neovision? What do I have to do?” you say. It’s simple, and it will all become clear in this simple guide!

1. What is Neovision?

Neovision is a relatively new feature for budding filmmakers hoping to have their work displayed for the world to see. From Flash programmers to animators to actual real-time directors, Neovision is suitable for all! Neovision displays videos made by you, the Neopian public, and is watched solely by you, the Neopian Public.

2. So what’s the point of Neovision?

You’re telling me you haven’t entered to show off your skills to Neopia, with the hope of, one day, becoming a world famous film director? Pah! Well, added to that, which in itself should be reward enough I’d say, all videos shown on Neovision obtain their owners a shiny new trophy, along with 10,000 neopoints and a rare item. Very generous indeed!

3. What do I need to enter Neovision?

Well, first off you’ll need a computer. You don’t have one of those, you say? Then how are you reading this? Ah ha, you can’t trick me that easily!! So yes, a computer is definitely required. Loaded onto the computer you must have software capable of making a movie, and, if required, software to write and record backing music for your video.

A video would be pretty glum without any speech, although it is possible! So a microphone is not required, but highly recommended! After all, I’m sure you’ve always dreamed of being a Neopet, living in Neopia, and now is your chance, as you speak the words of your very own Neopet!

4. Are there any rules about what I can enter? I’d love to appear on Neovision!

Ah, I’m afraid it’s not possible for you to be on Neovision. There are copyright laws and strict rules regarding safety online, which restrict what can and cannot be shown on Neovision.

First off, you, or any of your friends and family, cannot appear in your video. Voices are most welcome, but any glimpse of your face, however beautiful, and your video will have to be rejected. This is for your safety, so no complaining, or the meepits will get you!

As I previously mentioned, copyrighted material is not allowed either. Even if your favourite song will go perfectly with the video, and your characters really want to visit your favourite real-world shop, it’s not allowed. It’d be a shame for all that creative work to go to waste over one little trademarked item! Be creative instead; that’s what Neovision is all about!!

5. What should I make a video about?

Now, that is completely up to you, as long as you follow a few simple rules! As this is Neovision, videos must be related to Neopets. After all, that’s why we’re all here!

I suggest taking your inspiration from your favourite pets, places and activities in Neopia. If you enjoy collecting avatars, make a video about avatars! If your pet is always eating items from your inventory, make a video about a greedy pet! As long as the video is suitable for all ages that play Neopets, there are no limits! Let your imagination go wild, and make the most imaginative, funny and memorable video of all time! After all, someone has to make it, so why can’t it be you?


Well, that’s the basics of Neovision done with! You now know what is it, what you get from entering, and what you can and should enter!

So, let’s get on with making our video!

Programs are widely available to use to make your video. In fact, many computers even come with pre-loaded movie-making software on them! Have a look around; you might be surprised!

Basic Animation

This is the simplest way of entering Neovision, in my opinion. But do not dismiss it already! Great films can be made from a few simple images, a good script, and some interesting music! Without much knowledge of making a video, you can piece together a series of pictures, whether your own art or Neopets’ originals, add some vocals, a bit of background music and BAM, you’ve got a video. Honestly, that’s all there is to it! Give it a try if you don’t believe me! In fact, everyone, just give it a try!

Real-Time Filming

This is where your real life items come in handy. Although not necessary, Neopets plushies are a great prop for use in your video. Puppets and cut outs are also great for this type of video. Just set up a video player, and film your “characters” and props as they act out your script! Only one thing to remember here: no human faces! Hands moving the objects are fine, unless you have a picture of your face on the back of your hand… You get the idea!

Flash Animation

If you have prior experience of creating Flash movies, then I advise you to continue developing your skills, whilst entertaining the Neopian public at the same time! A specific program is required, in which you can code the animation. The animation can then be converted from the .swf Flash file into a .mov file, suitable for Neovision! It really is as easy as that!

Stop-Motion Animation

This process takes longer than all others, but can produce fantastic results. Props are set up and a photograph is taken. Then a slight change is made to the stage setup, and another is taken. This process is repeated, until hundreds of photographs have been collected, and, when arranged one after the other, these produce a moving image, which can easily be converted into a video file.

Just make sure you don’t knock over the set. Replacing all of the props in exactly the right spot could take an awfully long time.


And that’s all there is to Neovision. The rules, the themes, the making – it’s all simple. So why are you still here? Get on with making your video!

Yes, that really is it! I've done all I can do, and now it's up to you to get your video made. I look forward to watching it on Neovision soon!

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