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Meepit vs. Feepit: Which One Are You?

by victordudes


Meepits or Feepits? Which one are you? If you don’t know, then never fear! Because I have made this very simple quiz for you and by the end of it, you’ll know whether you’re a Meepit or a Feepit. But before we start, let me introduce you to a Meepit and a Feepit so you can get the general idea of what these two petpets are and some background information about these two petpets.

Story 1: The Meepit

You are strolling through the Haunted Woods when you see an Aisha and a Lupe dashing towards you screaming!!! You ask them what’s wrong and the only word you can make out of their mumbling is the word “mmmeeeeepppiiitttttt!!!”

Meepit huh? you think to yourself. Sounds cute! So you start making your way towards where the two pets were running from.

After walking for a while, you meet a short, pink, cute critter staring up at you. Aaaawww! How adorable!! you think to yourself. Suddenly, a whole bunch of these little pink critters appear. A bunch turns into hundreds and hundreds turn into thousands! They suddenly show their fangs and don’t look so cute anymore! You scram for your dear life!!

Yup, that was a Meepit, extremely cute but extremely dangerous when messed with. In case you didn’t know what a Meepit looks like, they look like little pink hamsters with their front teeth showing and they have very big eyes. If my description is not good enough for you, just search the word ‘meepit’ in the Neopets search bar and you’ll see what they look like.

Story 2: The Feepit

You are ice skating in Terror Mountain and enjoying yourself when you hear a BANG! And suddenly all of the ice skaters except you start running away. Bang huh? you think to yourself. Let’s go investigate! So you make your way over to the place where the Bang was heard. It sure was a BANG! The whole place is covered with thick snow! Luckily, there is a little pathway next to the huge pile of snow and you make your way to the other side.

On the other side of the pile of snow, you see a cave entirely made of ice. How marvelous, you think to yourself. Suddenly, a ROAR was heard deafening you a little and you hear footsteps coming out of the cave. You start walking back until you see the silhouette of a tiny petpet. Slowly, the petpet emerges and all you see is a sweet little smiley blue bunny-like petpet. Is it cute or what? Suddenly, the same ROAR was heard and the little petpet starts biting, punching, kicking, and slashing at you in all directions! You run for your life at any way away from this thing. You manage to charge through that huge pile of snow and scamper your way to the Neopian Hospital.

If you don’t know what a Feepit looks like, here’s a description: they look like bunnies, as written in your encounter, but their blue and have little white spots on their fur. They are quite fuzzy. They don’t have long ears like bunnies do but their ears are like a little puff ball. If you can’t work out what a Feepit looks like from my description (which I’m sure you can’t because Feepits are actually quite hard to describe, you know!), just type the word ‘Feepit’ into the Neopets search bar and you will find out what a Feepit is and what it looks like.

So, now you know a bit about how dangerous each petpet is, having been attacked by both petpets. Let’s explore the reason why I’m comparing the two petpets.

Well, why am I comparing? Have you ever heard of the game: Meepit vs. Feepit? Yup, that’s right, the fighting game where you have to be a Feepit and beat up Meepits. Well here’s my version, only this time you are finding out which one of the two petpets are you more like. Let me present to you, the quiz: Meepit vs. Feepit: Who Are You?

1.) Where is your dream home?

a.) In the middle of a spooky forest where I can work on my EVIL plans! Muahahaha!

b.) In an isolated dark cave deep within a snowy mountain!

2.) What’s your favourite colour?

a.) Hot PINK! Pink is such an awesomely evil colour that words can’t describe it!

b.) Blue! The colour of water and all that relates to it. How can we live without it?

3.) How do you make someone do something for you?

a.) Stare them DOWN!! Trust me; it makes them apprehensive and scared!

b.) Show my bright, sweet face! They’ll get overwhelmed by how cute I am that they just have to obey!

4.) Who do you admire?

a.) The evilest of all evil villains!

b.) I’m too good for everybody else! I think people should start admiring me!

5.) What’s your goal in life?

a.) To turn everything that’s sweet and innocent into EBIL!!

b.) Well, if I told you, you’d fall asleep by the time I listed everything!

6.) Who do you compare yourself to?

a.) The awesomely evil Lord Kass! And maybe Captain Scarblade... hold on! I’m also like Jhudora! You know what? How about every single evil villain in the Gallery of Evil?

b.) Taelia the Snow Faerie? Maybe Hannah and Garin too.

7.) What sort of land do you prefer?

a.) Hmm... nice and dark forests?

b.) Snowy, desolate and terrifying mountains!

8.) What sort of climate do you like?

a.) Stormy, chilly and best of all: SPOOKY!!

b.) Icy, cold and must be snowy!

9.) If you had millions of neopoints, what would you spend it on?

a.) Bribing fellow Neopians to join my evil army and to buy weapons!

b.) Well there’s a HUGE list of items I want!

10.) If you had one wish, what would it be?

a.) To be feared by all Neopians! Wait! I already am!

b.) More Wishes! I have a lot of things to wish for, you know?

End of Quiz!!! Well, how was it? Fun? Here’s your result:

If you answered mostly A:

You are the feared MEEPIT!! Great job! You’re scary and everyone is afraid of you. You may be scary but you are extremely cute and you can use that as an advantage to lure people into your traps! You are very fierce and you are a great leader!

If you answered mostly B:

You are the sweet and cuddly FEEPIT! Awesome! You are cute and love to play around in the snow! You may be cute but your fighting skills are legend! So when you get picked on, show ‘em what you’re made of and you’ll be an awesome leader too!

Thanks for reading my quiz! I hope you enjoyed it! When I took the quiz, I was more of a Feepit than a Meepit! But I’m a bit of both actually! So what are you? The Meepit or the Feepit?

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