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Your Dearest, Nibbles

by 101monica101


It was the usual day for Tamara, the beautiful (and quite vain) blue Uni. She was with her owner doing the dailies and visiting the trading post in Mystery Island. Today, though, she had brought her little Snowbunny, Nibbles, with her.

      Nibbles had been her petpet for over a year now. Tamara could still remember the day she picked her out from a litter of petpets at the store. Nibbles had been preening herself while standing in front of a little mirror inside the snowbunny cage. Tamara laughed when she saw that, because it reminded her of herself! That same day, Nibbles was bought and brought home.

      Nibbles had never been outside of the family's little Neohome before, and it was very interesting. The smells of the ocean, the noise from the Trading Post, and the bubbling sound of the Cooking Pot all amazed her.

      Something caught Nibbles' eyes. She looked around her, and saw what it was. To this day, no one but Nibbles knew what made her run away, not even Tamara, but she ran. Yep, you read it right, Nibbles ran away! Of course, Tamara was too busy waiting for her owner at Tombola, and glaring at the other painted Unis walking around, that she never even noticed that Nibbles was running away.

      ''Mom, have you seen Nibbles anywhere?'' Tamara asked, as her owner (who shall now be known as Marissa) walked away from the Tombola man, who said he was out of cash again.

     ''No, honey, why do you ask?''

     ''It's just that... um... I can't find her, Mom! I've looked everywhere! I mean, I never even saw her go, but she's gone! I wasn't taking care of her! I am such a bad mother! She's run away, and she is never going to come back, and *sob* her clean white fur is getting dirty!'' Tamara wailed as loud as possible.

     ''Don't worry! Don't worry! We'll look for her! If we never find her, I'll get you a new one,'' Marissa said, trying to console her poor, sobbing Uni, who was in fact, crying in public, making people stare at them.

     ''But I want my Nibbles!'' Tamara wailed even louder.

      So that was that. Marissa and Tamara split up and walked all around Mystery Island. They talked to the people there, they asked questions, even got into boats to see if Nibbles had hopped there. But no one had seen a little white Snowbunny anywhere.

      Sad and discouraged, Tamara and Marissa walked home. Marissa decided to make LOST SNOWBUNNY posters. She bought all new pencils and glittery green paint, and a large pieces of paper, just for the posters. Tamara helped Marissa make the poster, since she was a very good artist. Next, they got the best picture of Nibbles and made copies of it. They pasted one to every poster (over 200 posters they made!), and laid them out to dry. They put them up all over Neopia the next day.


      LOST: Little White Snowbunny

      Responds to the name Nibbles.

      Disappeared at 4:00pm NST at Mystery Island January 9th

      Please call if you see her anywhere at all! Her owner is so sad!

      About 2 days later, when Tamara got home from a small shopping trip, Marissa announced that Tamara had gotten a letter.

     ''A letter? Who could be sending me a letter?'' Tamara said to her owner, as she ripped the letter open with her teeth, seeing as she had no hands or paws.

      In small--but very neat--writing, Tamara read this:

     Dear Mommy,

     I was so scared when I couldn't find you in Mystery Island. When I had looked for over a million minutes, I hopped onto a big gold boat! It took me to Krawk Island, a terrible place for a little Snowbunny! Pirates all over the place, none clean at all! So I got back onto the boat. No one noticed me. Then, I ended up in Faerieland. It was such a beautiful place! I loved it there! I went to see the cute little faerie petpets. I wish they were petpetpets, so I could get one too. I also hopped down to see the faerie paint brushes, and I wish so much to be painted that! The lovely faerie at the healing springs gave me some food to eat, and I made sure to stay away from Jhudora! I've heard many scary things about her! I was not allowed into the city, though, but I could already tell it was a pretty place, with snow white floors (clean ones) and pretty pink and purple buildings. I also saw the MISSING sign with my picture on it. I don't want you to worry about me, I am okay! We'll meet again soon.

      Your Dearest,


     ''Mom! Mom! Read it! It's from Nibbles! She's alright! Thank goodness! Mom, read it!''

     ''Okay, okay! I'll read it!'' said Marissa.

      After reading the letter, Marissa and Tamara decided to let Nibbles be alone for a while, since she was enjoying herself in Faerieland. With a sigh and a newfound sense of relief, Tamara ran next door to her Cybunny friend Nakoma's house, to tell her the great news.

     The next day, thankfully, it was Saturday. Tamara woke up and looked at her pink, fuzzy clock. It was already 11:00am NST. Tamara jumped out of bed, ashamed that she had slept in for so long. After brushing her mane and tail, cleaning her teeth, and combing her fur, Tamara walked downstairs. Marissa was reading a book in the living room.

     ''You got another letter from Nibbles, Tamara. It's on the counter. Please read it to me!'' Marissa said.

     ''Sure thing.'' Tamara ran to pick up the letter. It said,

     Dear Mommy,

     Hi! It's me again! This time I am in Meridell. I am staying away from Turmaculus! I hear he can eat petpets! Today, I played Cheese Roller and visited the farm here! I also went to tell King Skarl a joke, but they wouldn't let me in. Being a petpet isn't always great. The grass here is so lush and green, and many wild animals run through it. Even mice, which I don't really like. Love you!

      Your Dearest,


     ''She's going where Turmaculus is! But it's dangerous! And this letter is so short! That means she must be sick! Mom! Help!'' Tamara screamed, having a panic attack.

     ''Tamara, don't worry! Nibbles is a smart petpet; she'll keep safe! Don't you worry one little bit. Now, go and have your breakfast!'' Marissa ordered. Tamara did what she was told, and ate some pancakes.

      The next day, Tamara woke up late again! Like the days before, there was a letter from Nibbles waiting for her. This time, it was cold on the outside. It was partly frozen, and the ink was blotted, like it had gotten wet before. Tamara opened it up with eagerness.

     Dear Mommy,

     I am on Terror Mountain! It's not cold here at all! My fur is keeping me warm. Today, I went and got ice cream at the Ice Cream Cart, and I got the ice cream for free! I also got a slushie, and visited the Snow Faerie! She has the most beautiful coat; I love the faux fur (I hope it's faux). I love the cool, wet snow! I had so much fun. I even had a snowball fight with the Snowager! I was the colour of the snow around him, so he couldn't see me so much. As always, Mommy, I'll be safe, and don't worry. We'll meet again soon!

      Your Dearest,


     ''What a cute letter! But she's playing with the Snowager? How dangerous! Well, I have to go, Mom, I promised to meet Nakoma at the Toy Store today, to help pick out a gift for her brother. He's been living on Kreludor for two years, and he's coming back today!''

     ''So, you are getting him a toy? Wouldn't he be too old for that already?'' Marissa asked, assuming Nakoma's brother was old enough to be on Kreludor by himself.

     ''Yes, Mom, but he collects plushies, and we want to get him a special one!'' Tamara ran out of the house and down to the toy store.

      Five days had passed, and there were no letters from Nibbles. Tamara was getting worried. She paced the house all day, and didn't even brush her fur in the mornings.

     ''Oh, I wish I had never brought Nibbles to Mystery Island! She would've been better off at home. And I wish I had kept an eye on her! But noooo, I was too busy looking at the lucky pets who got painted.'' Tamara cried all day and all night long.

      On the sixth day of moping around, Marissa suggested a nice walk in the park. Tamara agreed; she was sick of staying home and worrying.

      Tamara walked slowly to the park. She went alone. Tamara sat on the grass. She looked around at all of the pets having picnics. Some alone, some with friends; some even brought their petpets. Tamara got up and walked home, even more sad than she was before.

      Two days after going to the park, Tamara woke up with a letter at the foot of her bed. It was from Nibbles! She opened it quickly, and raced through the words.

     Dear Mommy,

     I am so sorry about not writing. Would you believe, they had no envelopes in Tyrannia! Sheesh! I hope you didn't worry! While I wasn't writing, I visited The Lost Desert. It was very hot! I also went to Roo Island and rode the Merry-Go-Round! I rode it for free! People are very nice to petpets! I rode the nice white Uni, our favourite. I also went to the Haunted Woods, but I left soon! It was so scary! I still have nightmares about it! All this world travelling has made me very tired, and I want to come home soon. I never know where I'll go next, but someday, my wanderings will take me back home. And with all those MISSING SNOWBUNNY signs that I saw, many people will recognize me. I have to disguise myself when I visit places! I love you very much, Mommy, and I miss you so much!

      Your Dearest,


      Tamara kissed the letter, and put it safely into a pink box. Then she ran downstairs to eat breakfast; she was starving!

      When Tamara had gotten a plate, made herself some pancakes, cut the pancakes into even square parts, and was about to take a bite, there was a soft rap at the big brown door of her Neohome. Grumbling, Tamara went to open it.

      She was so surprised to see Nibbles at the door that she almost fainted!

     ''Nibbles! Nibbles! You came home! Mom, Mom! Nibbles is home!'' Tamara shouted, scooping Nibbles up in her arms. She hugged her till she was sure she had squished her as flat as possible.

     ''Nibbles is home!'' Marissa yelled, as she ran into the room.

     ''Yes, Mom! She's back...'' Tamara took a good sniff of the air around her. ''And she smells too! P U, you need a bath, young lady. A long one, and you are going to soak in it! You smell like you took a bath in mud and then rubbed in some grass and a skunk ran around you and...'' Tamara continued talking as they walked up the stairs to give her precious Nibbles a bath. And that day, Nibbles got to use the fancy soap.

The End

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