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Faerie Vs. Electric

by sdcayklsjc


"But why do I have to?"

     "I told you already, Misty. I want to try out the Lab Ray."

     "But why can't you try it on Harvey?"

     "He doesn't want to."

     "I don't want to either!"

     "Well, we picked names out of a hat, and your name was on it."

     "That's because only one paper had his name on it, and five had mine!" I insisted even though it was not true.

     I sighed and walked slower. Why did I have to be the one to try out the Lab Ray? My brother deserved it more. I liked being a yellow Wocky, and I did not want to change! Not even one stat! I have always wanted to be painted faerie, but I would rather be yellow than be zapped by the lab ray.

     My owner, Tiffany, grew excited as we approached the Secret Lab.

     "So you have found your way to my lab, have you?" the scientist said as we entered.

     "I'm working on a new experiment, a ray that will give any pet super powers, and great strength. Of course it's not finished yet, but if you are willing to take the risk then I may let you have a go," he finished.


     I grew pale as I stared at the sign. I was about to sprint out of the lab, when someone grabbed the fur around my neck and threw me in front of a large ray. I trembled as the scientist pressed a red button and the ray started shaking and it made a loud noise.

     I squeezed my eyes shut as it zapped me. When it was finished, I did not feel much different. Tiffany was smiling. I looked down at myself. I smiled. Harvey would be jealous.

      * * * * *

     Harvey took one look at me and then raced over to Tiffany.

     "No fair! I have always wanted to be electric! I want to go to the lab ray with you tomorrow!" he said.

     I snickered as I passed my brother.

     "Don't worry," I said. "Kougras don't look that good in electric anyway."

     Harvey pushed me away, stormed into his room, and slammed the door. I shrugged and skipped into my room and picked up my pink kadoatie, Sophia. She recognized me even though my color was different.

     "Let's hope that tomorrow Harvey becomes a color that he and Tiffany both don't like." I whispered to her. "Let's hope that he becomes mutant."

      * * * * *

     The next day I went with Tiffany and Harvey to the Lab Ray to watch. I could tell Harvey was sick of me being around. He was probably wishing that Tiffany would turn around and dump me at the pound.

     I got excited as we entered the Secret Lab. I made sure he noticed the sign. I knew he was nervous.

     The green Kougra stepped in front of the ray. I grinned as the crazy looking Scorchio pressed the red button. The ray zapped Harvey. Harvey did not come to show us what it did. He waited a moment, and then he yelled in terror.

     I never had been more eager to do something. I could not wait to see what had happened to my brother. Tiffany ran over and stared in amazement.

     Was he Mutant? Was he Darigan or Pink? (Harvey would be very mad if he was pink!)

     My jaw dropped when I saw what color my brother was. Then I clenched my teeth in jealousy. HARVEY WAS A FAERIE KOUGRA!

     "NO FAIR!" I screamed.


     "Well, I wanted to be electric," Harvey said in a mocking tone.

     I ran out of the Secret Lab. Harvey ran after me, and Tiffany ran after both of us. I kept going until I was sure I was as far away as possible. Harvey flew down and landed in front of me.

     "Go away!" I scowled.

     "I didn't even get that angry when you got the color that I wanted," he said.

     "I don't really care," I said.

     My brother sat down next to me. I swiped at him, but he ducked in time.

     "You're being kind of selfish, don't you think?" he asked.

     I nodded. He sighed. I held my chin up with my paws. Then Harvey left me. He took off to the sky and headed east.

     I waited a long time. Harvey still did not return. I got up and went to the main shops. I walked for what seemed like an hour, but was probably only ten minutes. When I got to the Money Tree, I sat down and watched greedy and poor Neopians donate and take items. People were fighting over some things. Items did not even touch the ground for a millisecond. Items were being snatched out of the paws of a weaker and poorer neopet.

     I watched a generous royal Eyrie leave a faerie paint brush in a bush by the Money Tree. Now was my chance! I raced over to the bush. I grabbed the paint brush. As I was about to leave, many people noticed me.

     A Darigan Draik snuck up behind me, and then he tackled me to the ground. He pulled the paint brush. I held onto it with all my might.

     "Let go! I had it first! It's mine!" I yelled.

     The Draik said nothing he just pulled and pulled. Soon, others joined in. A red Lupe jumped on top of me. She grabbed part of the paint brush. I screamed, but I was barely heard. I opened my left eye. I noticed two more pets coming to steal my paint brush.

     An orange Shoyru and a shadow Blumaroo attacked me. A starry Kyrii kicked me in my right eye as she joined in. I finally got a good grip on the paint brush. I held onto it with both paws, and I tugged at it. I crawled out of the crowd of neopets and I pulled as if my life depended on it.

     I could see the paint brush. Five paws were holding onto the end. A red Lupe, a Darigan Draik, a starry Kyrii, an orange Shoyru, and a shadow Blumaroo were struggling to make the faerie paint brush theirs.

     Then the Shoyru lost his grip and let go. The Lupe's paw slipped next. Then the Blumaroo gave up and limped to the nearest bench. The Draik and the Kyrii both let go at the same time. I fell back with the paint brush. The four remaining pets all glared at me. The Lupe was growling.

     A large green arm grabbed the faerie paint brush. I was lifted off the ground with it. A mutant Grundo had it.

     "Hey!" I said.

     The Grundo shook the paint brush. I held on tight. He started whipping it around. Finally, he got annoyed. The Grundo plied my hands off the brush. Then he kicked me across the Rainbow Pool. I landed with a thud on the other side.

     The Grundo walked away, laughing. I limped back to my spot and watched everyone with my good eye. My right eye was swollen. A Kyrii had kicked my eye when it was open. In addition, dirt had gone in my eye too. My left hip was bruised. My right front paw I think was sprained. I had a scrape across my nose and I was bleeding. My fur was matted and dirty. My back hurt when I landed on it, and I had a headache from being shaken around.

     The red Lupe who had been in the fight over the faerie paintbrush came over. She looked at me.

     "Can I help you?" I asked.

     "Did you see who donated that faerie paint brush?" she asked.

     "Yes, I did," I said.

     "Who was it?" she said.

     "Why would I tell you that?" I asked.

     "I want to talk to him or her. If they were generous enough to donate a faerie paint brush, maybe they'll give me one if I look poor."

     I sighed. I did not want to argue anymore.

     "A royal girl Eyrie left it there," I said.

     The Lupe grinned.

     "Which way did she go?" the Lupe asked.

     I pointed to the street that was Wishing Well Drive.

     "She went down that street into a mansion that is made of gold," I said.

     The Lupe thanked me and ran down the street.

     I shook my head in disgust.

     "Who would want to cheat like that?" I said to myself.

     I decided it would be best if I went home. If I didn't, I'd be in trouble.

     I got up and walked past the Rainbow Pool. I looked at it longingly.

     "Misty, what are you doing over here?" I groaned.

     I turned around to find Harvey, still a faerie Kougra, behind me. His paws were behind his back. He had something. It probably was an electric paint brush.

     "What do you want?" I asked.

     Harvey pushed me into the Rainbow Pool. Before I opened my eyes, he threw something at me. I wiped the magical water out of my eyes. Beside me, there was a faerie paint brush. It disappeared into the water and I felt fur change color, and beautiful pink and white wings formed on my back.

     I climbed out of the pool.

     "I found in a random event," he said.

     I hugged my brother.

     "Thank you!" I said.

     "We should get home, though," Harvey said. "It's getting late."

     I agreed.

     I decided to try flying. I jumped up, and I flew higher and higher until I could see all of Neopia Central. I recognized the street I was above as Market Square. I lived on Soup Alley. It was four blocks away. I looked down to see Harvey flying ten feet below me.

     I wanted to stay high, so I flew to our neohome by myself. I landed on the sidewalk. Harvey landed next to me the second after we landed. He went in, but I turned around and headed towards the bazaar.

     I dropped 100 neopoints into the wishing well. I said aloud into the well what I wanted.

     "I wish for an Electric Blue Paint Brush," I said.

     I hoped it would come true. I flew back home. I checked the mailbox. It was empty. I shrugged. Maybe it would be here in the morning.

     I got into my bed. It felt good to lie down on something soft.

     When I woke up, I didn't feel any better. I was going to go to the Healing Springs. I checked the neomail. There was an electric blue paint brush, and a neomail from the wishing well that told me my wish was granted. I smiled. Harvey would be so happy!

     I went to Faerieland and to the Healing Spring. The water faerie completely restored my health. I didn't have one mark on me from that battle over a paint brush.

     "Look who's in a better mood!" Tiffany said as I entered my neohome.

     I ignored her. Instead, I handed Harvey the paint brush that I had wished for last night.

     "How did you get this?" he asked.

     I grinned.

      "I wished for it in the wishing well last night. That's why I was late coming home," I said.

     The Kougra raced out of the house and he went towards the Rainbow Pool.

     For the first time, it felt good to give.

The End

Author's Note: Yay! My first time in the NT!!! I know you probably see that a lot but I don't care!

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