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Getting Rid of the Grey: Part Two

by lili483


On the other side of a portal, a young blue Cybunny was walking towards the palace, where many of the Fyora Day celebrations would be held. He had chosen this route because it took him past the mysterious portal. While he himself had never been to Altador, his owner took his sister there often to help out with the mysterious goings on that were somehow linked with the sky. Out of curiosity, he stopped to try to look through the portal, on the unlikely chance that he would see a glimpse of that intriguing place. Just as he was about to leave, however, something very, very peculiar happened.

     * * *

     Going through the portal was the oddest sensation! thought Mellie as she tumbled out on to a cloud. As she got up and smoothed her fur, she noticed a small, young blue Cybunny hopping away as fast as possible. He seemed to be going towards the door of the very large, beautiful building that the portal seemed to be set in.

     "Wait!" she called after him. "I need some assistance! I've never been to Neopia proper, and I'm not sure where to go. I'm looking to see Fyora."

     Nervously, the blue Cybunny turned around. "W-w-well, if you ju-just want to s-see her in the f-f-festival, you can go to the f-front entrance of the palace right now. That's over that way." He pointed. "However, if you want a p-private audience with her, you should go to the official entrance and t-talk to the guards. The official entrance is right along this path."

     "Thank you!" replied Mellie, graciously.

     She didn't know what festival he was talking about, but since Fyora was going to make an appearance it must be something important. Well, she'd have to come back to see festivals another time. She was a girl on a mission, and nothing was going to stop her from getting the information from the Highest of the High Faeries.

     Following the nervous Cybunny's information, she continued along the path that the portal had spit her out upon. As she walked, she made sure to see as much of the beauty that was Neopia proper, and in particular Faerieland. Apparently, unlike her city, this city had a definite theme: pink and fluffy. All around her, Mellie saw shades of pink and purple, and puffs of color that seemed softer than a baby Kougra's fur. It was like being in paradise. Why, the very ground she walked on was really a cloud!

     Mellie also marveled at the magic that held the place together. In her studies, she had read about all sorts of magic, and the wonders that it could create. Now, she was in the center of all magic, and she was going to see the most magical being residing on this side of Neopia.

     Finally, she came to a pair of simple, but beautiful doors. They were made up of colors of soft purple and pink, crowned with a blue as brilliant as the sky. Beside the doors was a pair of tough looking faerie Tonu guards. Or, at least, as tough looking as you can be with a set of colorful wings sprouting from your back.

     Since Mellie knew that purple, pink, and sky blue were Fyora's official colors, she knew this must be the official door. When she found the door, her instructions were to talk to the guards, so that she could set up a private audience with Fyora.

     "Excuse me, but I really need to set up a private audience with Fyora," Mellie said, stepping up to the guards. All she could do now was hope, and try to sound as sophisticated as possible. Just in case, she always had a small pendant Finneus had once given her, that she could use to show that she was an important young lady of Altador.

     "Queen Fyora is a very busy person, you know. She doesn't have time to grant wishes for silly young girls," said one guard, who was obviously upset that he had to be working, instead of being downstairs enjoying the Fyora day festivities.

     "I'm no silly girl!" retorted Mellie. "I really need to see her. I had to go through the portal to get here, and that's no picnic. I'm one of the most important pets in Altador! Just ask Finneus, the Lenny who works at the Archives. My name is Mellie, and I really need to see Fyora!"

     "While I'd love a chance to see Altador, I need to see some proof that you are who you say you are," the second guard said coolly.

     Sighing, Mellie brought out the pendant. Even though this was why she kept it permanently in her black meowclops back pack, which she used for traveling, it was special to her, and she hated to have to let stupid guards rub it with their dirty hands.

     "Ooh! Brilly, look how shiny and pretty this is!" said guard number one.

     "It sure is, Kindll!" replied Brilly.

     "Well, with this, we might as well let her in, Bril."

     "Might as well, Dil."

     "Okay, Miss Mellie, we'd let you in right now, except that Fyora is getting ready for the Fyora Day festivities, and she doesn't really have time for a private audience right now. Here, come back to us at 9:00 A. M. NST, and you can talk with Fyora. Until then, have fun, and go to the festivities! Here, take this slip." Kindll handed Mellie a slip of paper with his signature and an amount of money written on it, and a note saying that Mellie could have any room she wanted if she produced her pendant, and then continued talking. "Anyway, take the slip, and give it to Crissden down at the main entrance, which is open to the public on Fyora day. He'll give you a room here in the palace for the night."

     "Thanks," replied Mellie. "Though... I don't know my way around. You wouldn't happen to have a map, would you?"

     Luckily, Brilly did have a map, which he produced and handed to Mellie. "Have fun! And remember, 9:00 tomorrow!"

     * * *

     At a time like this, Mellie usually sighed. Another festival, another occasion for her to miss the joy she used to feel, flying about on her faerie wings. That was why she'd stopped going to the festivals, even though her homeland, Altador, had so many. It was even more depressing to realized that you're depressed, when you used to be so happy. Usually, when a festival arrived, Mellie sighed, and sat down with a book.

     However, this adventure was anything from the usual. Mellie's entire life had been different from the events that were going on now. So different, in fact, that Mellie had made up her mind to do something so incredibly unheard of, Sandi would have given her 50,000 Neopoints just for thinking outside of her box. Mellie was going to the Fyora Day festival.

     Taking the map that Brilly had given her, she navigated her way through the twisted streets of Faerieland. There was a rumor that the streets of Faerieland, from the right angle with the right lighting, formed a picture of all of the High Faeries, together ruling over Neopia. Only the light faeries knew if it was true, and they weren't keen on telling.

     After about ten minutes of strolling along the beautiful streets in the growing twilight, Mellie came to the main doors of the palace. It was obvious that a parade would start off the Fyora Day fun. According to a local Kyrii, the parade was to start at 8:00. It was 7:30 now, leaving Mellie just enough time to find her lodgings before she should be back out here to enjoy the show.

     Walking into the palace, she was struck by just how incredible it was. As marvelous as all of the architecture and splendor in Altador, this was unimaginably more intricate and incredible. The palace felt more like another world, rather than simply another building.

     Going on what the Tonu guards said, along this hall should be Crissden. Apparently, he was in charge of lodgings in the palace.

     Suddenly, Mellie spied a door that read, "Crissden's Office. Inquire about lodgings within." This has to be the right place, she thought. So she went in.

     "Who is it, who is it?" asked a rather distracted faerie Lenny. Besides the color, Crissden reminded Mellie a lot of Finneus. This made her quite homesick. For a moment, she wondered if she should just abandon this crazy scheme, and go home. But, no, she thought at once. I'm a girl on a mission, and I'm going to see it through.

     "Excuse me, sir, but are you Crissden? I was told by a certain Brilly and Kindll at the official entrance to see you about lodgings. I have this note from Kindll, and this pendant, which will show you that I'm of a very important Altadorian family," replied Mellie curtly.

     She handed him the pendant and the note.

     "Oh! My dear, I'm very sorry for my rudeness. It's just that there have been so many silly tourists coming into my office to ask for lodgings here in the palace... It's a madhouse! How many times am I going to have to tell Skeiths that palace rooms are only for official guests? Anyway, you can stay in the Space room. It's upstairs, on the left. You can't miss it, because the door looks like it's a hole on the Virtupets Space Station. Here's the key. Oh, and make sure you don't miss the parade at 8:00 NST tonight!"

To be continued...

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