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Tyrannian Pets... Are They Stupid, or Merely Simple?

by sarahreye


TYRANNIA - Tyrannian Pets…are they really less intelligent than normal neopets?

There have been many stories of Tyrannian pets that are less intelligent than a normal one. Now, even if this is most likely to be true, from the way they live, behave and get along socially, you have to investigate it from every angle.

Many people paint their pets Tyrannian for various reasons. They want a rare pet, they want it to match their neopet’s design, or they simply want it to look cool. Now, you may think these people are taking a real risk by painting their pets Tyrannian, but the truth behind it, is that paintbrushes don’t adjust your pet's intelligence.

For example, you may think that if you paint your pet baby, it will adopt the brain of one. This is not so. If anything, many baby pets are actually more intellectual than an average one due to the owner having many neopoints to buy neggs and such. In truth, the only way to change your pet’s intelligence is by making it higher using Coltzan's shrine, or zapping it higher or lower ways using the secret lab ray.

So, we have established the point that your pet’s intelligence cannot be altered using a paintbrush.

But what about the natives? Or rather, the original Tyrannian pets, such as the Tyrannian council, and the mascots of Kacheekers and the other games in the plateau? Are they less intelligent? Well, that is what must be investigated, by looking at these points.


You often see the natives around Tyrannia using unusual language. The shopkeepers show such examples. The Chia shopkeeper from the Tyrannian Food Store uses words such as, “Ugga.” Other shopkeepers use similar speech, and other weird words such as, “Aka’ and “Gal”. Other examples are in the names of things, such as the game, “Tyranu and Evavu”. This shows some sign of Tyrannian neopets being dim-witted, although you can never tell if it is the speech of the native people living there.

Life Style

Most of the plateau and the jungle of Tyrannia is covered with large grey stones, giant round boulders and rocks with gaping holes in the middle. This just goes to show that either the Tyrannians are excellent in the art of stone crafting, or they just have a lot of spare time. But then you venture towards the houses and shops, and see they too are made of stone. There are also small huts built from simple materials, such as straw. This could leave some trace of dumb behaviour, or it could simply mean that the Tyrannian pets have limited resources.

The Strong Factor

Many of the Tyrannian pets are strong, and stupid, such as the Tyrannian Scorchio in “Volcano Run” who stupidly enters a volcano and stays in there too long, and, instead of going back the way he came, ventures further inward. This is a definite flaw in the intellect of the Tyrannian people, but is it just this one Scorchio? Many of the pets' strength leads them to be aggressive, such as many of the Grarrls, including the battle master in the council.


The Tyrannian people have had a reputation of being dim-witted for many centuries. In the ancient textbooks, it states that the Tyrannian people were one of the first cultures of neopets on the surface of Neopia. As the other civilisations kept going forth, inventing new things, and learning from their mistakes, the Tyrannian neopets kept their simple life, building little shelter, making simple games that even the smallest of brains could finish, and never inventing things other than those necessary.


The Tyrannian neopets often have features that make them look stupid, such as an overlapping brow or scruffy fur. They dress in old animal skins, and carry clubs around, showing that they are proud of being great hunters. But there are no office buildings. No hotdog stands, shopping centres, modern houses, clothing stores, lodges or toyshops. The only thing they have that is close to modern is the Concert Hall located in the Plateau.

The Obsession with Giant Blocks

A new game, “Destruct – o – Match 2” proves the fact that Tyrannians are obsessed with giant blocks of different styles, shapes and colours. There are blocks around the Battledome, blocks around the Concert Hall, rectangular blocks around the whole civilisation and blocks used for booths and stalls. This has been debated about much, as to whether it is a simple obsession, or the Tyrannian pets are so dumb, they play with things that would make a baby interested. This is yet to be decided, as you never know what they think. Then again, try asking them, and they will simply grunt and give you a block, so this point may be leading somewhere in the direction of them being stupid.

Keeping track of time

You can see from the Wheel of Monotony located in the centre of the Plateau that Tyrannian people aren’t very good with handling time. Point A is that the Quiggle has a sundial strapped to his arm, a primitive invention created years ago that it is hardly ever accurate. Point B is that they have timed the wheel so badly that it goes for ages and ages and ages and ages and…. You get the point.

Tyrannian Hygiene

Most pets in the Tyrannian section seem to look very non-hygienic. This is a large question as to whether they are smart enough to have found a way to keep themselves well kept. Is it a trend to be untidy and smelly, or is that a clue as to their IQ?

Tyrannian Food

Most Tyrannian food consists of something chopped up. An arm, a piece of meat, meat on twigs, bones, wood, anything they can find. It’s odd to think that you could be eating the arm of something that hasn't been cooked thoroughly. A lot of their food is stuff they have found in the jungle around them. Prehistoric animals, unusual fruits and plants, or even small sea creatures and insects.

We come to the conclusion that most of the population of the Tyrannian people are simple folk, making furniture out of stone, living peacefully but never doing anything that makes them look out of the ordinary or smart. But is this defined as stupid?

These could be vital points as to the intelligence of the Tyrannian neopets. Were they stupid from the beginning? Or are they just intellectual in the way that they can survive with little resources?

You be the judge.

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