The Twelfth Annual Neopies

Neopia's favourite awards ceremony is back, and this year the Neopies have more categories than ever! Vote for your favourites and give Neopia your opinion. Prizes are awarded for taking part, so don't miss out. Your vote counts!

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Winners Announced

Best Advent Comic

Day 7
Day 9-10
Day 18
Day 23

Best New NP Item

Rubber Fruit
Lutari Gaming System
Spellmaiden Quiguki Doll
Fyora Gnome

Best NP Wearable

Illusen and Jhudora Particles
Service Petpet Doglefox
Stuck in Crystal
Pink Wings

Best Advent Prize

Christmas Petpets Background
Reina Stamp
Trapped in Wrapping Paper

Best Festival of Neggs Prize

Plasma Effect
Stamp of Neopia
Polar Lights Foreground
Solar Flare Gun

Best Altador Cup Prize

Tandrak Shaye Bobblehead
Golden Altador Cup Coin
Retro Altador Cup Field Background
Techo Fanatic Stamp

Best Caption Image

April - 1469
March - 1468
July - 1472
December - 1477

Best Site Event

Festival of Neggs
Faerie Festival
April Fools
Advent Calendar

Best Petpet Colour

Elderly Gathow
Halloween Hasee
Orange Rock
Yellow Bython

Best Neopet Colour

Marble JubJub
Pastel Kau
Sroom Chia
Toy Gnorbu

Best Species Specific Outfit

Fruit and Veggie Chia Wings
Scaly Shoyru
Fluffy Kau
Museum Grarrl

Best NC Event

Hop & Dye Neggs
Haunted Mansion
Altador from the Clouds
Free the Faeries

Best Mystery Capsule

Cherry Blossom Mystery Capsule
Expressions Mystery Capsule
Mythical Wherfy Winter Mystery Capsule
Faeries Hope Magical Mystery Capsule

Best Retired Mystery Capsule

NC Mall 16th Karaoke Birthday Mystery Capsule
Horror Movie Marathon Retired Mystery Capsule
Contacts Retired Mystery Capsule
Retired Dyeworks Mystery Capsule 2023

Best Gift Box Mystery Capsule

Korbat Cutie Gift Box Mystery Capsule
Falling Faellie Foliage Gift Box Mystery Capsule
Quiguki Gift Box Mystery Capsule
Cutie Pie Weewoo Gift Box Mystery Capsule

Best NC Item

Cherry Blossom Skin
Cute Face Bandage
Pastel Buns with Curly Locks Wig
Magical Galaxy Markings

Best NC Collectible

Archies Collectible Shells Foreground
Lili Levers Collectible Wig
Royal Potionery Valentines Foreground Collectible
Brightvale Motery Collectable Friends

Best NC Dyeworks Item

Dyeworks Pastel: Rainbow Shimmer Body Paint
Dyeworks Light Pink: Gold Trimmed Roses Foreground
Dyeworks Rainbow: Emanating Aura
Dyeworks Lavender: Rich Golden Eye Makeup

Best NC Gram

Love Sucks Sweetheart Gram
Altador Cup Fizzy Fan Gram
Daunting Doll Mutant Gram
Shrieking Call Halloween Gram

Best New NC Baby Item

Baby Messy Birthday Cake Makeup
Baby Pink Outfit
Baby Iridescent Balloon
Baby Sunflower Handheld

Best New NC Mutant Item

Mutant Butterfly Accessory
Mutant Black and Red Pupil Contacts
Mutant Pink Hair Bow
Mutant Usuki Playset Handhelds

Best New NC Maraquan Item

Maraquan Bubble Breath
Maraquan Kelp Wrapping
Maraquan Pink Heart Bun Wig
Maraquan Pink Makeup with Lashes

Best New NC Background

Coffee Cave Background
Dusk in the Water Background
Enchanted Wizard Cottage
Full Moon Mystical Background

Best New NP Background

Six Nights at Sloths Background
Petpet Office Background
Lost Souls Background
Quasar Background

Best New Trudys Surprise Prize

Camping Deep in the Woods Background
Ceramic Artist Table Foreground
Rock Petpet Plushie
Sketch Tasu

Best New Battledome Weapon

Varia is the Bomb
Extra Loud Techo Fanatic Megaphone
Sinister Scythe
The Power of Friendship

Best New Avatar

Trick or Treat 2023
Stamp Collector - Charms
Professional Omelette Flipper
UD TCG - Arcade Shoyru

Best New Suprise

Valentine Paint Brush
Trick-or-Treating Tales of Neovia
Lost Fragments Event
Quest Log
That's All, Folks! Thanks for taking part in the Twelfth annual Neopies! This year's voting has come to an end. You spoke, and Neopia listened. Try not to go mad with power, please.