The Eleventh Annual Neopies

Neopia's favourite awards ceremony is back, and this year the Neopies have more categories than ever! Vote for your favourites and give Neopia your opinion. Prizes are awarded for taking part, so don't miss out. Your vote counts!

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Winners Announced

Best Advent Comic

Day 23-25
Day 4
Day 5
Day 7

Best New NP Item

Twisted Roses Fan Usuki Bobblehead
Detective Kari Charm
Nuria Faerie Snowglobe

Best NP Wearable

Corner Creature
Pirate Hat with Trinkets
Progress Pride Flag Tapestry
Illusens Nature Lanterns

Best Advent Prize Wearable

Krampus Horns
NeoQuest Board Game FG
Gothic Christmas Tree
Snow Frosted Winter Garland

Best Advent Gif

Talia and Snowbunny (Day 2)
Snow Talpidat (Day 15)
Avalanche (Day 27)
Yullie (Day 11)

Best Advent Prize

Christmas Pizza
Charybdis Seashell
French Toast Horn

Best Caption Image

January - 1454
April - 1457
August - 1461
November - 1464

Best Site Event

Festival of Neggs
Altador Cup XVII
Advent Calendar
April Fools

Best Petpet Colour

Spring Talpidat
Woodland Symol
Mutant Xepru
Christmas Cofferling

Best Neopet Colour

Wraith Nimmo
Steampunk Grundo
Candy Hissi
Biscuit Skeith

Best Species Specific Outfit

Orchid Ruki Armour Set
Crystal Ogrin Outfit
Fluffy Dragon Wocky Outfit
Vandagyre Librarian Outfit

Best NC Event

Dip & Bob Neggs
Altador From the Clouds
Haunted Mansion
Stocking Stufftacular

Best Mystery Capsule

Usukicon Y24 Mystery Capsule
Dreamy Butterfly Tea Mystery Capsule
Green Dreams Mystery Capsule
Coconut Cutie Mystery Capsule

Best Retired Mystery Capsule

NC Mall 15th Tutti Fruitti Birthday Mystery Capsule
Retired Superpack Mystery Capsule
Retired Dyeworks Mystery Capsule
Petrifying Pumpkin Phantom Retired Mystery Capsule

Best Gift Box Mystery Capsule

Munching Meepits Gift Box Mystery Capsule
Blumaroo in a Pool Gift Box Mystery Capsule
Annual Chocolate Ball Gift Box Mystery Capsule
Springtime Baby Lupe Gift Box Mystery Capsule

Best NC Item

Birthday Kawaii Contacts
Feeling Grey Rain Cloud
Blooming Pastel Flower Backdrop
In a Claw Machine Background

Best NC Collectible

Guardian of Shenkuu Collectors Dress
Shenkuus Famous Arches Collectible
Count Von Roos Lair Collectible Background
Collectors Merry Go Round Attire

Best NC Dyeworks Item

Dyeworks Lavender: Cherry Blossom Garland
Dyeworks Green: Cherry Blossom Garland
Dyeworks Peach: Baby Rosy Cheeks
Dyeworks Lavender: Beautiful Green Painting Background

Best NC Gram

Fantastic Filters Gram
Love is Undead Sweetheart Gram
Teddy Bear Sweetheart Gram
Halloween Haul Gram

Best New Trudys Surprise Prize

Fire Sharky
Desert Stargazing Background
View of the Garden Background
Cloud Weewoo

Best New Battledome Weapon

Thunder Sticks
Feel Better Soup
Bundle of Burning Birch Branches
Roxtons Trusty Bowie Knife
That's All, Folks! Thanks for taking part in the Eleventh annual Neopies! This year's voting has come to an end. You spoke, and Neopia listened. Try not to go mad with power, please.