Faerie's Hope: Lost Fragments FAQ

1. What is the Lost Fragments event about? And what does it have to do with Faerie’s Hope?

The Lost Fragment event is about how pieces of New Faerieland are falling down all around Faerieland and Faerie City. Luxinia needs your help collecting them so that she can take all the pieces back up to her island and perform a spell to keep the home she has been rebuilding from falling apart completely. To learn more about Luxinia and her friends up on New Faerieland, you can play Neopets: Faeries Hope available on Google Play and App Store!

2. Who is Luxinia?

Luxinia is a light faerie who awoke with amnesia on a recently discovered piece of Faerieland that was still floating in the sky. No one is quite sure how she or the island she now lives on survived, but she’s determined to find out more about her past as well as bring new life to her little island!

3. How long will the event last?

The Lost Fragments event will last for about a week, running from March 15th to March 22nd. However, Luxinia has promised to keep the prize shop open so that Neopians will be able to return and turn in their points for fabulous prizes!

4. Where can I spend my shard points?

Each shard you find will earn you points that you can then spend in the prize shop Luxinia has set up!

5. How do I earn Lost Fragments points?

You will earn points (see 6. below) for each shard you find across Faerieland and Faerieland City! To collect shards, all you need to do is click on them. Be sure to keep an eye out for the sun sparkling off of them!

6. Do I have to collect shards every day?

You can find shards in any order or on any day even if the day they originally appeared has passed, however, you will earn 5 points for finding shards on the day they appear and only 1 point for shards from previous days. So best to keep an eye out each day!

5Found on day they are released.
1Found after the day they were released.

7. How many shards can I collect each day?

5 new shards will appear each day across the Faerieland and Faerie City maps. However, even if you miss a day during the event, you will still be able to collect the shards that appeared that day throughout the rest of the event.

8. Can I do this event on my side accounts too?

No, of course not!