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Glass Bottom Boat Tours

Many Neopets love to take a ride on the world famous Glass Bottomed Boat. It isn't as terrifying as a trip to the Deserted Fairground, but it is a pleasant fun way to spend your afternoon. You are able to see all the wonders of Kiko Lake without ever having to get your fur wet!

The boat makes one trip every hour between 10am and sunset. Each side of the boat is lined with six plush green seats and the front of the boat can seat two other passengers as well as the tour guide.
Your knowledgable tour guide will take you over the most splendid sights of Kiko Lake including beautiful coral and seaweed gardens, some of the oldest and most magnificent buildings in Kiko Lake as well as Kiko Lake high street with its quaint gift shops.
The use of cameras is very much encouraged. The people of Kiko Lake are very proud of their immaculate little village and find it funny that people actually flock to take photographs of their homes.

Once you have finished the tour, you can always hire a pedalo or taste some delicious homemade treats from the sweet shop on the shore. If you are feeling more adventurous it is just a short swim down to the bottom of the lake where there are plenty more places to explore.