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The Wishing Well!

Here, you are able to make a small donation to the well and make a wish for an item that you would like to possess.

Note: Be sure to type in the object name such as "paint brush" or "Negg" or "bike." The magic well isn't very clever and will sometimes get confused as to what you want! Also, don't expect a fast response...the well sleeps for 18 hours a day.

UPDATE - Now the well will give out prizes four times daily instead of two!

For best chance of your wish coming true:

  • Please use english only for item name you want
  • Use words that will exactly match part of an existing Neopets item.
  • Wishes for items of rarity of 90 and above can not be granted

Wish Count: 0

Amount of Donation
What item do you wish for?

Here are some people who have had their wishes granted in the past:

Username Got a...
2020-04-05pinoke12Kau Kau Farm Soy Milk
2020-04-05misty010101010101Ombre Fyora Wig
2020-04-05tailpeacesHalloween Y14 Goodie Bag
2020-04-05bulletschmitterNeopets 20th Birthday Goodie Bag
2020-04-05mauhauHalloween Y14 Goodie Bag
2020-04-05amberwaves100Ombre Fyora Wig
2020-04-05scentedbagelHalloween Y14 Goodie Bag
2020-04-05yehuanyiNeopets 20th Birthday Goodie Bag
2020-04-05scfrogprincessOmbre Fyora Wig
2020-04-05mystarliteaNeopets 20th Birthday Goodie Bag
2020-04-04prada_princeMynci Construction Worker Hat
2020-04-04junkspotNeopets 20th Birthday Goodie Bag
2020-04-04moogler13Halloween Y14 Goodie Bag
2020-04-04raeoraNeopets 20th Birthday Goodie Bag
2020-04-04brandond738738Preppy Uni Wig & Hair Tie
2020-04-04_nokri_Ombre Fyora Wig
2020-04-04rynnn3233Halloween Y14 Goodie Bag
2020-04-04yourgirlfridayyOmbre Fyora Wig
2020-04-04yzhen_121993Halloween Y14 Goodie Bag
2020-04-04trubiekatieHalloween Y14 Goodie Bag
2020-04-04amoreaeroOmbre Fyora Wig
2020-04-04theneoquesterHalloween Y14 Goodie Bag
2020-04-04angiem_71Halloween Y14 Goodie Bag
2020-04-04jolteon0_0Halloween Y14 Goodie Bag
2020-04-04pasqui_qHalloween Y14 Goodie Bag
2020-04-04chr1syr0yA Beginners Guide to Mixing Transmogrification Potions
2020-04-04theroosterofillusionNeopets 20th Birthday Goodie Bag
2020-04-04anjilezmamaHalloween Y14 Goodie Bag
2020-04-04germishianHalloween Y14 Goodie Bag
2020-04-04raerleetintinabulousHalloween Y14 Goodie Bag