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The Wishing Well!

Here, you are able to make a small donation to the well and make a wish for an item that you would like to possess.

Note: Be sure to type in the object name such as "paint brush" or "Negg" or "bike." The magic well isn't very clever and will sometimes get confused as to what you want! Also, don't expect a fast response...the well sleeps for 18 hours a day.

UPDATE - Now the well will give out prizes four times daily instead of two!

Amount of Donation
What item do you wish for?

Here are some people who have had their wishes granted in the past:

Username Got a...
2014-08-20groovy_2nkyFyoras Room Background
2014-08-20star__searcherUsukicon Y15 Goodie Bag
2014-08-20cttrytNeopets 14th Birthday Goodie Bag
2014-08-20iryna12345Neopets 14th Birthday Goodie Bag
2014-08-20philomene123Neopets 14th Birthday Goodie Bag
2014-08-20darktonesBag of Peanuts
2014-08-20forthedolphinRefined Flotsam Shirt
2014-08-20ghost_driver_348Halloween Y14 Goodie Bag
2014-08-20liltwister04Sky Full of Stars
2014-08-20pigsareblackNeopets 14th Birthday Goodie Bag
2014-08-20little_princessxxBag of Peanuts
2014-08-20forthefiremenUsukicon Y15 Goodie Bag
2014-08-20lor11Snow Gnorbu Plushie
2014-08-20marguerita13Fountain Faerie Stamp
2014-08-20tropical_island20Bag of Peanuts
2014-08-20dragonspiritsongBag of Peanuts
2014-08-20lefty_libraHubrid Nox Commemorative Stamp
2014-08-20bellebowsHalloween Y14 Goodie Bag
2014-08-20ameshighSky Full of Stars
2014-08-204bubba4Exploring Kreludor Background
2014-08-19william2005555Hubrid Nox Commemorative Stamp
2014-08-19eilonwy42Neopets 14th Birthday Goodie Bag
2014-08-19xxsingerAutumn Shrubbery
2014-08-19amduseusBag of Peanuts
2014-08-19nickslukaWoodland Grundo Plushie
2014-08-19blue_gurl_Jelly Cybunny Plushie
2014-08-19zinkroBug Eye McGee Stamp
2014-08-19z4e2n0aNeopets 14th Birthday Goodie Bag
2014-08-19fievel11Bag of Peanuts