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The Wishing Well!

Here, you are able to make a small donation to the well and make a wish for an item that you would like to possess.

Note: Be sure to type in the object name such as "paint brush" or "Negg" or "bike." The magic well isn't very clever and will sometimes get confused as to what you want! Also, don't expect a fast response...the well sleeps for 18 hours a day.

UPDATE - Now the well will give out prizes four times daily instead of two!

Amount of Donation
What item do you wish for?

Here are some people who have had their wishes granted in the past:

Username Got a...
2016-07-25starr234Halloween Y14 Goodie Bag
2016-07-25pices2100Halloween Y14 Goodie Bag
2016-07-25_zhaan_Bag of Peanuts
2016-07-25gebrokenhartquitsHalloween Y14 Goodie Bag
2016-07-25shirly_9Fyoras Balcony
2016-07-25aicheezyLoving Kadoatie
2016-07-25suzaku_south20Usukicon Y17 Goodie Bag
2016-07-25clochette343Bag of Peanuts
2016-07-25sandiepooLoving Kadoatie
2016-07-25kirstin_2000Halloween Y14 Goodie Bag
2016-07-24superbookworm991Halloween Y14 Goodie Bag
2016-07-24caramelcapturedHalloween Y14 Goodie Bag
2016-07-24rain_bow_girl__Star Chronicles
2016-07-24shaneliaUn-Valentines Koi Plushie
2016-07-24n2mattyUn-Valentines Koi Plushie
2016-07-24supel89Loving Kadoatie
2016-07-24wokitanaLoving Kadoatie
2016-07-24mrs_brandybuckUsukicon Y17 Goodie Bag
2016-07-24laelotLoving Kadoatie
2016-07-24roybond45Loving Kadoatie
2016-07-24melandryan413Bag of Peanuts
2016-07-24celestemoone_1_1_1Halloween Y14 Goodie Bag
2016-07-24sunlitshadowHalloween Y14 Goodie Bag
2016-07-24xxskyisfallingxxHalloween Y14 Goodie Bag
2016-07-24plumahoySnowager Stamp
2016-07-24gator_zoneHalloween Y14 Goodie Bag
2016-07-24moon_fantasiesHalloween Y14 Goodie Bag
2016-07-24jena7_7_7_7Bag of Peanuts
2016-07-24ryan_is_me_10Halloween Y14 Goodie Bag
2016-07-24neptunelyLoving Kadoatie