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Merry Outfit Shop

If you find the rare Christmas Paint Brush and take your pet to the Rainbow Pool, then you can turn it into a special Christmas version. Here are the current pets that have this ability!

Keep checking back to see if we have added any more! Lastly, yes these pets can fight in the BattleDome too :)

Christmas Acara

Christmas Aisha

Christmas Blumaroo

Christmas Bori

Christmas Bruce

Christmas Buzz

Christmas Chia

Christmas Cybunny

Christmas Draik

Christmas Elephante

Christmas Eyrie

Christmas Flotsam

Christmas Gelert

Christmas Grundo

Christmas Ixi

Christmas JubJub

Christmas Kacheek

Christmas Kau

Christmas Kiko

Christmas Koi

Christmas Korbat

Christmas Kougra

Christmas Kyrii

Christmas Lenny

Christmas Lupe

Christmas Meerca

Christmas Moehog

Christmas Mynci

Christmas Nimmo

Christmas Ogrin

Christmas Peophin

Christmas Pteri

Christmas Quiggle

Christmas Ruki

Christmas Scorchio

Christmas Shoyru

Christmas Techo

Christmas Tonu

Christmas Tuskaninny

Christmas Uni

Christmas Usul

Christmas Wocky

Christmas Yurble

Christmas Zafara