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Advent Calendar!

Every day this month, visit the Advent Calendar for free gifts, entertainment, and Neopoints! Zany shenanigans! Ludicrous high jinks! Trust us, you won't want to miss it.
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Advent Calendar

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The Advent Calendar only works in the Month of Celebrating. Every day you can come here to get a daily free gift. It may be Neopoints, an Item, or it may be random!

Well spotted!

You've found today's hidden item! As your reward, you've earned the following prize:

This item has been added to your inventory.

But Wait, There's More!

It seems you've also won a treasure chest. Taking a closer look, you notice that something appears to be inside of it. Hmm... perhaps a trip to the NC Mall for a key is in order?

Candy Cane Striped Ice Treasure Chest

This item has also been added to your inventory.

Oh no!

Alas, the Candy that you saw disappeared before you got your prize! Why don't you give it another try and see if you can spot another one?

Oops! - It isn't the month of Celebrating... so there isn't anything to give away :(