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Terms and Conditions - FAQ

These are some frequently asked questions we get in regards to the Terms and Conditions. We're hoping this clears up some of the confusing bits!

Q. I recently sold a Bendy Sword of Skardsen for 10,000,000 nps to a n00b (i.e., a new player) and was frozen. What did I do wrong?
A. Neopets does not allow users to trick other people or take advantage of a player's "n00bness" to profit. In those instances, a monitor can freeze the offender or administer some other sort of Neopian justice.

Q. I sometimes lend out my pets or rare items to friends and guild members so they can get avatars or battle. Can I request a tip for doing this favor?
A. Really not a favor at that point is it? No, we don't allow people to lend any pet or item for a profit whether you call the profit a tip, fee, or something else. By the way, be careful lending out a pet!!! If your pet gets picked by someone else, you may lose your pet forever. And remember, it is against Neopets Terms and Conditions to sell a pet!!!

Q. Can I sell my time it took me to earn Neopoints to someone on eBay, or on another auction site?
A. Nope. Now Lawyerbot could bore you to death with the legal explanation but think about it this way. Could you sell your time recording someone else's music? Could you secretly record a movie and charge the buyer the time it took you to record the movie? Could you type up someone else's book and then sell your typed version by charging for your time to type it up? Of course not. As you don't own Neopoints, you can't sell them or the time it took you to accumulate them. When we find someone selling Neopoints, we freeze the seller's accounts and all the accounts of anyone who has purchased the Neopoints. (By the way, often the seller won't reimburse your money when you are frozen after receiving the Neopoints and eBay and Verisign have a policy against requiring the reimbursement for the purchase of virtual items. Therefore, purchasing Neopoints can result in all your accounts being frozen and you losing your money).

Q. My friends and I have been purchasing all the Dr. Sloth Costumes and then jacking up the price. Is that okay?
A. No, you cannot conspire with others to corner the market in an item and then artificially raise the price. This is called price fixing which violates Neopets' Terms and Conditions. If we detect this, we will either freeze all the players involved in the conspiracy or delete all the items they are hoarding. However, in anticipation of a war or other event, you can, by yourself, purchase unlimited quantities of an item in the expectation the price will rise. This is called price speculation, which is fine.

Q. I recently got a warning for putting a picture of myself on my user page. Why can't I do that?
A. We don't allow people to post any personal information on Neopets, including such as name, address, telephone number, email address, instant messenger username, or pictures of themselves or their friends. We want a safe site and that is why we do not allow anyone to share any of this personally identifiable information. Additionally, don't try to circumvent this rule by linking to your picture off site. Neopia is a safe world and we want to keep it that way.

More Clarification: Telling someone your name is Billy or Sally is fine, of course! Plenty of people have this in their Neoboard signatures or on their lookups and it's nice when people call you by your name rather than soccerkadoat43211231. However, telling someone your name is Francis Q. Slothberg Esq. and you live at 3333 Friendly Lane in Happyville, Caliwyolaskington is not safe. Anything that can personally identify you is not allowed for your safety.

Q. I painted a great picture of my Eyrie. Can I put it on t-shirts and sell them?
A. Sorry, but that is impermissible. Without having Lawyerbot explain the exact details of the law, Neopets continues to have rights in any player's artwork that is based upon any of the Neopets artwork, characters, etc. That is why you need our permission to use any of our artwork on fansites or to create screensavers, etc.

Q. I am told that if I post a certain message ten different times on the boards and then go to Faerieland, I will get lots of paint brushes. Is this true?
A. Two very simple answers, no and never. Chain posts and similar neo-urban legends only will get you warned or frozen.

Q. My pet really wants to date another pet. Is there a guild or a way to allow my pet to date?
A. Neopets IS NOT a dating agency for you OR your pet! This means you cannot ask for dates, neo-marriages, dating/mating websites, dating guilds or dating role play. Do not discuss how sexy you think you are or someone else is. Simply put, you cannot engage in romance role playing of any kind on Neopets.

Q. My guild found a glitch in one of the games that allows me to skip a level. Can I use this information?
A. A glitch? If you do happen to find a "glitch", immediately stop using it and report it in the proper section here. If you don't report it and continue to exploit it, your accounts will be frozen.

Q. I like my new account much better than my old account and I have a friend who wants my old account. Can I give it to her?
A. Sorry but you are not allowed to give away, sell, trade, share or buy a Neopets account or pets for Neopoints, money, items, or anything else -- even to your very best friend in the whole world. To deactivate an unwanted account, go here. You may place an unwanted pet into the The Neopian Pound, if you wish.

Q. I am going away for a while and I need someone to take care of my pets. What do I do?
A. Neositting (or babysitting, pet sitting, account sitting, etc.) is only a scam to try to gain other people's passwords, and it is not permitted. Never ask for a neo sitter, and NEVER give out your password or agree to change your email for any reason. You can go to the Neolodge in the shops area if you want us to watch your pet when you are away.

Q. I love joining all the different contests and I found an old poem by some dead English guy that I think is a real winner. Can I use it in the poetry contest?
A. All our contests are for your original works, whether it be the poetry contest, beauty contest, or the random contest. If you try to pass someone else's work off as your own, you are not nurturing your own creativity (come on, you know you are creative), and besides, you will be frozen.

Q. I received an e-mail from someone who said he knew of a secret way to earn Neopoints. Can I trust him?
A. Anyone who says there is a secret way to earn Neopoints is scamming you!!! Here are some of the most common scams that will get you warned, suspended or frozen:
*Scams - Money Making Tips: If someone tells you they can earn you millions of Neopoints because they know how to hack Neopets or have found ways to exploit Neopets programming, they are a scammer. This is especially true if they ask for your password!!! Neopets will never ask for your password, and you should never give your password to anyone. If you give your password and then report that your account was stolen, Neopets will not restore your lost Neopoints or items. Now, repeat after me, "I will never give my password to anyone; I will never give my password to anyone."

*Scams - Restocking Services: Restocking Services (where someone offers to restock in your account for you) are only a scam to try to gain other people's passwords, and it is not permitted. Not to mention this is cheating. Never ask for a Restocking Service or offer to be one, and NEVER give anyone your password for any reason.

*Scams - Trojans or Keyloggers: Many outside sites claim to have programs that will assist you in earning Neopoints. This will require you to download a program which may contain a keylogger or a Trojan. Then *poof* goodbye account. You will find no sympathy from us if you lose your account as a result of visiting outside sites promising easy ways to earn Neopoints.

*Scams - Selling Secrets: Cheating is not allowed, and there are no quick and easy ways to get rich. Do not buy, trade or sell alleged secrets or tricks anywhere on or off Neopets.
Q. I was caught cheating on one of my accounts, but all my accounts were frozen. Why did that happen?
A. When someone is caught breaking the rules, the site monitors can freeze every one of that player's accounts, depending on the offense committed and the player's prior conduct. If you break the rules, you face Neopian justice administered by Lawyerbot and his minions.

Q. My Guild came up with this great contest involving Neopian trivia. Is it okay to run this contest with prizes in the Guild only?
A. Contests, promotions, lotteries, FTPs, Wishboards, or raffles are not permitted anywhere on Neopets, including in shops and guilds. Because many of these contests are scams to get free NP, items, or make people buy over-priced items, we can't allow any contests. Period.

Q. I was told that you can get someone kicked off Neopets by getting a bunch of people to report him. Does this really happen?
A. If someone falsely reports someone, the only person that might be frozen is the person who submitted the false report. Believe it or not, Neopets does keep track of who submits good reports and who submits bogus reports and we are not amused by bogus reports. Do not submit inappropriate data to the feedback forms, either. Use the forms responsibly, please. Abuse of these forms will cause your account to be frozen.

Q. Why can't I link to an outside chat room or place one in my guild or shop?
A. We don't want Neopets users to jump to unsupervised live chat rooms, shout boxes, tag boards, etc. Therefore, we don't allow links to such sites on Neopets.

Q. I am throwing a huge party on the boards and want to invite Lawyerbot. Can he come?
A. Sorry to be a party pooper, but we don't allow parties on any boards in Neopets, even if we are invited. This includes Guild parties, slumber parties, house parties, spin the bottle, truth or dare, beach parties, hot tub parties, parties in role play, parties via instant messaging (aim/msn/yahoo), etc.

Q. I was unjustly frozen. Do you think your freezing programs might be imperfect?
A. Contrary to urban myth, we do not use automated programs to freeze users. Though we have numerous programs that monitor the site and the game play, live monitors make the final decision as to what punishment, if any, is appropriate.

Q. A friend of mine is really good at a game that can earn an avatar. Can he play the game on my account so I can get the avatar?
A. Your account should represent what you have earned. Having a friend play your account to earn an avatar is cheating and, if we discover this, you will be frozen.

Q. A friend taught me to put a heavy item on my "refresh" key overnight to get random events. Is this considered cheating?
A. Yes. You cannot have your computer play the site without you.