Springtime Celebration FAQ

  1. What is the Springtime Celebration?

    To celebrate springtime, we've created a place for you to come and get a free item every day. You can also play games there and see what else is happening around Neopia this month.
  2. What is the Rosie Neggtacular Giveaway?

    Rosie is a very giving Grarrl. She will grant you one unique item every day. Pay attention: sometimes she'll grant you two items, but she might misplace a few of her Neggs along the way, and you will have to go looking for them. If you visit her each day and find all of her gifts, she will give you a special bonus prize at the end of the Giveaway.
  3. How long does the Neggtacular Giveaway last?

    Rosie will be giving away a new free item every day beginning at 12:00:00 AM NST, Tuesday, March 31st. She will give away her last prize on Sunday, April 12th, starting at 12:00:00 AM NST. You must come to see her before Monday, April 13th at 12:00:00 AM NST to claim that final prize.
  4. What happens if I miss a day?

    You'll miss out on a really amazing prize, and you won't qualify for the bonus prize.