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The Return of Dr. Sloth - Player Stats

Here you can see all the steps you and your fellow plot participants completed when trying to defeat the vile Dr. Sloth!

Find player:

Player: rainerbug

- Trophies -


Resistance Commander
Points: 55,730

Heat Testing

Control Rods:
Tries: 7
Successes: 5
Scrap Scraper

Completed Tests: 1
Plasma Misplacer

Dissolve Testing

Tries: 37
Successes: 3
Vinaigrette Maker

Completed Tests: 0
Acid Spiller

Gravitics Testing

Tries: 74
Successes: 12
String Theorist

Completed Tests: 0
Slide Ruler

- Completed Steps -

A Series of Tubes - Level 1
Navigated through the easiest maintenance area.

A Series of Tubes - Level 2
Got past a Buzzler and several turntables.

A Series of Tubes - Level 3
A more complicated maze of tubes and doors.

A Series of Tubes - Level 4
Avoided densely-packed Buzzlers and myriad turntables.

A Series of Tubes - Level 5
Got past a room that's not as confusing as it looks.

Breaking the Code
Hacked through countless messages to discover an important secret.

Shuttle Bay Rescue - Chamber 1
Got past a single guard.

Shuttle Bay Rescue - Chamber 2
Made it past another two guards in a larger room.

Shuttle Bay Rescue - Chamber 3
Bypassed three guards in a more complex area.

Shuttle Bay Rescue - Chamber 4
Slipped past six guards using narrow passages.

Shuttle Bay Rescue - Chamber 5
Navigated a maze of civilians and nine guards to reach Scout and Cylara's Family.

- Battledome Victories -

- Garoo Elite -

Garoo Elite Junior Squadron
Wins: 225


Garoo Elite Strike Commanders
Wins: 62


Garoo Elite Specialist Riilan
Wins: 5

- Sloth's Minions -

Mutant Grundo Scouts
Wins: 206


Virtupets Militia
Wins: 28

- Grundobot -

Primary Grundo Bot RZ894
Wins: 0