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Governor's Mansion

Welcome to the Governor's mansion. This palatial estate, which is home to the noble civil servant responsible for spearheading the island's rebirth, is situated on the lone plot of land that remained after most of Krawk Island disappeared, replacing the modest shanty that served as the center of operations during the island's restoration.
With me restoration now completed, everyone can be returnin' to their normal lives, enjoyin' the all-new Krawk Island that, if I may say so, is better than ever. I must be pointin' out, though, that seein' me loyal Krawk Island subjects remain vigilant in yer protection of our beloved island from threats such as the one that resulted in Krawk Island's darkest hour... why, it truly warms the cockles of me heart. For the dedication that you've demonstrated, even as recently as today, I... *gulp* humbly... be offerin'... me gratitude.