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Tallahassee_Lassie the Camouflage Kougra


Tallahassee_Lassie has a Petpet!

ChubbyCheeks the Faerie Polarchuck and its Breebly
(3372 days and 17 hours old)
Owner: Deborah (much_too_young)

Tallahassee_Lassie likes gathering food.
When meeting others, Tallahassee_Lassie would act very friendly.

- Attributes -

Age: 4,114 days old (98,758 hours)
Birthday: 21st September (Y5)
Level: Too High to Count
Gender: Female
Height: 57 cms.
Weight: 125 lbs.

Fishing Skill: 129

Jobs Completed: 0
Jobs Failed: 0
Job Rank: Intern

- Battledome Stats -

Hit Points: 435 / 435
Strength: ULTIMATE (281)
Defence: ULTIMATE (227)
Movement: LEGENDARY (127)
Intelligence: ULTIMATE GENIUS (377)

Played: 1,084
Won: 562
Lost: 332
Drawn: 190
Score: 2,547,735

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Tallahassee_Lassie's rating:

4.6 stars

February 27, 2011: I was born the 17th day of Gathering, Y5 (9/17/03). I'm the 1st born; big sister to Kismif & Penelope_Rai. I was named after the song "Tallahassee Lassie" that was released in 1959 by Freddy Cannon. This was the first of 8 US Top-40 hits but, his most memorable song is the #3 "Palisades Park" from 1962. My original color was red until 2/20/11 when I became a victim of a horrible RE that turned me "INVISIBLE!" :( That week-end, the site was plagued by an onslaught of glitches & the dreaded white page. My owner, much_too_young & I were traveling around Neopia minding our own business doing dailies/playing games. Our only conclusion for my current predicament is that while we were rf one of the white pages the RE came to pass. We were completely oblivious to the RE since neither one of us saw; "Something Has Happened!" Oh no! Where on earth is Tallahassee_Lassie, you can't find him/her anywhere!!! Where on Neopia could he/she be? We were hoping that that my drastic appearance of "NO" color was a glitch & prayed that when TNT made the necessary repairs to the site my beautiful red coat would reappear. But, alas it has been one week today; 2/27/11 & I'm :( to report that I remain "INVISIBLE!" Don't know what the future might hold but the rumor is that I might be painted Camouflage & I'll have "BIG" brown beautiful eyes :D As you can see, I have a petpet Polarchuck named ChubbyCheeks. And, I do believe his name is self explanatory. When he came to live with me & my family approximately 5 years 4 months ago ChubbyCheeks was a white Polarchuck but as you can see for yourself he is now an adorable Faerie Polarchuck. From the middle of July 2010 until September 12, 2010 the Six Flags theme parks sponsored Six Flags of Fun on the site; Six Flags of Fun was located in the Neopia Bazaar. My owner & I had lots of fun playing games plus we participated in the Six Flags of Fun Competition on the Blue team which came in Third Place. Not only did we play games but we earned flags daily by participating in the various activities. Do you want to know a secret? The best activity was when Kismif, Penelope_Rai & I got to eat everyday at the Snacks Booth. Yummy! At the end of the Six Flags sponsor event, much_too_young redeemed our flag points at the Frequent Flags of Fun Souvenir Shop where she got a lot of nice souvenirs but the one souvenir we were most excited about was the Faerie Petpet Paint Brush. Not too long after my owner gave me ChubbyCheeks we knew that one day he would be painted Faerie so imagine our excitement when at the start of Six Flags of Fun we saw that one of the souvenirs was going to be a Faerie Petpet Paint Brush. That is why we played & worked so hard making sure that we collected the maximum number of required flags every day; so our dream of painting ChubbyCheeks would come true. I'm :( to say that I can't remember the exact day that ChubbyCheeks became a Faerie Polarchuck but I know it was somewhere around September 16; give or take a couple of days. When much_too_young, ChubbyCheeks & I went to the PetPet Puddle, we were accompanied by an extremely close neofriend of much_too_young who came with her neopet & Polarchuck. Both of the Polarchucks were painted Faerie. We couldn't be more proud & could hardly contain our excitement as we saw our dream become a reality. Well, I don't know of anything else to tell you about myself but, I have thoroughly enjoyed our conversation. At any time, you are more than welcome to come visit me & my siblings at our neohome which is located at: http://www.neopets.com/neohome/property/show/6237816. Our owner has made us loving & comfortable home :) There are a lot of outdoor activities to keep us busy so we won't become too mischievous. Our beautiful home won Neohome Spotlight #357 on November 11, 2010 & therefore we have open house on a daily basis. Good bye & please don't be a stranger.