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Snackar the Faerie Lupe


Snackar has a Petpet!

Ugly the Faerie Greeble
(715 days and 21 hours old)
[ Zapped by the Petpet Lab Ray ]

Ugly is in Grave Danger!

Owner: Draik (essellyn)

Snackar likes reading and learning.
When meeting others, Snackar would insult from afar.

- Attributes -

Age: 2,344 days old (56,262 hours)
Birthday: 1st March (Y10)
Level: 5
Gender: Male
Height: 59 cms.
Weight: 128 lbs.

Fishing Skill: 5

Jobs Completed: 0
Jobs Failed: 0
Job Rank: Intern

- Battledome Stats -

Hit Points: 13 / 13
Strength: quite strong
Defence: tough
Movement: speedy
Intelligence: master genius (61)

Played: 0
Won: 0
Lost: 0
Drawn: 0
Score: 0

Challenge Snackar

Snackar's rating:

4 stars

Please be aware: this lookup is three years outdated/in the process of being remade


A thick wooden door midway down the hall lies open, mellow light pouring out. You peek in, intrigued. The small, neat room is decorated in shades of brown, grey, and blue, the main source of light being a small oil lamp on the blue-draped wood desk. A curtained window lets through a tiny sliver of light, but it isn't much.
You look closer, and on the desk, notice a book. A few short steps bring you within reading range, and with a quick guilty glance at the door, you start to skim the words.

I still don't know what I did to deserve this betrayal. It started when I was but a day old, of course- and who but a king has the power to send a newly born child along a path that will change his life forever?
I was a prince, then. I never even knew the truth until the day of the coronation- when it was revealed that my friend, the son of my family's oldest serving family, was the true prince- that we had been switched at birth so that he could be raised alongside me, safely. And that the King- the one I had known as my father- wanted to kill me in order to place his real son on the Throne. My very own father- for that is what he was, by action if not by birth- wanted me dead so another could take my place
How lucky for me, then, that the Queen- who I had always thought was my mother- how lucky that she really loved me as a son. How lucky that she warned me and helped me escape. How lucky that that lying scumbag of a King-
No. He is still my Liege, though I have been evicted from my kingdom. I may not like it, but I must keep these loyalties, for who am I but the sum of my past? And my past is that of a Brightvale citizen. A prince, even though that may have been deceit.
And so I have come to this. Living in a tiny town in Shenkuu, deposed from my throne. Although- as I was not the biological prince- was it ever really my throne?
I suppose it no longer matters. I shan't try to retake the throne. That part of my life is over, now. I suppose I shall have to live out my days here, denied even a chance to return to my beautiful homeland on threat of being captured by Father- the King, that is- and executed.

Shocked, you take a few steps back. You really shouldn't have read that, you know- it's obviously his journal.... But it does explain some things, such as the regal furnishings of the room.
You hear a step far along down the hall, and hurriedly make your exit. For now, you have learned enough of this deposed prince. and besides- you don't want to be found in his room.