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Laluzi the Pink Draik


Laluzi has a Petpet!

Artemis the Darigan Quetzal and its Zytch
(2581 days and 23 hours old)
Owner: Diana (dianacat777)

Laluzi likes gathering food.
When meeting others, Laluzi would act very friendly.

- Attributes -

Age: 3,741 days old (89,806 hours)
Birthday: 12th November (Y7)
Level: Too High to Count
Gender: Female
Height: 19 cms.
Weight: 175 lbs.

Fishing Skill: 294

Jobs Completed: 81
Jobs Failed: 1
Job Rank: Adept

- Battledome Stats -

Hit Points: 344 / 344 (suffering from Achy Head)
Strength: ULTIMATE (326)
Defence: ULTIMATE (203)
Movement: LEGENDARY (115)
Intelligence: ULTIMATE GENIUS (2283)

Played: 481
Won: 404
Lost: 60
Drawn: 17
Score: 37,244

Challenge Laluzi

Laluzi's rating:

4.7 stars

Read about me in the Times!

All she wanted was to be a good ruler.

Crime, poverty, fear - she'd eradicate those demons. Make them horror stories of the past and nothing more. It would be her life's work. She'd live for her people.

She wanted to live forever.

Who better to rule than an eternal champion of the people? It was a task she could entrust to none other; not even her family, as history had so amply shown. Immortality was an elusive art, but she found a way. A partial transformation into an immortal creature - she could gain the age and health of a dragon, without the monstrous form or violent, brutish avarice.

But a transformation is a fluid state, not a stable one. It either does or does not; it completes or it does not start. It doesn't like to stop halfway. She could no more halt what she'd wrought than she could hold back the tides - only slow it down.

Time passed. Her teeth grew sharp. Scales clustered at her paws. Fire burned in her belly. Thoughts - wild, primal, greedy thoughts, impulses unbecoming for a rational being, much less a princess. She hid them as best she could.

She just wanted the best for her people.

But in the end, she razed her city to the ground.

She's older now; wiser, maybe. Certainly, she knows her mistakes. She wanders – sometimes sane, sometimes not. Her new instincts cannot be tamed, but neither can she let go of her rational self. She will rest for a time, but then she wakes; the dragon will heel for a time, and then it rises. Her body itself reflects the struggle - her original colors twine with poisonous green, and her old Kougra stripes starken and fade when her mind wakes and sleeps. She lives a duality – a cycle that spans weeks, months, years, pushing back and forth with no stable state in sight.

Just hope you meet the princess and not the dragon.

When in control: Humbled, Jaded, Reclusive
When not: Proud, Violent, Feral

Formerly an unconverted Darigan Kougra. Became a Draik on 1/29/09, at 10:30 AM NST.
Painted Pink at 5:20:00 NST 4/21/09 - thank you so much, Rob!

All travels must come to an end, but I will never forget you...
You must learn to face your fears, or you'll spend your whole life crouched in shadow.
You're a curious sort.
You must be careful on the knife's edge you tread.
I no longer bear such a title.

Code by Roni