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GeminiRoselle the Yellow Aisha


GeminiRoselle has a Petpet!

Chewbacca the Walking Carpet
(1187 days and 3 hours old)
Owner: Tabitha (lieara)

GeminiRoselle likes exploring the land.
When meeting others, GeminiRoselle would smile sweetly.

- Attributes -

Age: 1,394 days old (33,468 hours)
Birthday: 17th April (Y14)
Level: 1
Gender: Female
Height: 41 cms.
Weight: 50 lbs.

Fishing Skill: 0

Jobs Completed: 0
Jobs Failed: 0
Job Rank: Intern

- Battledome Stats -

Hit Points: 24 / 9
Strength: very strong
Defence: tough
Movement: average
Intelligence: brilliant

Played: 0
Won: 0
Lost: 0
Drawn: 0
Score: 0

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GeminiRoselle's rating:

4 stars
-I wrote this myself.Enjoy!- My name is GeminiRoselle, or just Gemini for short. I'm a yellow Aisha, but I want to be painted eventide. My owner, Tabitha, thinks it's a great idea, only she doesn't have the money. She also says that I have to 'earn it', but whatever. Apparently I've gotten into too much trouble and need to act more mature. Well, there's always going to be a bold and daring little kid side of me, and it's not going away anytime soon. Speaking of daring... Once when I was younger, one of my friends dared me to go into the cemetery at night. "Oh, that's easy!" I told her. "Yeah, but you have to stay in there for thirty minutes," she said. "Okay, so what?" I answered. "It doesn't matter how long." And with that, I stuck my tongue out and pranced off. I passed under the tall, wrought iron gate that served as the main entrance. Sure, other pets have climbed over the fencing or even dug beneath it, but the simplest path was through the actual entry way. It was late in the evening when my friend and I came here. Even so, it seemed to be pitch black in the graveyard, void of light. It weirded me out, how dark it was. I had to tell myself 'It's just really cloudy, nothing else' about three times before I calmed down. After checking my watch (ten minutes had already passed), I started to actually read the headstones and not just glance at them as I walked by. There were so many different types of grave markers that it was amazing. The names written on them were also pretty amusing, like 'Elisser Morninbricke'. I mean, where they get their last name from? Seems they just smashed the words morning and brick together. Anyways... When about twenty five minutes had gone by, I started for the entrance. Stumbling down the rough pathway, I realized I had no clue where the gate was. "Great," I said aloud,"spending the night in a graveyard is just what I wanted to do." Not expecting a response, I jumped at the sound of a whispery voice. I took a few careful steps forward, not knowing what or who the sound had come from. When I stopped to listen closer, there was nothing to be heard. Peering into the distance, I saw a faint glimmer of light. I strained my eyes for a better view and realized what I looking at. It was a small stone pillar that I had seen close to the gate. Finally, a way out. I hurried forward. In seeing the miniature column close up, I saw that it was actually made to be a torch, now lit with fire. The odd part was the bright blue flames sprouting from the top. Being as curious as I am, I moved to get a closer look and instead tripped over a bowl of flowers. Once I got up and brushed myself off, I stopped and noticed a simple marker, an ornamental letter A being its only decoration. As I was reading the grave stone, I caught a glimpse of a figure. It looked to be a girl Aisha, just like me. She was also looking at the grave beside the torch, glaring at it with an odd expression. I didn't know what else to do but walk away, leaving the person behind. When I got to the gate, I stopped and turned around. A wind had picked up so I pulled my jacket closer and squinted my eyes to see better. In the distance, the unearthly blue flame was still lit despite the strong gusts. The strange figure was also there, waving a solemn good-bye. I did the same slowly in reply then left. I found my friend sitting on a bench not far from the arched gate. Walking up to her, I again stuck my tongue out. "Well, did you get scared?" she taunted. "Nope," I said, "I actually want to come back another day." "What? Are you crazy?" my friend asked. "That place is creepy!" "No it isn't," I told her, "and I'm not crazy. I just feel that I should come back during the day when I can get a better view." "Whatever," she said, "let's go." And with that, we started walking home. After a few steps I turned to catch a quick glace of the gate. 'I'm going to come back,' I thought. 'Someday, I will. I know it'.