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Happy New Year Neopians! I just wanted to give a friendly reminder that the Performing Arts Collab edition of the Neopian Times is coming up fast. If you are working on submissions for the collab edition, please send them in by January 20th so that I have enough time to read and edit all of the entries. I've already received plenty of delightful collab submissions, and am looking forward to seeing all of the other artistic pieces you come up with! ~~Aesop

Happy new year to you and the rest of TNT! I am fortunate enough to have a setup to play Flash games after the 12th of January, and so I was wondering: Is it against the rules to send scores for, say, both the Flash and HTML5 versions of a game? I was assuming it was and avoided doing so to be safe, but I, and many others, would enjoy the clarification. Thank you so much, and I hope you enjoy your Y23! ~~doctor_marie
Yes, sorry but this would fall under the same rules as playing mirror games. Please be sure to only play and send your score on either the HTML5 version or classic version, but not both since that would be cheating.

Hello TNT! I noticed that the National Neopian Bank teller says "Good evening, sir.", despite my gender being set to 'Other'. Given the changes you've made recently for the LGBTQIA+ community, is it possible to remove the 'sir' part for accounts with genders set to 'Other' or something like that? ~~cressling
Hi, this should be updated on the new Beta version that is out now. However, if you notice there are some places that still need updating because of this please be sure to let us know!

Hello! I'm so happy to finally be able to be out on Neopets! I was wondering if this will also extend to guilds? It would be nice to have aLGBTQIAP+ Guild to call home. ~~iheartcorn
Yes, those rules go to the entire site so having a guild would be fine, in fact I have seen a few already around.

While I applaud your change in the board rules, in less than 24 hours, I have noticed a slew of harassing messages. Not against gay/trans people, but against straight people. These messages are rarely getting deleted, and I find it be very hypocritical of the rules you posted about using someones gender/orientation against them. These changes should not allow hate of any kind onto the boards. ~~anonymous
Harassment can go both ways and should NOT be done to anyone regardless of who they are. Please do not use the new rules as a reason to harass anyone.

Hi TNT, with flash coming to an end, what are the tentative plans for NC Games? I have quite a bunch of tokens in game. Do I need to spend and use them all before flash ends? or will they still be around for the conversion? ~~prada_prince
Shenanigifts actually does not run on flash, so it is still totally playable! As for the others, we are still working on converting them soon as we can but until then you can still play them on classic.

Hi. Has the new Kacheek color for Kacheek Day (Jan. 29th) already been drawn? If not, I'd like to see an Oil Paint Kacheek. (One that isn't primarily blue because I have so many blue-looking pets already) Right now, only 10 species can be painted Oil Paint, so I'd like to see more. Thanks. ~~_brainchild_
New pet day outfits and colours are usually submitted at least a month in advance so our artists have enough time to make them look amazing. That being said, I think you will be very happy with the colour that was chosen for the upcoming Kacheek Day...


The Advent Calendar cartoon for Christmas Day was AWESOME. Really lovely. Chapeau to the creator. ~~aradtriffonreshef

Thank you so, so much for the filter change, TNT! I'm so glad you're willing to listen. Here's to a bright future for all identities!

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