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Hope you all had a Happy Halloween and enjoyed the spooky season! Enjoy your weekend :)

I am writing you all because I have a plea. I would love more than anything in Neopia to have more colors for Neddlers. They are my favorite petpet and it's kind of a bummer it's so limited. Red, blue, green, christmas... How about a Valentine Neddler, or a Chocolate Neddler, or a Faerie Neddler. The possibilities are endless! I want to humbly say, pretty please give us more colors of these adorable little creatures.~~peachespoolay
More colours for Neddlers. Gotcha.

Hi! So I entered my side account gallery a few months ago & won spotlight #830. I stated in my entry description that I wanted my main account (this account) credited with the trophy. That didn't happen. I've sent in many tickets & they said they'd mail someone on the team & have this fixed. The request was passed on more than once with nothing done. Now I'm being told it's not something you usually do. I made a board & other users have stated that their main accounts are credited when they ask. I'm getting nowhere with the ticket system. I'd like a clear answer on the teams stance on the matter. Are you no longer crediting main accounts when side accounts win the gallery spotlight? Thank you.~~ krasavitsa_
Our apologies on this oversight, you should see your trophy on the correct account now.

Hi TNT! Can you please add Burlap to the list of colours under the drop down list for "All Neopet Colours" at the Rainbow Pool? I don't know if any others are missing, but that one definitely is, and I want to see which pets are available in that colour. Thanks!~~neo492492
You're just in time! I've placed an order for one Burlap Usul.

Hiya TNT! I had an idea for the lab ray that's probably highly impractical but thought I'd ask anyway. What if there was a chance the ray malfunctions and sends your pet back in time? In other words - the art gets changed to the old artwork (maybe with a nice purple/yellow circle to match).~~windish1234
I must say this is the most creative request to bring back UC pets that I’ve ever heard! Unfortunately, that doesn’t change the answer.

Hi TNT!! This is a small request, but could we please get the petpet Sunutek in the Christmas colour? It's such a cute little petpet! And despite being decades old, it has absolutely no paintable colours! I think the Sunutek would feel really cheerful to get appreciation, and to be painted Christmas!! I hope this is early enough to ask for such a request!! if this gets published, Hi Santa!!! ~~gaisaur
A Christmas Sunutek! I know just the time of year to release that!

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