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Leaning Towards Pizzas

by tabletpc2


PIZZAROO - Pizzas have been the latest fast-food craze. Or maybe I'm a little too slow, I guess. Whichever the case is, pizza, by far, is the most delicious food on Neopia! Why, you might ask. They come in stunning great flavours which leaves you begging for more! Easy to get hold of yet available in a wide array of variety. Who can afford to miss them?!?

This article will feature some of the pizzas found in Neopia. Lest you are scratching your head, wondering what I meant, I'll tell you the answer here. There are just too many different types of pizzas to be included in this article. Actually, I'm just plain lazy. Enough of my rambling, let's get on to the article!

Note: The pizzas are not in order. The tasty-o-metre works with 1 star being the lowest and 5 stars being the highest. All costs displayed are according to the shop wizard.

Pizza r40 ** [300 NP - 400 NP]

The most original of all pizzas. This pizza is a must for those who like their pizzas plain. Usual toppings with cheese…the classic…

Crust-Only Pizza r50 *** [180 NP - 250 NP]

Just crust all around, this pizza is perfect for people who love crust but hate the taste of pizza. Taste somewhat like toasted bread though. Spreading jam on it will be great for breakfast! You can spread other flavours if you want to experiment.

Fungi Pizza r101 ***** [3000 NP - 4000 NP]

Fungi pizza combines flavour with fun and every bite is filled with vitamins. Not for meat eaters. Might look gross on the outside but kind of tasty on the inside. Rest assured, the fungi isn't poisonous…I hope…

Split Pizza r65 *** [300 NP - 400 NP]

One unique slice if pizza. Two bold colours in one pizza - worth the price! The orange side is made with the finest of pumpkins and the purple side is made from juppie toppings. Yum!

Asparagus and Yoghurt Pizza r26 * [400 NP - 600 NP]

A pizza more suited for Adam. Personally, I hate asparagus so I'll give it a miss. To be eaten at your own risk. I would give it zero stars rating if zero stars were the lowest.

Banana and Kiwi Pizza Slice r101 **** [10000 NP - 2000 NP]

Hmm…This pizza is more enjoyed by people who are concerned about being overweight. Fruits ensure a healthy being and it can be eaten with cheese! Tasty, and great for those who are on diet.

Blue Juppie Pizza r180 Retired *** [900 NP - 1000 NP]

Juppies are kind of like mangosteens but blue in colour. Stains your clothes if you are not careful. Not for messy eaters unless you are wearing a bib or something.

Blackberry Pizza Slice r101 ***** [could not find]

Freshly picked from Meridell's Meri Acres Farm, The blackberries are of top quality. Smothered over crispy pizza crust, it tastes heavenly.

Blue Pepper Pizza r95 * [about 300k on the trading post]

Blue crust I can handle…but WORMS on top?!? *Faints* *Wakes up after a while* Oh…wait… sorry, they're just jelly worms…Surprising isn't it?*Hides embarrassed face*

Broccoli and Cheese Pizza r63 *** [400 NP - 500 NP]

Pizza-licious! A perfect combination of a vegetable and cheese…unlike asparagus…*looks out for Adam*

Bullseye Pizza r91 ***** [8000 NP - 9000 NP]

WOW! You could use this for target practice and afterwards have it for tea break. What a useful pizza!

NeoPox Pizza r15 * [4000 NP - 5000 NP]

Other than curing NeoPox, I don't recommend to eat this pizza. It is gruesomely green in colour and since it is a medicine, it is sure to taste bad, though I have never tasted it yet. But BELIEVE me…it'll be the worst!

Ergy Pizza r74 *** [800 NP - 900 NP]

Cool pizza that actually glows in the dark with the help of ergy fruits used as a topping. Seriously, I have no idea what ergy fruits are and what if it's harmful to you health? Maybe they're radioactive…who knows?

Snow Pizza r50 *** [500 NP - 600 NP]

Instead of all the usual fatty ingredients, the snow pizza is one slimming alternative. Just eat it quick or it'll melt and make your pizza soggy!

Mud Pizza r59 * [125 NP - 250 NP]

Not actually pizza, but a lump of mud from the garden shaped like pizza. Do you think they can get away with selling this??? Actually, they HAVE been getting away with it…if not, why is it still selling? Tastes horrible, but cheap.

Peppermint Pizza r56 ** [150 NP - 250 NP]

After eating this pizza, you won't have to brush your teeth! The tingly peppermint taste lingers in your mouth just like after brushing your teeth. Great idea for saving money on toothbrushes and toothpaste eh?

    Chyrsaberry Pizza r75 *** [600 NP - 800 NP]

This pizza does look out of this world…maybe it's from Kreludor? No comment. Looks seriously weird.

Sauce Drenched Pizza r78 ** [1200 NP - 2500 NP]

Even after being left in tomato sauce to soak in overnight, this pizza is still crisp. Ideal for people who love to guzzle down tomato sauce down their throats. But still, eww…I'll give it a miss…

Nice Iced Pizza r54 **** [200 NP - 300 NP]

Delectable and mouth-watering, this pizza is more for people with sweet teeth. Covered with baby pink frosting, it is the sweetest pizza ever made! YUMMY!

Pepperoni Power! Pizza r56 *** [200 NP - 450 NP]

One of the plainer pizzas around, it features just pepperoni and cheese…scrumptious yet simple…my favourite!

These are just 20 of 150+ pizzas found in Neopia. The pizzas featured are randomly chosen, not because I like them. There are certainly loads more out there. Anyways, now you know what kind of pizzas to avoid (especially Asparagus and Yoghurt Pizza) *wink*…Hope you guys and gals out there now have a better idea of which pizza is suitable for you!


And now…

*All is tense*

I shall present to you...

*Crowd goes wild*

The TOP 5 pizzas in Neopia!

*Groans from the crowd*

What y'll want me to do?!? This article has to be 1000 words and above to be submitted…

*Cough*As I was saying…where was I? …Oh right…erm…I'll just introduce the top 5 pizzas…

From the bottom…

Number 5!

Chocolate Chip Pizza r79 ***** [2000 NP - 3000 NP]

Chocolate spread, chocolate sauce and chocolate chips. This pizza is chocolater than a chocolate itself. Taste of the pizza may vary. Depends on what kind of chocolate it was made with.

Number 4!

Deluxe Water Pizza r97 ***** [98000 NP - 100000 NP]

Because this jelly is like water, it is non-fattening. Enjoyed by water faeries everywhere.

Number 3!

Frog Leg Pizza r93 ***** [11000 NP - 15000 NP]

This is one strange pizza. It is regarded as a delicacy in Maraqua. Thick mustard and cheese sauce coats the base, topped with hand-picked frog legs.

    Number 2!

Whole Yummy Cloud Pizza r91 ***** [7000 NP - 9000 NP]

A kind faerie gave the Pizzaroo chefs this pizza's interesting recipe. It is indeed yummy and it looks quite pretty.

Okay… 1 more pizza to go…

Drum roll please…

*Drum roll*


*Drum roll*

Some more…

*Drum roll continues*

Someone from the crowd - "Aye! Get on with it!"

Ok ok...relax…here it is!

Number 1!

PIZZA OF DEATH r99 * [actual price not known]

Beware! This pizza has taken loads of lives PER DAY. [Not really] Though…this would be useful against your enemies…*evil laughter*And maybe TNT should make it as a battle dome item…

Ah! Now we're done. After reading so much information about pizzas, maybe you might consider about pizza collecting? If you go pizza-crazed after reading this article, don't blame me. You read this at your own risk. Got to grab some pizza with my friends now. Ciao!

Special thanks to user fishcake_moc for helping me research on the pizzas.

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