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Neopian Spells: who, what, where, why and how?

by smilingpony


      Spells are powerful things, though not to be confused for spelling (although the correct spelling in casting spells is usually a requirement, some terrible fates have befallen Neopians who have accidentally spelled something wrong whilst casting their spell – for example the poor Lupe who was trying to make a new aisle in his shop and accidentally created a small isle to appear off the coast of Meridell), so both spells and spelling are powerful tools and can be misused in the wrong hands. Here, however we will primarily be discussing spells and magic but please remember to keep on top of your spelling, lest a tragic destiny befall you whilst trying to rustle up some barefoot sandals.

      Every neopet has some basic ability to use magics, though of course some are more adept than others and extensive training can be undergone to hone those abilities. If you are a beginner in the arts of magics I would recommend first reading up about spells and magic to come to a basic understanding of the underlying principles. There are numerous books available to the avid reader about this subject but I would recommend the following reference guides as a starting point: Starting Spells, Simple Spells, Magic for Beginners and Magic Spells. Additionally some species of Neopet have books dedicated to their own particular types of magic, such as Bruces Magic Guide, Lenny Magic and Buzz Guide to Magics, so it is worth checking if there is one relevant to your species for some more intricate knowledge and further reference. Faeries are well skilled in magical arts and can also help guide neopets – from Aethia granting the power and knowledge to perform battle abilities, to extreme cases where they have taken special pets on as apprentices. Typically the most powerful neopets have undergone extensive training by a faerie: Sophie was trained by Ilere after her flight from Neovia and Kauvara studied with various faeries in Faerieland before taking over running of the potion shop. It is rumoured that Edna was trained by dark faeries who she stumbled across one dark night, but I wouldn’t chance asking her about it!

      Some items that can be found in Neopia are magic – in that they have been modified by a spell to have an effect on the user of the item. For example, eating a magical chia pop will cause a Neopian to transform into a chia, or playing with magical plushies can cause Neopians to turn into the colour and species of the plushie. Of course, many items used in the battledome are also infused with spells and magic and the effects these can have are wide-ranging and very occasionally, permanent. It is one thing to use a potion to restore health, or deplete health from your enemy, but imagine suddenly being hit by a bag of chia or Kacheek flour and being permanently transformed into a chia or Kacheek! How rude! Other permanent changes can be brought about if you are hit with scroll potion: your intelligence will reduce by 5 points for each hit and be added to the user of the potion instead, and the eraser of the dark faerie which, if you use it, will erase one of the opponent’s weapons for good. This last item is truly evil magic and you should consider using it only in the direst of situations. Kayla and Kauvara are talented spellcasters who stock magical items in their shops so it is worth paying them a visit if you can’t yet make the items you desire, Fyora also stocks certain, very exclusive magical items in the Hidden Tower if you are looking for something a bit more special.

      There are magics all across Neopia, although each land has traditionally favoured a certain flavour of magic – from the dark magics used in The Haunted Woods, to the Earth magics used in Meridell. Although if you are adept at any magic, you can of course use it anywhere, it is thought that being in a land which favours a particular style of magic can enhance the properties of the spell: curses last longer when they have been cast in dark places. This may be the reason that Edna favours using dark magic in her tower deep within The Haunted Woods, and why Illusen prefers Meridell over Faerieland. Although, of course there are always exceptions to the rule: Jhudora stays in Faerieland to practice her dark faerie magics (although this may be in deference to Fyora – she may prove too powerful for the Faerie Queen’s liking if she upped sticks and went to live close to Edna). The best examples of the location affecting the magics is by looking at the master and apprentice Ilere and Sophie. As although Sophie was taught by the earth Faerie Ilere their closeness with Neovia and The Haunted Woods gives their earth magic a more sinister touch, compared with the brightness of Illusen’s earth magics.

      Understanding how magic works in Neopia is not an easy subject, especially given the intricacies of species, and location which seem to impart different things onto the basic ability to be able to use magic, altering the outcome of spells or type of magic that can be accessed. Indeed, many Neopian scholars have studied this for many years and it is far too complex to be detailed in a simple article, as well as potentially giving dangerous information out of context – magic is not a simple thing to be trifled with and you must use precautions for even the simplest of spells otherwise you risk serious harm to yourself (take Edna, for example, who managed to turn herself into a Zafara). However, if you do desire to wield magics more effectively then it is best to read, try and persuade a faerie to take you as an apprentice and practice as much as possible. If you are only interested in the academic question of how magic works in Neopia, then the answer can simply be put: because it is magic. And as to why? Well, why not?


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